Geelong season summary

SEASON HIGHLIGHTS-  The 11-goal 3rd quarter against Port in rd 4 was history making, and very amusing. The rd 20 game against the Bulldogs was good, as Daniel Menzel debuted (He’ll be my next fave player when he starts playing the games he should be playing), and we beat them after they looked like having [Read more]

The (possible/probable) last 30 seconds of the Grand Final

It’s on. Swan’s been held to 15 touches by Clint Jones. Meanwhile Saint Nick has 6.1. The ball is held in at centre wing. The scores: Saints 17.11 (113) to Collingwood 15.22 (112). Ball up. Gardiner taps it to Montagna. He runs. One bounce. Two. He has a shot from the Forward Flank. It’s going, [Read more]

Love is a strange thing

I first fell in love on a wintry September’s night. It was cold and dark, and I was sitting in the third tier, second row from the front. Geelong was playing Collingwood, and something clicked. I’d never been to a footy match that I really cared about, but this one I did. It was against [Read more]

Great rivalry- Cats smash the Dogs

For Sam Marcolin, there’s two victories. The Cats won by a hundred and he doesn’t have to learn the Dogs song.

Why the Cats will win the flag

For Sam Marcolin, there’s only one team for the flag

Video replay dismay- Cats lose but I’m ok

The AFL should bring in video replays for umpires, the Cats lose, and Cam Mooney needs to learn how to kick.

Cats fall over the line

Heroics from The Good Witch Bartel and The Munchkin Stokes get Cats to a memorable win, writes Sam Marcolin