Almanac Poetry: A greeting from Bruce Dawe

This piece was written by John Harms just after he had received a beaut greeting card from Bruce Dawe around Christmas time 2016. Bruce Dawe’s poetry, loved by many, was special to John Harms.

2016 Grand Final – Sydney v Western Bulldogs: Guilt, doubt and freebies: the view from the corporate seats.

Sean Curtain gives a really honest account (as he always does) of his feelings about the 2016 Grand Final. It’s a confession of sorts – or at least an admission. [Excellent piece – JTH]

Grand Final 2016: The Goodna Letter

This missive, penned by Bulldogs fan Ted Bradley, leaves the Jerilderie Letter in its wake. Ted barracks for the Western Bulldogs, Goodna, and North Sydney. [A gem – Ed]

Grand Final 2016: Country Pubs and Club Sandwiches

Mickey Randall and old friends resume their annual ritual of heading to the Clare Valley north of Adelaide for the AFL Grand Final where they are again drawn in by the picturesque countryside, the welcoming pubs and the Western Bulldogs.

Grand Final 2016 – The mystery is that there is no mystery

E. regnans is on a couch in Geelong West, with friends and family, moved to tears, aware that he is in the midst of something profound, reminded of words which speak to him in a similar (the same?) way.

Grand Final 2016 – Sydney v Western Bulldogs: Let’s Talk About Love

Old Dog, with his brilliant analysis, the Grand Final and the Doggies win made the world seem like a better place.

Grand Final eve #artthoughts

Originally from Brisbane, Brigid Hansen lives in Melbourne where she is a postgraduate art student. These are her observations of Grand Final eve.

The 5th Annual AFL Grand Final Haiku Kukai

Haikui Bob invites you to participate in real-time haikui kukai (haiku gathering) by calling the game in haiku. Are you up to the challenge?

Grand Final – Sydney v Western Bulldogs: Let’s see how far we’ve come

Mick Jeffrey considers his journey with the Bulldogs and the steps to come

Grand Final – Sydney v Western Bulldogs: A Bloods’ (Excited) Preview

Here’s how Joe Moore sees the moment. Fair to say he’s ready, and he explains why his Swans are as well. [Much Swans love – JTH]