Speed, racer

The serious injury to F1 driver Jacques Bianchi has Matt Watson wondering about the role of speed and danger in our love of motor racing.

To Be Or Not To Be … Yourself, in Defeat or Victory?

Gregor Lewis celebrates Wimbledon, Silverstone, the Tour de Yorkshire – and, above all, the human strength and courage to succeed. Greatness reached for and grasped. While in Brazil the fear of loss has subdued the beautiful game.

Leave the Grand Prix alone

Those that don’t like the Grand Prix in Melbourne should be tolerant of those who do, writes Jake “Cobba” Stevens.

Death Tracks; Beyond Motordrome

The spectre of danger, even death, has done little harm to motorsport’s mass appeal. But the attrition rates of the ‘motordromes’, which predated the Great Depression, were something else. As a world champion racer of penny farthings, it’s quaintly absurd that engineer Jack Prince’s second stab at fame would be to kick start the most [Read more]

Is motor racing a sport?

John Harms asks the same old question that pops up each year at the North Fitzroy Arms: is motor racing a sport? http://tatts.com/news/2012/3/14/john-harms-on-the-australian-grand-prix

Sporting achievements to be proud of

by Jill Scanlon Sport – It’s part of being an Australian. In saying this, I mean no disrespect to those who prefer the Arts, music, literature and the like – not that these are mutually exclusive to sport. But Australians by-and-large truly are brought up with a healthy respect and enthusiasm for sporting endeavour and [Read more]

F1 Grand Prix: Should our nation’s most prestigious motor racing event be axed?

By Damian Watson The Australian Formula One Grand Prix has been previously touted as the pinnacle of international sporting events staged across the country, however the sanctity of the race has been questioned and threatened in recent years. As a result of dwindling crowds, significant financial consequences and angst amongst local residents and politicians, the [Read more]

Motor Racing: Getting in touch with one’s inner bogan

by Anne Fedorowytsch Once a year for three days I let my inner Bogan out to play. The occasion, you ask? It’s the Adelaide Clipsal 500. Hundreds of thousands of rev-heads pack into the eastern outskirts of the CBD to witness motor racing at its finest. The event offers the best from Australia’s racing scene [Read more]

Motor Racing: Build it and they will come

The expression build it and they will come has been an affirmation for many grand projects throughout time. The vision of an entrepreneur, the courage of an architect, has resulted in buildings and monuments that have thrilled people for centuries. The Eiffel Tower, the Sydney Opera House and that great shrine of sporting worship, the [Read more]

Lewis Hamilton Shows True Markings of a Champion

by Marc Cannella When Lewis Hamilton stormed onto the Formula One scene in 2007, his natural talent alone almost guaranteed him a world championship, and he duly delivered in only his second season. But despite the undoubted highs, the Englishman has also experienced the lows of the sport. He lost the championship by one point [Read more]