Ultimate Wool Team – South Australia: Getting close to finalising the SA team

Up there in the mid-North of South Australia, up around Orroroo and Jamestown, a few of the cockies have been standing around the fires in the 44 gallon drums, hands cold from the Coopers stout in their hands, talking great South Australian footballers.

They’ve become the Ultimate Wool Team’s secret South Australian selectors, and they’re the first of the regions to do it as exhaustively as possible. They’ve done the research. They’ve thought long and hard and they’ve asked around and they’ve done the checking on blokes like Greg Phillips and Don Lindner.

So much so that they have selected a Firsts and a Seconds. They are both strong side.

See what you think. Should anyone from the ones be elevated? Are their still names missing?

These Croweaters are very keen. I’m just wondering whether someone in the West might take on the same responsibility for the Sandgropers, and also for Victoria and the Riverina. Please contact me by email if you would like to become a secret selector for another region (or a visible selector).


The Ones:


Backs:                   Shannon Hurn                   Daryl Wakelin                    Mick Redden

Half Backs:          Corey Enright                     Greg Phillips                       David Grenvold

Centre:                 Barry Stringer                    Paul Bagshaw                    Tyson Edwards

Half Forwards:   Jay Schulz                            Len Fitzgerald                    Stephen Copping

Forwards:            Brendon Lade                    Rick Davies                          Rodney Maynard

Followers:           Shaun Rehn                        Andrew McKay                 Bernie Vince

I/C:                         Marty Mattner, John Mossop, Joe Darling, Ian Hannerford, Bronte Mumford

Coach: Don Lindner

Team Manager: Gillon McLachlan



The Twos:


Backs:                                   Geoff Phelps                     Danny Hughes                   Rob Ashby

Half Backs:                          Wayne Stringer                 Craig Kelly                           Shane Wakelin

Centre:                                 Tony Burgan                       Rick McGowan                  Neil Stringer

Half Forwards:                   Graham Ashby                  Richard Cousins                                Peter Kitschke

Forwards:                            Damian Kitschke               Chris Paine                          Lachie Neale

Followers:                           Dean Ottens                      Allan Stringer                     Jack Trengove

I/C:                                         Trevor Sims, Jason McKenzie, Kevin Cousins, Luke Tappscott, Justin Clarke


Team Manager:


About John Harms

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  1. Mickey Randall says

    Rick McGowan from Darke Peak is a good inclusion. Very handy centreman for the ‘Dogs I reckon he did/does some assistant coaching in the AFL. Rulebook? Swish?

  2. This came via email:

    W.Graham Bagshaw was a farmer for 50 years on YP, played for Sturt from 1950 -54 till he broke his leg, think he would get a game before a lot of other guys in the sides,won mail medal when he was 18
    – …… GWB

  3. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says
  4. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Rick McGowan coached, Sturt and was a assistant coach with the Hawks

  5. Dave Brown says

    I reckon that’s a pretty good job. Great to see the selectors weren’t afraid to make the tough calls re. the twins

  6. James Lang says

    Could we possibly sneak Wayne Jackson in as a team manager for the second team? Wayne has a farm at Wilalooka, near Keith which is mainly cattle. Not sure about sheep though?

  7. Martin Deer says

    What about Nigel Fiegert. Off the land from rudall. Shorn a lot of sheep himself as a youngster . Still has an affiliation with the rudall community. Grew up on a sheep and cropping farm. Played more than 20 games for port power and many many games at the magpies.

  8. Dr Goatboat says

    Was big Deano into wheat/sheep or just wheat? I know he could kick a wheat bag over a silo back in the day..

  9. Chris Prime from Port Neill/Tumby Bay

    Latest achievement this year – holds the record for the most goals kicked in South Australian country football history (according to football historian Peter Lines).

    1747 goals, including the 13 he kicked against Cougars a few weeks back and add in the 2 he kicked last week that takes him to 1749. Tumby Bay records keeper Steve Milton also notes that this tally does not include the goals Tractor has kicked in his time playing SANFL football (247 with Norwood) or any of the Association games he’s played

    Latest tally does not include goals kicked in the last few weeks Tumby Bay football

    He has had a big involvement with wool over here and has just been appointed the president of the EP stud merino breeders association

  10. From Richard Halliday

    Hi John,

    Add to the South Aust list Michael Hunt Mundulla played 500 plus games, in a least 10 A grade premiership while most of the time shearing between 700 and 1000 sheep a week. Also a woolgrower on his property.


  11. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Chris Tractor Prime is a more than worthy nomination, he could well and truly lead the social festivities after the game as well as kik a few goals

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