Old woollen footy jumpers: Dick McGillivray in a ridgy didge Essendon premiership jumper

Pam Sherpa with her dad

Dick McGillivray, wearing his ridgey-didge Essendon premiership jumper, with daughters Pam and Denise on ex-circus shetland Cindy (see story below)


Hi John ,

This is for the old footy jumpers story section.

Dad, Dick McGillivray, wearing his old Essendon jumper.

He played in the reserves Premiership in 1950, coached by Allan Hird senior.

Whenever Dad wore his old footy jumpers on the farm we would enjoy hearing his stories,  in particular the feats of John Coleman.

I have the blonde hair and I’m barefoot on the front of our pet shetland Cindy. Older sister Denise is on the back. Cindy was an ex-circus horse and could open gates by taking the chain off with her teeth. She would also race beneath the quince trees which gave us no ducking space so we’d either have to grab the  branches and swing off her to the ground  or roll  to the side and cling on . Thankfully it wasn’t far to fall.

Dad used to chuckle when telling us about the mid-season trip to Broken Hill when one of the players jumped on to the huge chandelier  in the ballroom at one of the hotels and swung off it and went sliding along the polished floor the length of the room. Also the firsts and seconds went to Tasmania on their end of season trip to celebrate their 1950 premierships. Dad recalled visiting the Cadbury’s chocolate factory.

Cheers, Pam


  1. great story,have you still got it in the family collection

  2. Pamela Sherpa says

    No don’t have the jumper . It was worn as a work jumper until it wore out but I have dad’s Essendon blazer , tie and his players membership card from 1950.

  3. Rod Oaten says

    Love the story Pamela, how about wearing the blazer and tie for a photo?

  4. Pamela Sherpa says

    Hi Rod , if you send your email address (sorry I used to have it somewhere/ I am just learning to use my new iphone ) to [email protected] I will forward you some pics ,cheers Pamela

  5. Dr Rocket says

    Pamela – Just looking at your father on the Almanac website in an Echuca footy club jumper in 1953…

    Just came across coach Jim Clark’s All Star Echuca team – and, of course, Dick McGillivray is in the team, but Racehorse only has him playing in 1952.

    Jim has another Gunbower man in his team – Greg Toll 61-62 – on the bench.

    If Richard Jones tunes in he will see that Bob Vagg 61-62 is picked at CHB. Another “bluey” in the team is my old coach at Stanhope, Geoff Chivers 53-55 as first rover. He played in the back pocket at Stanhope in the early 70s. Hard as nails.

  6. Pamela Sherpa says

    Hi Rod, dad and brother Doodie played for Echuca in 51, 52 and 53. I have a photo of the 51 and 52 teams.

  7. Dr Rocket says

    Hi Pam, Thanks for sending photos! Crackers!
    Jimmy Clark may have been a bit fuzzy on the dates when he picked his All-Star team.
    Fancy Echuca wearing blue and white hoops!
    Dad had an old blue and white membership badge – must have been from back then.
    Great to bring back the memories of Echuca in the Bendigo League.

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