The Footy Almanac Podcast Episode 22 – Jack Styring

In this, the last of our racing-themed podcasts for the year, we catch up with legendary race caller Jack Styring, who was kind enough to welcome John Harms and Stone Cold into his home for a cuppa and a chat.

Jack’s calling history dates to back to the late 1940s/early 50s and his last official call was at Yea in January 2011; that’s over sixty years in the business and along the way, he’s created some of race calling’s classic phrases like the field being “strung out like Monday’s washing”, a horse who “went quicker than last week’s pay”, “its mouth open like a mother cod calling for its young”, and the immortal “bearing his molars to the breeze”.

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"Colourful central Victorian racing identity". Recovering Essendon supporter, and sometime weekend night racing presenter on RSN Racing and Sport.


  1. Wonderful; wonderful. Thanks Stone Cold and JTH. It was like sitting in the backyard with my grandad and “Uncle” Jim (aka Korsakoff’s victim that my grandma had adopted) in 1968. Precise long time recollection of minutiae mixed with understandable short term vagueness. Don’t sweat the small stuff.
    I was trying to understand the patterns of the Styring inflection, and whether it was an adopted trademark or a natural wonder.
    Flynny and Harmsy’s accompanying pieces are brilliant, and I am trying to decipher when and where the ‘ah’ is? I sense a rising inflection on the second last syllable, with a fall at the end, instead of the mounting tension of the modern fashion.
    Falling rather than rising at the money shot. Is that too simplistic?
    Did Jack part of the 3UZ Saturday morning racing previews in the 70’s (that we would have heard relayed on 5DN in Adelaide)? I recall someone who used to debate barrier draws with “you’d ah want to draw ah close ah to the ah inside ah at the start of the ah Melbourne to ah Warrnambool ah bike ah race ah.”
    Was that Jack? It sticks in my memory from 40 years ago, and sounds like him.

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