Tigers defy expectations

“Got your myki?” “Yes.” “Got your footy membership card thing?” “Ye-wait, no. Thanks Mum.” And so I was out the door and on the train to Eaglemont to meet my uncle and see Richmond. While the Tigers have been on this ‘four of five’ hot-streak, Richmond has beaten three pathetic teams and a top eight [Read more]

Swans lose in O’Keeffe’s 200th

The Swans returned to the MCG on Sunday to take on the Tigers, with Ryan O’Keeffe playing his 200th game for the Bloods.  Last time we played Richmond here we got in by a lazy 10 goals in Mickey O’Loughlin’s 300th game.  I am hoping for a similar result to last year however the Swans [Read more]

Gusty Tiger win makes four in a row

It wasn’t too long ago when football “experts” were seriously questioning whether Richmond would win a game all season. Others were calling out for Richmond to recieve special assistance from the AFL. Four wins later and that’s all forgotten. The improvement has been extroadinary. First year recruits have shown good signs while players previously labelled [Read more]