The People’s Elbow: Exhausted

The People’s Elbow is exhausted. It takes a fair bit to exhaust him but his beloved Carlton have managed to achieve that. He explains why.

A Loss of Mutual Trust: Adventures In Modern Day Sports Writing

Craig Litza Little discusses the nature of contemporary sportswriting at a time when in both the US and Australia there is reflection on how it has changed since the 1980s. He looks at a new book to be published by Geoff Slattery (with Russell Jackson heavily involved) and the recent coverage of Tom Boyd’s retirement as stimulus for the discussion.

Almanac Pro Running: The Bull of Stawell (Part I)

Craig Little tells the tale of Luke Versace’s 2014 Stawell Gift victory – a remarkable comeback story, more than a decade in the making, which starts in Pamplona and finishes at Central Park. [Epic – JTH]

Introducing “An Elbow’s Dozen”…

An Elbow dropped just in time for Christmas.

Bless us, O Lord, and these, Thy gifts, which we are about to receive from Thy bounty. Through Bryce. Amen.

For Carlton fans, Bryce Gibbs has been an unrequited talent, Father Rooster sees his potential departure as manna from heaven.