Party Time: Gold Coast Suns v Geelong

A new family tradition was borne this week – we were off to the Gold Coast to watch our beloved Cats take on the Suns at their new home ground, the old Cararra.  When we were kids we’d drive to VFL Park or the ‘G’ or catch the train down to Geelong; in this modern [Read more]

Saints run the Heave Ho ragged

I was nervous but excited going into a Patersons stadium match with my beloved Saints taking on the loathed Dockers. I was skeptical about the fact Blake was starting in the ruck, McEvoy being an emergency, but then again the giant 7 foot Docker Sandilands was out with turf toe, an injury usually occurring in [Read more]

Carrara daze

Saturday night. Gold Coast v Geelong. The Ablett match – for most. And yes, that is a key part of it. But for me, something has been forgotten: this is also the Carrara match. Footy is back at Carrara. And as weird as it might sound, on Saturday night I was feeling a little nostalgic [Read more]

the shudder of bones

autumn rain — Pendlebury slips into the stream when I crack my knuckles     our first goal chilly MCG — empty seats but not too much to be quiet about mist blunt air head down Ball hammers into the shudder of bones the sun has gone off somewhere but here’s Daisy! dusk presents itself Cloke [Read more]

Melbourne would battle to beat Manangatang

If you are of the Almanac persuasion, Friday offered a stark contrast in climates of the land, and of the mind. Lunch at the All Nations Hotel saw Manangatang lads Adam McNicol and Craig Sholl entertain with tales of their old Mallee home town. Later, it was on to a slippery MCG for a spectacle [Read more]

Karmichael, I take it all back. What a goal!

By Sasha Lennon Saturday night provided us with one of those ‘momentous occasions’ in footy. The Gold Coast Suns played their first real ‘home’ game at the redeveloped Carrara. Amidst the fanfare marked by the ‘shock and awe’ style fireworks which burst above the crowd prior to the opening bounce, the punters were giving the [Read more]

Playing on the ‘other’ Gazza

We  arrived  in  the  land  of  big  things  and  took  in  the  new  ground.  Metricon  Stadium  has  a  roof  like  a  crinkle  cut  potato  chip;  a  really  big  potato  chip.  It  curves  around  the  top  of  the  stadium  in  a  horse  shoe  shape  leaving  one  end  open  to  the  world  like  a  giant  front  door. [Read more]

Pies step up to step on Eagles

mercurial (of person) sprightly, ready-witted, volatile From half-time on, the story of this game was always going to be the three moments of brilliance from The Mop.  While those moments lit up the game, the bigger story should be that this was a vastly improved performance on our most recent efforts. At the start of [Read more]

Winning and losing at the same time.

Is there such thing as winning without casualties in 2011? It’s Sunday night and we’re watching my sister’s team, the Doggies, being pummelled the Hawks.  It’s awful to watch and I know the feeling of suffering.  Her first sms was:  Sigh.  Her second was:    I should write for the Almanac too so that I can [Read more]

Round Ten wrap

Yes. Well. No eight out of eight this week, or any week so far. The Crows played like tits on a shrub, bombing the ball forward with no plan, no hope and no sense that they had ever played the game before. Craig sensed the anger and dropped the usual spin – we will learn [Read more]


Convergence Friday night. Belly full. Cold beer. Girlfriend prepping Notting Hill on second TV. Mind shifting into first gear. A text causes my phone to fall off the coffee table. It’s Mum: –Sitting on a tram on the way to the G. So many Melbourne supporters on board. [Sibling 1] has a serious case of [Read more]

Careful what you wish for…

For too long, many suitors have leveraged against the Geelong Football Club. Off of its people and off of its proud heritage. The supporters have indeed been blessed with good fortune over these past years; Brownlows, All-Australians by the dozen, Grand Finals, even the elusive Premiership or two. We’ve much to be glad about.

Round 10 Blog

Round 10 already! Proceedings kick off at the ‘G where the Blues will be keen to atone for a lost opportunity last Friday night. Dean Bailey’s Demons are copping criticism, but a win would see them just outside the eight. North host the Swans, both coming off losses. North always seem to need a win [Read more]

Floreat Pica Heritage Round

When roster vacancies arose for the Weagles game, I not only put my own hand up, but also cajoled TAFKATBM (The Artist Formerly Known As The Big Man for those relatively new to the Floreat Pica Society) to write the DR for old times’ sake. FPS began in 2005 and in the early years I [Read more]