A Letter from Pooncarie – 2020 Season preview?



Well, here we are again Wrappers. But are we? Are we here at all? A Winter without The Footy seems unendurable; like we’re just in Limbo waiting for The Long Dark Summer to roll over us. At the time of writing these words the way forward hasn’t been made clear, but it’s certain the games won’t be attended by more than 500 people. Just enough for the players and officials.  That’s presuming the season isn’t postponed for a few weeks. But really Wrappers, that’s wishful thinking. As we move into the flu season, the coronavirus is only going to get stronger. We either start the season on schedule ex-crowds, or we don’t bother with it at all.


You know what, I’ve been thinking, and maybe we’re part of history. I mean a landmark part of history. Remember your history lessons about year six or seven; the ones about medieval Europe and the Scots & The French were fighting The Pohms? And along came the Black Death and all bets were off. It heralded to end of feudalism and the beginning of the Renaissance. Well, maybe we’re at the beginning of the next Great Disruption. Tighten your seatbelts and keep an eye on this space.


And you wonder why I’m up on the Darling trapping goats and shooting rabbits.  BTW, the Telegraph Hotel wouldn’t see 500 people in a good month. Not 500 different people that is.


Anyway, on the presumption that we go ahead and play the games, here’s The Wrap End of August Ladder and the likely medal outcomes.


August Ladder 2020

  1. Richmond – hard to not have them with a Minor Premiership this year.
  2. West Coast – Tim Kelly + home matches + a fit Nic Nat
  3. Brisbane – will be keen to atone for their 2019 fadeout
  4. GWS – will also be keen to atone, but questions over team spirit
  5. Bulldogs – Young and eager
  6. Collingwood – Injuries a worry around at the Torana Centre
  7. Hawthorn – One to watch. Cameron a giant in the goal square
  8. St Kilda – Gradually getting the hang of things
  9. Geelong – Sellwood & Dangerman can’t do it all on their own
  10. Port Adelaide – Too hot & cold for mine
  11. North Melbourne – Still lack one or two match winners
  12. Melbourne – 12th – nothing here to convince otherwise
  13. Fremantle – Ditto
  14. Carlton – could surprise, but list a bit shallow
  15. Essendon – Drift in & out of competitiveness, may reform ……
  16. Adelaide – Still a lot of damage to be repaired ……
  17. Sydney – Bottoming out ……
  18. Gold Coast – Bottomed out.


The Coleman – Tom Lynch.
The Brownlow – Dusty Martin
The Rising Star – Marlion Pickett
The Premiership – Richmond to pull away in time-on in the Final Stanza
The Norm Smith – Bachar Houlhi to finally get the Norm Smith he so justly deserves.





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About John Mosig

I'm an Aussie Rules tragic who can remember, as a four year old, shaking the hand of Captain Blood in the rooms just before he ran out onto the ground after half time, as my Old Man slipped him a packet of under-the-counter Craven A cork tipped. Now it's my turn to take my grandson Ben through the ritual of character building that is the journey through PUNT ROAD to the outside world.


  1. John Butler says

    Now Wrap, who was it you barracked for again?

  2. I barrack for Richmond JB, I thought you knew that. And your problem is?

  3. John Butler says

    No problem. Just for purposes of editorial clarification. :)

  4. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Pickett’s too old for the Rising Star, unfortunately

  5. Assume you mean Patton at Hawthorn eh Wrap? Unless Charlie and Jeremy have been hiding something.
    Been watching Wolf Hall on TV given I’m 657 pages short of finishing Vol 1 of the trilogy. End of days seems fitting at the moment. King Donald will shortly send Melania off to the Tower before lining up Wife #4 to bring him a son with an IQ above his hat size. If Dutton has infected the favourite daughter I expect us to be invaded and turned into a US Fever Resort by Easter.
    Regards to you and yours from the Fatal Shore.

  6. Anyone making bold predictions before a ball has been bounced (or thrown up) is bound to have EGG ON THEIR FACE at season’s end.

  7. I did mean Patton Mr B. Thanks for that. The torrent of players out of The Gwizz can be quite confusing at times. Hope you’re all travelling well over there on the Indian Ocean shoreline. I’m predicting a West Coast – Richmond GF. We’re all well over here on Bass Strait, even though the early chills of Autumn are pinching at our bones some mornings.

    Thank you too, Swish. Make that Riley Collier-Dawkins for the Rising Star. And to save you having to look him up JB, he plays for Richmond.

  8. Nice work Wrap. Sir Frank won’t be pleased with your Essendon analysis. He has them in contention. I fear you have the Cats about right.

  9. Sorry about that Dips, but I have to call them as I see them. Sir Frank, like his beloved Bombers, has a habit of drifting in or out, but in his case the state is reality.

  10. Daniel Flesch says

    Thanks for putting the Hawks in the eight , Mr. The Wrap. On the AwFL website a couple of weeks ago Champion (sic) Data had them at 11th. which caused mild depressive feelings hereabouts. Thanks for restoring hope.
    And b.t.w. what are the successors to The LSPRF called these days? The Tiger Army Rampant? The Tattooed Neck Appreciation Society ? Can think of a couple of others involving Hubris, but they wouldn’t be appreciated so will spare you.

  11. YeahTigers2020 says

    Great punchy piece. Love the historical references and the provocations. Who knows, this season could end up in an episode of Horrible Histories. I thought 2019 was cursed, then the Tigers won the premiership and everything seemed right with the world and now this. It’s a test, that’s for sure.

  12. If we do go ahead with The Toyota Premiership football Season this year, I’m tipping The Mayblooms will play an influential role in the outcome. They’re a bit untested down back but if they get their system together and Tom Mitchell stops accumulating for the sake of accumulating they’ll get plenty of drive down to Patton. He’s an absolute pack crasher. Look what happened at Tigerland once Dusty & The Cosh stopped accumulating CD points and started making distance gained their goal.

    But today’s meeting will be the decider. It’s going to be a Long Dark Winter without The Footy, eh?

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