Grand Final 2016: The Goodna Letter


John Harms and Ted Bradley met soon after Ted had read John’s books. As a result, John found himself invited to many of Ted and Goodna mates’ shenanigans and eventually spoke at the time-honoured Goodna Rugby League Football Club Cox Plate Luncheon, one of the great afternoons of all time. They have remained good friends since. Knackers will remember the posse of Queenslanders who descended on the Almanac racing lunch at the Geelong (with J. Dunne) a couple of years ago.

Ted is a mad Bulldogs fan. Recently, when the Goodna Eagles won their premiership (beating their arch rivals Ipswich Brothers), Ted rang JTH to let him know..

Life went on.

Then, this arrived, emailed by his daughter Tracey. (Ted’s not one for technology)



The Goodna Letter

by Ted Bradley
Tragic Football supporter and punter

[the transcript is at the end of the letter – Ed]



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The following written after numerous beers and Bundaberg rums:

Mick Waters where are you?

It is Mick Waters fault I became a lifelong Bulldogs supporter. In 1967 I was posted to Laverton RAAF Base, whilst having a beer I was asked what football team I supported, “North Sydney” I said.

There was silence and Mick said, “Real football, VFL you clown.” Mick then went into a rant why I should become a Bulldog supporter, “good players, good supporters and they are just down the road”. Mick said “their form is fair, last grand final was 1961, last flag 1954”.

When comparing to North Sydney, last grand final 1943,last premiership 1922, they sounded like the goods, so the journey began.

Then in 1974 I moved to Goodna in Queensland and Goodna Rugby League becomes team three.

So with three teams a premiership is just around the corner, right? The answer to that question is: so the seventies come and go with no joy. Then the eighties, no North Sydney, no Footscray but Goodna win a title in 1989. Is there light at the end of this tunnel?

Then the nineties come and go, no success and then to top it all off North Sydney get kicked out of the comp!

Now there are two.

Then Footscray become the Western Bulldogs and continue to nearly make a grand final but there is success with Goodna; three titles in 2003-04-05. Are things finally on the up?

But again the next decade is barren.

Then along comes 2016, I knew I was in for a big year. My punting reaches a new level with winning days becoming the norm. Then along comes September; Goodna wins the Ipswich comp thumping our biggest rivals Brothers. Number 9 wins the last race at the Gold Coast; ‘Typo” Teddy wins at $16 at Esk, and I back the Dubbo Cup winner.

But the biggest test is still to come. Can the Dogs go all the way? Mick Waters told me back in 1967 that Footscray had the best players, the biggest and fastest, the best supporters, so after 49 years he must be right soon?

As we now know the Bulldogs are the best; it just took a bit longer than we thought back at the Airmans’ Club at Laverton all those years ago.

Mick Waters where are you now?

Two titles in 2016, wow how good is that? But I can still dream, if the ARL hadn’t kicked North Sydney Bears out of comp, maybe, just maybe, they could have made it three.

Anyway, that’s what dreams are about; never stop dreaming.

Go the Dogs. Up the Goodna Eagles?



Original handwritten Jerilderie-Letter version (PDF) also here: TedBradleyOriginal





  1. Stone Cold Steve Bakewood says

    Well done Ted!

    P.S Feel free to email me this Saturday night’s Tattslotto numbers.

  2. Tracey Bradley says

    I still remember JTH asking for a spoon to eat his pie at the memorable Goodna home game when we beat Brothers in the dying minutes :-)
    hope to see you in Goodna soon mate!

  3. What a game that was Tracey. And how was I to know that pies are served at 2350 degrees in Bay 13 at Goodna.

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