Ashes Blog: 2nd Test, Adelaide

It’s no surprise that Mitch Johnson has paid the price for his poor Brisbane performance. But should Marcus North also have been dropped? And what of England? They too struggled for wickets in Brisbane. Can either of these two sides take the 20 wickets required to win on an Adelaide pitch that, by all accounts, [Read more]

Andrew Starkie’s Ashes Diary (4)

ASHES DIARY Entry 4 Wednesday December 1, 2010 Now the dust has settled on an un-Brisbane like pitch that didn’t offer its usual Australian victory, what did we make of the first Test?  Although we never looked like losing, many believe there were more negatives than anything else for Australia. Is it all doom and [Read more]

“Need a new Johnson Rod”

by Andrew Gigacz The knives were out before the start of Day 5. The general thrust was that Australia do not have an attack capable of taking 20 wickets in a match, and therefore can’t win the series. And I think there’s a fair bit of truth in that. But as the players took the [Read more]

No mojo

by Hamish Townsend Day 4 There was not a moment of Day Four which will be remembered in any highlights reel, next to nothing happened for the entire day. However, when the story of the 2010 Ashes is written day four at the Gabba will be marked as the day Australia discovered, unless they change [Read more]

Andrew Starkie’s Ashes Diary (3)

ASHES DIARY Entry 3 Sunday November 28, 2010 In a Test bossed by bowlers over the first two days, there was always the chance this match may be ultimately determined by batsmen. Bell, Cook and Pietersen threatened big scores on day one, only to be stopped by Sidds’ slice of history and debutant Doherty who [Read more]

Gabba Test: Day 2

Australia took the points on Day 2 of the First Test at the Gabba. But in the tight struggle which took place in showers-always-possible conditions England would have had her arm raised had it had a knockout blow, and had Michael Hussey not been such a counter-puncher. He played one of his finest innings. When [Read more]

Ugly Ducklings

by Dave Nadel For most of my life, at least until 1995, “Swan” was the name of an iconic bird, a rather ordinary beer, a very unsuccessful VFL/AFL team and a large river in Perth. I had only ever heard of two people named Swan, coincidentally both were first named Billy. The American Billy Swan [Read more]

Andrew Starkie’s Ashes Diary (2)

  ASHES DIARY Entry 2 Thursday November 25, 2010 How many North Melbourne supporters claim an Ashes hat-trick on their birthday? None. Before today.                                                                                                        Sidds will dine out on this for the rest of his life.  When long retired and trawling the country sportsman’s night circuit, he’ll be introduced as the quick who got a [Read more]

Happy Birthday Pete

by John Butler 1st Test Brisbane: Day one-  England 260   Australia 0-25 The anticipation of this Ashes summer comes not from any great expectation of consistently brilliant cricket, such as Australian fans have feasted on for most of the last two decades. Rather, it’s the prospect of a real tussle between two evenly matched sides [Read more]

Ashes Blog: 1st Test Brisbane

Despite all the grumbling about selectors, Punter, old batsmen, etc. we’re all still watching with expectation. Almanckers aren’t known for bashfulness with their opinions, so feel free to share through the course of the game.

Andrew Starkie’s Ashes Diary

ASHES DIARY Entry 1 Wednesday November 24, 2010 Welcome to my Ashes 2010/11 diary.  During this Test series, I will be posting regular entries on the almanac website, consisting of observations, opinions, queries and idle thoughts.  I love the Ashes as much as I love footy and the NMFC, so stay tuned and let me [Read more]

A Gloriously Uncertain Summer Awaits

If nothing else this summer, we’re about to discover the value of a sound preparation in the scheme of modern cricket tours. For the first time in a long time, England have picked a squad with credible back-up in all areas, arrived early, played serious warm up games well, and appear genuinely ready for what [Read more]

Caught Behind 2/100

By Steve Ingham An opinion piece on Australia’s favourite summer sport WHERE HAVE ALL THE PERSONALITIES GONE??? No doubt we live in a world much more sanitised than decades before. No Australian Cricketer will attempt a beer can drinking record on a flight to England, I mean Andrew Symonds was sent home and never wore [Read more]

Memories of “Urnest” battles

The Vietnamese-Cambodian border, transient nightclubs in St Kilda, and the turquoise blue waters of the Amalfi Coast in Italy. Among the reams of Ashes literature penned over the decades, I doubt whether these three destinations have been mentioned. But for me, they form part of my Ashes memories. Part of my urn worship if you [Read more]


The Stan McCabe of Politics by Bernard Whimpress There are (or probably I should say were) few more beautiful places on Earth to muse on matters cricket, and perhaps even Life and Death, than the north-western mound of the Adelaide Oval, late afternoon, in the shade of the Moreton Bay fig trees, with a light [Read more]

English Hope Springs Eternal

This Guardian piece from Mike Selvey shows that even some of the more level-headed English pundits are starting to get their hopes up.

Caught Behind 1/100

By Steve Ingham An opinion piece on Australia’s favourite summer sport THE SOUND OF SUMMER While every commentator and fan in the country is ringing the alarm bells about the state of the national cricket team- and I will address that later- I want to focus on my favourite sounds of summer: ABC Grandstand Cricket, [Read more]

Sri Lanka Celebrates as Australia Wobbles Again

1st ODI- Australia v Sri Lanka- MCG 3rd November 2010 It’s usually unwise to rush to judgement on the basis of a single one-day match, but last night’s astonishing Sri Lankan comeback would have done nothing to allay the anxieties of Australian supporters contemplating the summer ahead. This midweek fixture was ludicrous in design, especially [Read more]

Old not-so-reliables will have to fly the Ashes flag

For those who may have erased the moment from their memory, it has been 431 days, or nigh on 62 weeks, since Graeme Swann dismissed Mike Hussey at The Oval, and England claimed the Ashes with a 2-1 series victory. As we sit 28 days out from the next Ashes test, it seems opportune to [Read more]

Name Your Team

The Cricinfo website has just undergone an extensive process to pick their all-time World Eleven. This is the team they arrived at. ESPNcricinfo All-Time World XI- these blokes can play a bit. 1st XI Jack Hobbs Len Hutton Don Bradman Sachin Tendulkar Viv Richards Garry Sobers Adam Gilchrist Malcolm Marshall Shane Warne Wasim Akram Dennis [Read more]