SA Ultimate Wool Team – In: Bernie Vince

We’ve got another starter in the South Australian Ultimate Wool Team.

Bernie Vince.

Walk up start.


Here’s the evidence; tweeted by the Woolmark Company on 18 April, 2016.



FAlmanac banner sq


  1. Compelling evidence.

    That’s a wonderful little movie.
    Well played.

  2. I would ask for some more big E. Bern needs to be asked one question – what is the difference between the pieces and the locks? If he answers correctly he is in.

  3. CITRUS BOB says

    you are a dag!
    Bernie Vince is a walk up start in any team coming out of SA!
    How the crows would love him now!

  4. Stuff the Cows Cirtusy, the Dockers need him.

  5. I’d have him in on the strength of that video. As a Port man, I detest the Frootloops, but ever since they punished him for going back to Stansbury to play cricket one summer, I thought he must be different to the average Frootloop. And so it proved, so different they took a dislike to him and got rid of him. Seems quite a “dag” and one of the few genuine characters in the sanitised AFL, totally unsuited to the Crowbots and so straight in and possibly to the Hall of Fame?

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