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Round 10 already!

Proceedings kick off at the ‘G where the Blues will be keen to atone for a lost opportunity last Friday night. Dean Bailey’s Demons are copping criticism, but a win would see them just outside the eight.

North host the Swans, both coming off losses. North always seem to need a win at present, whilst the Swans’ finals prospects demand they win this one.

Some of the Saints’ stars showed signs of life last week, but they’d need to beat Freo over there before anyone got too excited about a comeback.

The Suns launch their refurbished ground, and Gazza plays his old team. The Cats are going in with 2nd gamer Vardy as their first ruck. Does Corey Enright’s soreness relate to his fist?

Richmond and Port head to Darwin, where the Tiges will look to stay on a roll, while the Power will just be hoping not to unravel any further.

If Adelaide are still harbouring finals hopes they need to beat the visiting Lions. With big Johnny Brown back, hope will spring eternal for Brisbane.

Most eyes will be turned to Sunday at the ‘G, where TRP take on the vastly improved West Coast. Will the Eagles’ form travel with them to Melbourne? Will the Magpies continue to flirt with theirs?

Twilight at Docklands sees the Doggies trying to pick up the pieces from last week’s debacle in the West. The Hawks looked ominous in dealing with Sydney, but keeping it going has been an issue for them of late.

So much conjecture, so little time.

Let ‘er rip folks.


  1. John Butler says

    Out: Enright (sore knuckles)

  2. Andrew Fithall says

    A comment on the Paul Roos matter. What he did as a junior coach was totally wrong. It was bad enough that he entered the field of play. But then by addressing opposition players, it had the potential to escalate the incident even further. He has said that their team didn’t have a trainer. If that is the case in our junior league, then the club dicusses this prior to the game with the other team’s trainer to attend to all injured players. It does not allow for another official to enter the arena.

    Coaches saying anything at all to an opposition player just shouldn’t happen. We saw last year when Mick Malthouse engaged with Stephen Milne how pathetic it is. In junior football it is totally inappropriate. Last weekend at a school senior football match I saw one of “our” coaches throwing remarks at one of the opposition’s best players. It did nothing but demean the coach (and the player’s performance improved significantly after the words). This coach too was an ex AFL player who should know better.

  3. JB – out Warnock – soft head.

    AF – totally agree.

  4. Clearisghted says

    A few comments/questions re. footy and footy news this week:
    – Collingwood is considering sending some players to Arizona mid year – their first road trip for the season?
    – Paul Roos’ entering the arena at a junior game has at least highlighted the unnecessary aggression displayed in sport played at this level.
    – Is Chris Judd EVER pinged for holding the ball?

  5. JB,

    Enright must have a badly dislocated shoulder. The physics relating to the strength of his leap (with eyes only for the ball) as an opposite reaction to the fierceness of the Judd hold on his other arm must have caused the dislocation. I can think of no other reason.

  6. Or holding the arm Clearsighted.

  7. John Kingsmill says

    We should all get eight this week or so you’d think:
    Carlton to walk over Melbourne on Friday night
    even if Chris Judd is slightly lame; Sydney to touch
    up North at Etihad; Fremantle hosting the Saints,
    is not just Sandilands. Or is that not true? The Cats
    will eat the Suns; Richmond will flatten a dead flat Port

    as if they are making pasta; Adelaide, seething with anger,
    will choke Brisbane at AAMI Stadium; Collingwood will tease
    the Eagles at the MCG and then swoop in for the kill and
    the Hawks, feeling good, will roll the Dogs, feeling bad.
    So what can go wrong? What can go right? Adelaide haven’t
    played well with Tippett and Walker in the same team;

    Port are more familiar with Darwin than Richmond but there’s
    still no Chad Cornes. Has St Kilda woken up? Goddard and
    Riewoldt hit their straps for the first time last week; the Suns
    play their first game at their new Gold Coast stadium.
    And big men are out. Sandilands for four weeks, Brad Ottens
    out for the Cats, Shane Mumford out for Sydney.

    The season is taking its toll. Be careful, Barry Hall.

  8. Neil Belford says

    Well the round does look pretty tippable. With the season not half way there, there are only 9 teams in it. The real question is who of them is not going to make the 8. I say Sydney, but not with confidence. that aside I think this will be the closest run final series since there has been an 8. Collingwood are the great hoax, they are not particularly better than any other team in the 8 and the $5 on offer for the Eagles is the best bet available in football in living memory (much as I hate to say anything good about the Weevils).

  9. Ben Footner says

    Speaking of bets on Collingwood games Neil, what about the bloke who had a million bucks on them to win last week?! Gees, he must’ve been sweating bullets for a while there!

    Certainly seems to be a fairly straight forward round. Will get along to Footy Park Sunday to see just how much better Brisbane is with Brown up front, and how Adelaide will respond after last weeks game.

    All eyes will be on Walker, I don’t recall such hype and media coverage around one player since the days of Modra!

  10. Danielle says

    Im liking this mid year trip for our injured cuties.
    We certainly can afford it so if it might work then why not! :)
    ps- can i come too?

  11. Danielle says

    And if u haven’t already seen it, check out Collingwood’s secret shuffler!!!!

  12. Alovesupreme says

    I’d like to report that at 12 minutes and 23 seconds** into the 3rd quarter of the Melbourne v Carlton match, Chris Judd was penalised for holding the ball.
    ** That’s actual playing time as per the countdown clock, not elapsed time.

  13. John Butler says

    Which is at least the 3rd such incident I can recall this year ALS.

    Maybe he’s slowing up in his old age?

    If only he had Joel Selwood’s neck , which apparently stretches to his waist. :)

  14. John Butler says

    Saints give a yelp! But Freo don’t

    But St Kilda will be sweating on injury reports.

    North will be gutted by a 1 point loss. BKIBF.

    Swans clinch a crucial 4 points.

  15. He would probably do better with Joel Selwood’s heart JB.

  16. John Butler says

    I don’t think either of them are lacking in that regard Phantom.

  17. Danielle says

    i jUst woke up, can’t wait for the game-GO PIES!

  18. John Butler says

    Not going Danni?

  19. Just checking to see if you still loved me JB.

  20. John Butler says

    Always Phantom. :)

    No resurrection for the Dogs.

    Richmond lose exactly the sort of game they usually lose to derail the cause.

    Adelaide kaput.

    But do the Saints still breath? Next week will tell a tale.

  21. forwardpocket says

    Richmond stuck in 9th spot. Those poor, suffering Tiges fans.

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