Rock Country

Christian Ryan is an outstanding writer and editor.

His latest project is Rock Country which is a collection of writing on the Australian music scene.

For the 12 days of Christmas he is publishing one of the essays on the book’s website.

Mandela and Sport

Peter Baulderstone reflects on the life and miracle of Nelson Mandela. Mandela used sport to communicate and inspire. Sport used Mandela to find the ‘better angels’ in its own nature, and in those who play and watch it.

Saint Gough’s Day

Neil Anderson expresses his gratitude to Gough Whitlam on the 41st anniversary of the 1972 “It’s Time” election win.

The Hunnas still have more to give: A Profile interview with Mark Seymour

Jake ‘Cobba’ Stevens wants to throw his arms around you, and take you to the holy grail of Oz Rock. Cobba interviews Mark Seymour the lead man of the legendary Hunters & Collectors.

A Mouthful of Flies

Congratulations to Sue Currie on the publication of her book A Mouthful of Flies, a telling memoir about the life of a nurse (the sole healthcare provider) in a remote Aboriginal community.

The Footy Almanac 2013 cover art

This year, The Footy Almanac cover has been painted by Melbourne artist (and Almanac contributor) Kate Birrell who has captured Luke Hodge and his driving left foot. Here’s a bit about Kate, and a bit from Kate, expressing her love of the everyday. (Kate’s original painting is up for auction – Ed)

To Everything There is a Season

The O’Donnell family is reminded of life and death at this time each October.

Almanac Art: Footy Fun Day

You may have seen Jack Riewoldt riding to school on his bike this week. School kids are celebrating Footy Fun Day, or Footy Colours Day, this month by wearing their team colours in support of a charity.

Almanac art (pen and ink): Lunchtime Footy

Kate Birrell’s young lad opened up about a game of lunchtime footy to his mum. It’s a story with a sad ending.

Ode to the Hartford Whalers

Ode to the Hartford Whalers celebrates the life and demise of an ice hockey team. Peter Baulderstone believes it will resonate most strongly with Doggies and Saints fan everywhere, or Roy Boys who couldn’t follow their heart to the sunny north.

MIFF Review: Weekend of a Champion

Weekend of a Champion – the documentary following Sir Jackie Stewart – is up there with sporting documentary films such as Senna (2010), When We Were Kings (1996) and Dogtown and Z-Boys (2001).

Almanac Art: Lounge Room Footy

I didn’t go to any footy games this weekend but for some reason I feel as if I did, and not one, but many.

Almanac Art (pen and ink): Game by the Beach

Boys love a muddy oval (and a bit of footy, too).

Almanac art (pen and ink): Sunday’s Game

For those not familiar with the routine of Sunday Morning Junior Footy….the parents are as much part of the game as the kids are. This is a game that operates in much the same way as a theatrical work in that it has many roles to be filled.

Adam Goodes – Zero tolerance to racism

Michael Viljoen presents a personal and communal view of policy and action based on inappropriate racist ideology, condemning Social Darwinism,and outlines its personal and societal impact.

Back to my old drawing board

Inspired by his children and other footy artists, Jeff Dowsing salvages some footy artwork from a yellowing old scrap-book he feared lost.

Springsteen’s pen: Kaney’s attempt at a Crio type question

Rick Kane, inspired by his audience with Bruce Springsteen, asks for your favourite opening line of the great man’s songs, as well as reflections from his recent tour if you attended.

MYM- Maronite Youth Melbourne footy interview on State of Origin clash

It’s always interesting to see the connection between a church community and their love of AFL. Religion can be said to be a touchy topic, but when united as one community for the love of AFL suddenly religion takes a back seat for a few hours when it all becomes about tactics, teammates and a [Read more]

My winter vacation

Glenn Brownstein discovered The Footy Almanac from Louisville, Kentucky. and has been a wonderful correspondent. Glenn and Debbie spent the summer (their winter) here and, thanks to Yvette Wroby and David Downer, many of us were able to meet them. Here are some of Glenn’s observations.

Bye, bye beloved Age broadsheet: now only The Oz is left

Tomorrow will be a miserable one for many old journos, lamenting the down-sizing of a beloved daily broadsheet into a humdrum tabloid.