Port’s jumper

You know the saying, ‘Blue and Green should not be seen’? Well, ‘Black and Teal,’ surely runs it a close second.

There’s just something about Port’s current jumper that I find jarring. The way the Teal sits on Black in that pattern has an effect on me that’s akin to feeling nauseous (and honestly, I’m not being dramatic, it really leaves me in a sickly unsettled state.)

Of course, taste is a personal thing, but there’s also a science at hand here. Fashion designers, artists etc know there’s ‘do’s and don’t’s’ when coordinating, and I’m sure somewhere in their disciplines, Black and Teal trespasses into areas it’s been forewarned not to (and I reckon it’s been warned they’ll shoot and ask questions later!)

I guess Port have invested a lot into Black, White and Teal, so there’s no turning back now. Bearing that I mind, I spent an arvo the other day playing with the current design in an endeavor to resurrect it into something with aesthetics. Here’s the best I came up with:



By buffering Teal from Black with these moats of White, I feel this design is a whole lot more palatable. In fact, this design dismantles the Black and Teal combo, and in essence is a White & Teal combo, sitting on Black. Whatever way, I venture it’s an improvement.

But, of course, what we’d all love is for Port to play in their prison bars (well, I should say, all of us bar Collingwood.)

Unfortunately, that’s never gonna happen, so maybe Port could be a little left field about getting back that theme.

So on a lighter note (and hope Port fans can take a joke), here’s some ideas to capture the essence of their classic strip.


First up, razor wire…


Or perhaps it should be laid vertically?


Or maybe cuffs?


Or Leg irons?


And that in a clash strip…


And finally, let’s just jettison the teal and drive Eddie nuts with this!!







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