Almanac Fiction: The Search for the Shield (Episode 3)

As the search for the missing Tony Williamson Shield continues, flatfoot Swifty Taylor meets up with the ‘running man’ in Episode 3 of ‘The Search of the Shield’.

Almanac Music: You Wear it Well – Songs about Clothes

Today, KD’s piece on popular music themes concerns songs about clothes. As usual, readers are warmly encouraged to contribute song choices of their own in the ‘Comments’ section.

Balcony Banter: Ron Barassi Memorial

MCC Members researcher and historian Lynda Carroll reflects on the memorial held recently at the MCG for code legend Ron Barassi.

Almanac NFL – The 2023 Scott Mitchell Cup: Week Eleven

In this week’s look at the NFL, Earl O’Neill takes a look at quarterbacks, the big money men of the game. But are they worth the huge salaries they attract?

‘A life-long affair with racing…’ by KB Hill

KB Hill recently caught up with Pat Heffernan, a prominent identity in Wangaratta sporting circles. And he was a dab hand at car sales too!

Almanac Poetry: ‘Skin’ – Tommy Mallet

We all know that early morning feeling putting on our ‘second skin’ as Tommy Mallet’s poem ‘Skin’ highlights.

Almanac Music: Dave Warner’s from the Suburbs play Melbourne Saturday night!

Footy Almanac friend and favourite, Dave Warner’s from the Suburbs, has a gig in Melbourne this weekend and Trucker Slim is a big fan urging all not to miss this Aussie music icon in concert.

Almanac Local History – Pine Ridge Cemetery Coburg: Peter James Martin (1875-1918) – Collingwood FC

Former Collingwood footballer Peter James Martin (1875-1918) is one of many sportsmen buried at the Pine Ridge Cemetery Coburg.

Almanac Footy and Water-skiing: Ted Hopkins – Renaissance Man in Blue

After chatting with Roger Ley, Andrew ‘Dougie’ Fraser tells the tale of a young water ski-ing footballer at Monash University who led a most creative and original life. That man: Ted Hopkins, who was a friend of The Footy Almanac for many years, since John Harms first met him on Run Like You Stole Something on 3RRR. [This is a really interesting piece, thanks Dougie – Ed] [With the passing of Carlton footballer Ted Hopkins on Monday, the Footy Almanac reprises Andrew Fraser’s story about Ted.]

Almanac Teams: Drafted, but never played a game

Love it or loathe it, the AFL Draft is here again – with that in mind, Rodney Boyd has supplied a side comprised of players whose names entered the draft, but didn’t enter the field of play (in the AFL at least)

Almanac Fiction: The Search for the Shield (Episode 2)

Our intrepid gumshoe Swifty Taylor traverses Williamstown as he continues his search for the missing shield…

Almanac Poetry: Death 101

One of the twentieth century’s best poets is Sylvia Plath (1932-1963), according to Kevin Densley. In this poem, he reflects upon her late work, much of which seems to point to her tragic end.

Almanac Fiction: The Search for the Shield (Episode 1)

Down-at-heel gumshoe Swifty Taylor has been asked to assist his old footy club in locating the missing best club person shield. The mean streets of Williamstown beckon.

Almanac Life: The penny is dropping

Dips O’Donnell shares some words of wisdom about ‘think’ time given to him by his father. [The Footy Almanac reprises this wonderful piece by Dips from twelve years ago – still very timely. – ED.]

Almanac Rugby League – Season 2024: Put the dates in your diary!

Just when you thought it was going to be a Thursday free of rugby league, here are the details for Season 2024. Put them in your diary now!

Almanac Cricket: Maxwell madness leads Australia to another potential World Cup berth

ACS Literary Scholar Kobe Jacobs surveys the ODI World Cup and sees a dominant Indian side seemingly destined to lift the trophy. But what about an Australian revival centred on the amazing exploits of Glen Maxwell?

Almanac NFL: The 2023 Jim Caldwell Cup – Week Ten

The glory days of the New England Patriots are a distant memory. Earl O’Neill explains what has gone wrong – and what might be next for the Pats.

Almanac Poetry: ‘You Wove Your Web For Me – Karl Dubravs

Karl Dubravs presents a poem of desire, and submission, ‘You Wove Your Web For Me’.

Almanac Local History – Pine Ridge Cemetery Coburg: Pervical and Terence Ogden

The focus of this week’s excerpt from Allan Barden’s essay ‘Sporting history in abundance at Coburg Pine Ridge Cemetery’ falls on the father/son duo of Percival and Terence Ogden.

Almanac Cricket: A letter to ICC Hall of Fame inductee Aravinda De Silva

Aravinda de Silva is the 110th inductee to the ICC Hall of Fame. Mahela Jayawardena welcomes De Silva as the fourth Sri Lankan inductee to this exclusive club.