Ultimate Wool Team – South Australia


The SA Wool team

Here’s a possible team put together from the nominations on the footyalmanac.com.au site, and from talking to people here and there. Lots of Prince’s lads in there. An Australian cricket captain. And Corey Enright.


Full backs:           Bronte Mumford             Darryl Wakelin                   Mick Redden


Half Backs:          Corey Enright                     Greg Phillips                       David Grenvold


Centres:               Jack Trengove                   Bernie Vince                      Joe Darling


Half forwards:   Jay Schulz                            John Mossop                     Stephen Copping


Full forwards:    Brendon Lade                    Rick Davies                          Bill Wedding


Followers:           Shaun Rehn                        Paul Bagshaw                    Roger Dunn


Interchange (from):       Shane Wakelin, Gillon McLachlan, Rob Ashby, Graeme Ashby, Barry Stringer, Allan Stringer, Wayne Stringer, Tony Modra (?), Luke Tapscott, Tony Burgan, Mildy Chandler, Justin Clarke, Richard Cousins, Kevin Cousins, Michael Dalla, Grenville Dietrich, Kevin Duffy, Roger Fiebig, Len Fitzgerald, John Fogarty, Gary Gum, Shannon Hurn, Will Hurn, Damian Kitschke, Peter Kitschke, Sid Lawrie, Rodney Maynard, Andrew McKay, Rod Miller, Chainsaw Monfries (Monfries family), Lachie Neale (?), Dean Ottens, Peter and John Shepherd, Gordon Short, Trevor Sims, Paul Taheny, Luke Tapscott, Michael Burford.





Brendon Lade                    Wisanger, Kangaroo Island, South Adelaide, Port Adelaide (AFL 234 games, 182 goals) 2004 AFL premiership. 2006-07 All Australian. Grew up on a sheep property on Kangaroo Island.


Darryl Wakelin                   St Kilda (1995-2000, 115 games, 8 goals) Port Adelaide (2001-2007, 146 games, 4 goals) AFL premiership with Port Adelaide in 2004. Key defender, especially full back. Grew up on a sheep wheat farm at Kimba on the Eyre Peninsula.


David Grenvold                 Bordertown, Glenelg, Essendon (112 games, 18 goals) 1993 Essendon premiership. Wool farm at Bordertown. Solid defender.


Mick Redden     1978-93 North Adelaide (Team of the Century) from Orroroo, 379 games, 152 goals. Wool grower and shearer. Travelled 250,000 km to and from Adelaide during his career. Legendary ruckman.


Corey Enright                     Port Adelaide (SANFL), Geelong, 300th game this weekend. Three premierships. 5 All Australian. Best and fairest 2009, 2011. One of the best half back flankers of all time. Once went yabbying in a dam on a sheep farm.


Greg Phillips                       Port Adelaide (SANFL) 1976-81, 1987-93, 343 games, 93 goals. Skipper of the 1992 Port Adelaide premiership side. Collingwood 1982-86 84 games 12 goals Robust centre half back. Very reliable.


Bronte Mumford             Prince Alfred College and North Adelaide FC. Solid back pocket who would often pick up the resting ruck rover. Notoriously tight defender. Famous for not getting a Magarey Medal vote in over 200 games. Sheep farmer on the Yorke Peninsula.


Jack Trengove   Prince Alfred College and Kybybolite. Sturt. Recruited to Melbourne in 2010. Family connection with wool through grandparents, Uncle Glen runs the family property near Spalding, and father Colin is a vet.


Bernie Vince   Prince Alfred College, Woodville-West Torrens, Adelaide Crows 129 games, 80 goals and currently with Melbourne. He famously shore the sheep on the MCG a few weeks ago. Terrific sportsman in cricket and footy, now playing a midfield and tagging role at the Dees.


Joe Darling          Prince Alfred College, Norwood FC. Captain of Australian Test cricket side. Then became a sheep farmer in Tassie and imported South Australian merino rams to the island to improve his stock. Was also a Tasmanian parliamentarian and had 15 kids. He was a nuggetty ruck rover type.


Jay Schulz      Concordia College, Adelaide. Woodville-West Torrens. Recruited by Richmond 2003-08. Port Adelaide 2009-now. Huge leap and mark and very accurate kick. From a sheep farm on the Yorke Peninsula near Maitland.


John ‘Ghost’ Mossop     Prince Alfred College. Penola. Geelong 1979-86. Best and Fairest 1982. 134 games 87 goals. North Melbourne 1987-88. 37 games, 15 goals. Big, mobile, high-leaping ruckman-forward. Travelled to play from the south-east. Remains a sheep-wheat farmer in the Penola-Lucindale area.


Stephen Copping            Glenelg (1974-81, 1985-86, 246 games, 460 goals) and Essendon (1982-84, 42 games, 88 goals). Versatile forward from the south east.


Rick Davies         Prince Alfred College. Sturt 1970-80, 1982-84. Premiership player 1974 and 1976. Captain 1982-84. Hawthorn 1981. South Adelaide 1985-87. All Australian captain 1980. ‘Jumbo Prince’. Ruckman/key forward and legendary figure in South Australian footy. From Maitland merino sheep property (and cattle stud). Became a wool buyer for Michell’s.


Bill Wedding       Norwood 1957-68. 214 games, 100 goals. SANFL Hall of Fame. A highly regarded ruckman who made the All-Australian team in 1961?


Shaun Rehn        Immanuel College. West Adelaide, Adelaide 134 games, 55 goals.Hawthorn 33 goals, 7 games. Huge ruckman who could be impassable. Coach. From a sheep property in the Arno Bay area.


Paul Bagshaw    Mr Magic. Sturt legend. 1964-80. 7 premierships. 5 best and fairests. Ruck rover. Mt Pleasant.


Roger Dunn        Tumby Bay. Sturt. 1957-68. 139 games, 200 goals. Kicked a famous goal to secure the 1967 Grand Final.


Shane Wakelin                  St Kilda 1994-2000 94 games 19 goals, Collingwood 2001-08 158 games 1 goal. Like his twin brother, a key defender.


Gillon McLachlan              St Peters College. Played a squillion games for Uni Blues in the VAFA. And he is handy to have in the team because he runs football.



Tony Modra (?)                 West Adelaide. Adelaide Crows 1992-98 118 games, 440 goals. Fremantle 1999-2001, 47 games, 148 goals. Coleman Medal 1997. All Australian 1993, 1997. High-flying heart-throb. Wool?


About John Harms

JTH is a writer, publisher, speaker, historian. He is publisher and contributing editor of The Footy Almanac and footyalmanac.com.au. He has written columns and features for numerous publications. His books include Confessions of a Thirteenth Man, Memoirs of a Mug Punter, Loose Men Everywhere, Play On, The Pearl: Steve Renouf's Story and Life As I Know It (with Michelle Payne). He appears (appeared?) on ABCTV's Offsiders. He can be contacted [email protected] He is married to The Handicapper and has three school-age kids - Theo, Anna, Evie. He might not be the worst putter in the world but he's in the worst four. His ambition was to lunch for Australia but it clashed with his other ambition - to shoot his age.


  1. Dr Goatboat says

    Peter Redden, via Geranium….a Norwood stalwart…CHB

  2. For some reason I connect Steve Copping with Lucindale.
    Andy McKay, a qualified vet, was also from there (and thus, maybe, from the farm).
    Certainly the team’s media man has to be that other son of Lucindale, Sandy Roberts

  3. Dave Brown says

    Jeepers, the team doesn’t lack for height! 6 ruckmen in that 18. Wonder if there’s a connection…

  4. All the sides are tall.

    Got an email to suggest the Stringers should be in – or at least one of them. THoughts?

    And the Andrew McKay should be in for Jack Trengove?

    All suggestions welcome.

  5. Malcolm Ashwood says

    In Rodney Rocket Maynard out Bronte Mumford ( good old fashioned nullifying defender but that was it ) and Andrew McKay I very very good player off Carlton and runner up in a Magarey medal for the bay’s out David Grenvold.While I am abig
    Jack Trengove fan injuries have held him back so he is debatable re the starting 18
    Full forward line is more than a tad tall but not sure of the change I would make

  6. Raj Singh says

    Agree with Book Rocket Maynard has won a truckload of mail medals and played on some much bigger forwards Lockett Dunstall etc and held his own. A great player.

  7. Mickey Randall says

    Like the annual All Australian team, there’s players picked somewhat out of position. Assuming he’s qualified I’d select Modra on a flank before Schultz.

    It’s a handy side.

  8. James Lang says

    Great stuff. I guess the next thing is to look at selecting a coach. A few are or have been AFL assistants in Shaun Rehn (Brisbane & Port Adelaide), Brendan Lade (Richmond), Mick Redden (Port Adelaide & Adelaide) while Wayne Stringer coached Glenelg with brother Allan coaching the Reserves. Shaun Rehn also coached West Adelaide to a grand final back in the day. Barry Stringer has a top record coaching country footy, as has Peter Kitschke. It makes for a good discussion point

  9. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Put Modra down for the fruit growers team, along with Ebert and Ricciuto and Chocka Bloch.

    Maynard must get a gig, Trengove first to go.

    Len Fitzgerald went OK, but before my time, 3 Magareys, Hall of Fame etc, might just nudge out, say, Schulz

  10. Chainsaw Monfries ??? Who was he ? Is he related to Angus?


  11. Dave Brown says

    The question on Maynard was whether he had sheep – did we answer that?

  12. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Dave I had to ring Rocket any way ( killed 2 birds with 1 stone ) yep confirmed farms sheep

  13. Dave Brown says

    Great work Rulebook, definite first 18 then

  14. I’m getting some mail that Greg Phillips does not have a wool connection. But that Craig Kelly does. he’d slot in nicely at centre half back.

  15. mickey randall says

    Greg Phillips is a Minnipa boy (Eyre Peninsula- about 90 minutes west of Kimba), which is wheat and sheep country. Of course he is also famous as the publican of The Lighthouse pub in the heart of Port Adelaide.

    Craig Kelly is of Riverton or possibly Saddleworth origin and also qualifies.

    Who to pick would be a tough call. Over to you Rulebook!

  16. Does anyone know much about Chainsaw Monfries? I reckon it was Nank who mentioned he once cut the centre pole of the huge tent of a B and S ball with a Chainsaw and sought refuge in the darkness of Lucindale (?)

  17. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Mickey if I am picking for pure footy ability its Phillips,if it is also for organising the party its line ball,if it includes the Brendon Julien role of attracting the ladies and the rest of us get the cast offs,Ned is definitely the man

  18. Swish on the money. Len Fitzgerald should have been about first picked (certainly according to my father). Tony Burgan takes Trengove’s wing position.


  20. What about Danny Jenkins, he is a Norwood Hall of Famer, originally from Parndana, KI..

  21. Tom Ashby has been in contact and is a strong advocate of”

    Out: J. Trengove, T. Modra, G. Phillips

    In: C. Kelly, R Maynard, A McKay, M. Mattner

    For consideration: Don Lindner – auctioneer

    The South Australians reckon their side would beat all-comers.

  22. JTH – South Australians always say that.

    Fascinating that new nominations are still arriving.

    What about an Accountant’s Team of the Century.

  23. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Ron Hateley would be in the Accountants’ team Dips.

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