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Ian Latham has been writing for us for quite a few years now. A Sydney barrister, his words first started popping onto the site a few years ago, as each week he found a way of applying a Greek myth to a footy situation from the weekend’s matches. These pieces were very popular. He also wrote some beaut Swans match reports. We hope to see more of his words this year – family and professional lives permitting.


Other Ls include:


Tim Ladhams who started writing for us a couple of years ago. His first football love is rugby – and I note this is a World Cup year.

Sam Laffy made his debut last year with the tales of a travelling Bombers fan – first in Europe and then in South East Asia.

James Lang is a great community man based in the mid-north region of South Australia – appropriately at Jamestown. He’s the sort of bloke you bump into (literally) at the Adelaide Oval or the MCG. He has been very helpful in nominating wool people for the Team of the Century.

JJ Leahy is part of a classic rugby league email list (of about 30 reprobates) which is always good for some banter. He is magnificently Queensland, in the same way as the initial convenor Dr Greg Mallory is. I suspect some of that crew have been in the same shout for about 45 years.

Joc Ledwidge is a Sainter who lives in the Top End where she is on the board of NT Thunder and does a lot to champion the cause of NT footy. She pops into Almanac events in Melbourne from time to time.

Sasha Lennon lives in Brisbane where he played a lot of Gaelic football in honour of his Irish roots. He and his tribe are huge Hawks fans. An economics consultant, Sasha has also recently completed a masters degree in professional writing and journalism. He is working with JTH on a collection of rugby league stories.

Barry Levinson barracks for Melbourne which might be why we haven’t heard so much from him in recent times.

Gregor Lewis writes thoughtful pieces about numerous topics, including football and boxing. They usually generate busy discussion.

Damien Little chimes in from Singapore from time to time with articles about the prospects of all of the clubs but with a special interest in Carlton. He uses the statistical analysis of recent annual performances to predict a kind of premiership window.


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