Sporting achievements to be proud of

by Jill Scanlon

Sport – It’s part of being an Australian.

In saying this, I mean no disrespect to those who prefer the Arts, music, literature and the like – not that these are mutually exclusive to sport.

But Australians by-and-large truly are brought up with a healthy respect and enthusiasm for sporting endeavour and excellence.

And while we focus heavily on the more prominent and mainstream sports that feature on the back pages of our newspapers, it is truly heartening when you read of the success of young Australians on the international stage ‘plying their trade’ and following their sporting dreams.

This morning, reading the sporting pages while on my train ride to work, I noticed hidden in the inner back pages in a small column the mention of two successes of this ilk.

It brought a smile to my face to read of a 15 year old young Australian girl who took on the world’s best in her first international senior diving meet in the USA.

Brittany Broben won the Women’s Platform event at the US Diving Grand Prix in Florida, edging out no less than the reigning Olympic gold medallist Chen Ruolin of China.

And the Torro Rosso team chief has all but confirmed 21 year old West Australian, Daniel Ricciardo, will become a fully fledged Formula One driver for them in 2012.

Well done to these young people who have achieved a standard of excellence in their chosen sport and thus been given the opportunity to perform at the highest level.

About Jill Scanlon

Blues fan and sports lover. Development through sports advocate; producer, journalist and news follower. Insanely have returned to p/t study - a Masters of International & Community Development. Formerly with ABC International / Radio Australia in Melbourne.


  1. Mark Webber spoke of Ricciardo last year before the Abu Dhabi GP. He said ths kid has the talent to be anything. It was intersting to hear Webber talk about the Australian culture in terms of the support of up and comers. He has put by all accounts I have heard a fair amount of effort into this kid. Looks the goods!

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