Motor Racing: Build it and they will come

The expression build it and they will come has been an affirmation for many grand projects throughout time. The vision of an entrepreneur, the courage of an architect, has resulted in buildings and monuments that have thrilled people for centuries. The Eiffel Tower, the Sydney Opera House and that great shrine of sporting worship, the MCG, have drawn masses never thought imaginable when ink first went to paper.

But like a kebab shop in Nimbin, a motor racing circuit in Bahrain attracts only those who thought it may have offered something more organic. Perhaps the local sheik had finally become bored with his scale electric set and wanted a live size version in his backyard. I can think of no other reason why 24 V8 supercars and their assortment of drivers and mechanics would be flown half way around the world and dumped in the desert. No Lowdsie, this isn’t Kansas, it’s much worse than that.

Yes the track is fantastic and the grand stands magnificent but where were the people. Why have they not embraced our mighty muscle cars? Hell, they use 21 per cent of the nation’s oils stocks just in practice so you would think a little show of support might have been nice. Nope, barely two men and camel. Throw together a few blokes racing HQs and you would get a crowd at Symmons Plains. Actually throwing just the blokes together would get a crowd at Symmons Plains.

So why didn’t they come in Bahrain or for that matter, Abu Dhabi? There was stacks of beer, heaps of bikini clad grid girls not to mention lots of good old Aussie larrikins on tap. It makes no sense. It just doesn’t make sense.

Heard the one about the Arab, the camel and the goat? Ah, don’t bother, they wouldn’t get it.

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