Eve, destruction….


The cult of Brearley makes me nearly vomit,

he beat up on teams minus Thommo’s comets

or riven by dissent, b graders and triers,

he grew a beard to hide

when he played a full side

but copped a whitewash, as history is whitewashed

by the devotees of nearly Brearley.


John Snow says “summer is coming”

wrist position, kookaburra humming,

seven-for in Sydney, Aussies in ashes,

poet laureate and winner of Hill fence clashes


Standing, frozen, out like Marshall Rosen

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Richmond fan; Kim Hughes tragic; geographer; kids' book author; Evertonian; Manikato; Harold Park trots 1980; father of two; cat lover, dancer with dogs; wannabe PJ HArvey backing vocalist; delusional...

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