Desert Island Drinks – What will it be sir/madam?


Over the past few weeks  we’ve  nominated our favourite fuels  for the soul, the mind,  and the body, and now it’s time to consider what we’d like to have in our hand as a relaxing, refreshing  drink marooned on our desert island.


If by magic, a waiter, dressed in tails, appeared on the island, white gloves, silver drinks tray, and asked, ‘what can I get for you from the bar?” How would you respond?


For me I’d ask for  something cool, sparkling and non-alcoholic, so a good old-fashioned home made ginger beer just like my mate’s old man used to make would be my suggestion.





Without wondering where the bar is, your challenge this week is to nominate the drink  you’d enjoy consuming marooned on your desert island.


Now, over to you; nominate your drink!


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About Colin Ritchie

Retired teacher who enjoys following the Bombers, listening to music especially Bob Dylan, reading, and swimming.


  1. Anything by Coopers.

  2. Water or coconut milk.

  3. Shane John Backx says


  4. Daryl Schramm says

    I too love ginger beer but I also do love my alcohol. Pretty much most things but the desert island environment seems to me to lend itself to some top of the range gin and tonic.

  5. I assume water is available. Beware of water. It is fatal when inhaled.

    I will go for a bottomless bottle of a good Chablis.No one has ever died inhaling Chabliis

  6. Luke Reynolds says

    I’ll have what Smokie Dawson is having.

  7. Seeing you said from the bar I’ll make it a Pina Colada, thank you!

  8. roger lowrey says

    Gin and tonic. No argument. Mosquito repellent after all. But HTF so you keep the ice frozen and obligatory lemon slices cold?

  9. Coopers Sparkling Ale, Barossa shiraz and Langhorne Creek cabernet sauvignon.

    Plus Crows 2021 premiership port even though I don’t drink fortified (2020 seems a little ambitious).

    Great series Colin.

  10. Bob Speechley says

    Definitely a Coopers Sparkling Ale followed by a Peter Lehmann Reisling

  11. Ice cold refreshing pale ale (Little Creatures will do fine) for the late afternoon as it bends towards the evening.

    Heathcote Mail Coach Shiraz for the nights, listening to Van the Man, Bruce, Hank and His Bobness

    Oolong tea in the morning and through the day, preferably Snowy Flakes.

    Who am I kidding, we’re in Margaritaville!

  12. Colin Ritchie says

    Fantastic responses Almanackers! I think we could have a fab time on our desert island with our music, books, food, and drink to keep us company. Maybe, we’d like to stay marooned forever!

  13. And Luke, as you may have guessed, I will have a pint of Prickly Moses “ChainSAW”.
    A perfect beer for a desert island.

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