Gusty Tiger win makes four in a row

It wasn’t too long ago when football “experts” were seriously questioning whether Richmond would win a game all season. Others were calling out for Richmond to recieve special assistance from the AFL. Four wins later and that’s all forgotten.

The improvement has been extroadinary. First year recruits have shown good signs while players previously labelled list cloggers like Matt White and Shane Edwards have improved considerably.

I go into tonight’s match thinking we’re in for a reality check. Freo are in fine form while Ben Cousins won’t be around tonight to give the leadership we need, however the Dockers aren’t playing their strongest team either. The first week without Michael Barlow will be an interesting one.

The match starts the way all Richmond fans were hoping. A Riewoldt constested mark before going back and slotting the opening goal. Freo look to be better though, Pavlich is dangerous and would have three to quarter time if he didn’t trip over his feet running into an open goal.

Right infront of we’re I’m sitting Daniel Jackson knocks down Hayden Ballentyne with a hard bump. With his record he could be in trouble, but if you’re going to get suspended you may as well take out a moron like Balletyne doing it.

At quarter time through a few lucky goals we’re still in it.

The second term starts with Kepler Bradley taking a mark in the goal square, he does his best to miss it but comes away with the goal. Richmond stay in the match but only due to Fremantle’s missed shots.

The lead keeps changing hands with goals to Asbury and Pavlich. Neither team can break away from the other.

Then disaster strikes. Following a ruck contest inside 50, three Richmond players lie stunned on the turf. Jake King, Ben Nason and Angus Graham are all assisted to the bench. With Griffith’s night already over we could be in some danger.

The quarter ends with Kepler Bradley roving a Sandilands tap and kicking a goal. When big Kep is roving ruck contests and kicking goals, you know your in trouble.

Despite being two men down Richmond enter the third term strong. Jack bags his third and Matt White slots a goal. Fremantle keep missing shots, failing to kick a goal for the quarter. My mind goes back to last week, where Swans inaccuracy cost them the game. Freo’s kiking gives Richmond a goal buffer going into the last, but with Richmond’s interchange worries, I remain doubtful.

Nahas kicks the opener but then Freo seem in control. Of all people, Kepler Bradley kicks his third followed up by a Stephen Hill (who has gone unmanned all night) kicks his second.

The teams go goal for goal, scores are level when irony hits. Richmond have the ball locked inside 50 when whistles blow. I look for where it’s coming from and then I see to my left, the interchange umpire waving his red flag calling for an infringement. The replay shows that Steven Hill went onto the ground while his teammate was also taking the feild. So while I was thinking Richmond would struggle being two down on the bench. Fremantle was struggling with four. Our weakness had been the difference, but for the better.

As Riewoldt takes the free from the goal line the deadlock has finally been broken. With no time left surely we can hang on. From a boundary throw in Dustin Martin breaks through a pack of players, slotting the sealer with the outside of the boot. We’re home now.

Just like last week Collins kicks the final goal, the siren sounds and the crowd erupts. What a win! Our best yet against a top four side. With North Melbourne next week who knows what Richmond can do.

Richmond 5.1 7.4 10.8 15.10 (100)
Fremantle 5.5 8.9 8.13 11.15 (81)

Richmond Connors, Newman, Riewoldt, Moore, Martin
Fremantle McPhee, Hill, Sandilands, Pavlich, Bradley

Richmond Riewoldt 5, Collins 2, Edwards, Griffiths, White, Astbury, Webberley, Nahas, Martin, Connors
Fremantle Pavlich 3, Bradley 3, Hill 2, Morabito, Johnson, McPhee


  1. Callum O'Connor says

    Solid effort, liked the dry humour related to the Jackson-Ballentyne incident (two weeks, unfortunately) and the interchange infringement.
    Rather ironic that, after crucifying us all night, the umpires handed the win to us on a platter.

  2. It WAS windy in Melbourne on Saturday night. But was it really a “gusty” win? Or was it perhaps a “gutsy” win…?

  3. ^Good Gigs haha.

    Great work Mike. Ballantyne is a d**khead of the highest order, his regular staging for free kicks makes me wonder if he should be chasing a slightly more spherical ball…
    And let’s not forget his hair-pulling and bottom-pinching.

    See you Sunday.

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