Sports books: Ken Piesse’s Favourite Footy Yarns

With Father’s Day just around the corner, Ken ‘The Master’ Piesse’s latest tome Favourite Footy Yarns makes a great gift idea.

From the signing of ‘The King’, Wayne Carey for a song, to the football legend’s wife who proposed via a fax machine, Favourite Footy Yarns will inform, amuse and delight.

The smorgasboard of tall and mostly true stories is the latest from Australian sport’s master storyteller Ken Piesse and includes all the biggest names in the game from Barassi and Whitten to Roos, Dermie and Buddy.

Featuring a foreword by St Kilda legend and current member of Collingwood’s coaching panel – Robert Harvey – Favourite Footy Yarns is a collection of Ken’s favourite interviews, memories and moments and comes spiced with an array of bloopers, gaffes and pranks.




About the author

Ken Piesse has achieved legendary status in the field of cricket and footy, having written almost 50 books. Ken is a three-time winner of the Cricket Victoria’s Major Media Award, including 2015 for ‘Cricket’s Cinderella Story’. Favourite Footy Yarns is available at all good bookstores and online.




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  1. Neal Hedges says

    I have tried to pay for two books but my bank says ‘No Account or Incorrect Account No’

  2. Best to contact Ken directly Neal. He has a website with details.

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