Almanac Books and Music: ‘Summer Of Blood’ – Dave Warner

‘Summer Of Blood’ is musician and author Dave Warner’s new book due for release in October. A crime thriller in search of a missing young man in San Francisco during the summer of love in 1967 the book is sure to be a cracking read from this award winning author. Dave has selected a playlist of fabulous music from the era to support the book.

Almanac Footy: The perfect opportunity for Australian rules football State of Origin

Dave Warner has a cracker of an idea that would fill the dead space created by the pre-grand final bye.

Almanac Footy: ‘Gutless umpire!’ Fact or Fiction?

For 15 years or so, Dave Warner has been analysing the question of the nature of home town umpiring bias. The results have been fairly consistent. Here is his report on the year so far.

Dave Warner’s Ode to Season 2017

Dave ‘The Suburban Boy’ Warner at his creative best. We didn’t get to hear this at the Almanac Grand Final Lunch (as the Swans didn’t make it) but here is the Youtube version and transcript.

Home bias in AFL umpiring: the 10 year tables

Dave Warner of the suburbs has completed his opus: the last 10 years of AFL free kick counts examined and analysed. Do umpires always favour the home team? How do Victorian teams fare when playing at home against non-Victorian teams? Trends, biases… all is revealed.

AFL 2016 from a non-Victorian perspective

Dave Warner demonstrates a whole series of inequities in the national competition and points the finger at the Melbourne-based journalists who support them. How strong are the arguments he brings?

Almanac Umpiring: 2016 Pro-Vic Bias in Free Kicks is Getting Worse!

Davesuburban has done his homework with compelling evidence to support what we know to be true, Umpires favour Victorian teams.

Push in the back – Scourge is not the bump: Part 4

Dave Warner adds to his previous canon on the blight of push in the back. Harsher penalties are needed. Player safety and wellbeing are being compromised by this “last recourse of the player already beaten in the contest.”

The Monster’s Back: Afl Umpires Favour Victorian Teams: It’s A Fact

Stats eroti-a: The Suburban Boy – Dave Warner – has run the numbers and finds that Victorian sides enjoy a pretty good run off the umps, both at home and on the road.

Victorian bias in free kicks – who’d have thought!

Is there home-team bias in umpiring? Dave Warner, armed with stats and capital letters, blows the whistle on this contentious issue.

Dave Warner’s State of Origin method

Dave Warner picks a side from each of the states, and calls for an opportunity for them to line up on each other. ANZAC Day perhaps?

The best review of the 2013 AFL season you will hear

This is the poem Dave Warner recited at The Footy Almanac Grand Final Eve Lunch and later that night at The Caravan Club (where this was taped).

My first game of football

Dave Warner on his first game of football.

Dave Warner’s 2013 Season

Dave Warner’s take on the 2013 AFL Season. (This was read to much laughter and great applause at Friday’s Almanac lunch.)