Video replay dismay- Cats lose but I’m ok

I’ve always disliked Collingwood. Growing up as a Carlton supporter, or being a Cats supporter, no club really likes Collingwood.

At the start of the game, I declare that the implications for the winner and loser are not great. Not in the sense that they are bad, but that both sides will probably finish top two, and they’ve both already proved that they are the sides to beat. Wojcinski was a late withdrawal for Podsiadly, and I’m not sure to be happy or sad, really. The commentators say that this may be the best Geelong side lining up for a long time, but Wojcinski and Rooke aren’t playing, so no, you’re wrong.

At quarter time the Pies are up by 10 points. Curse you, horrible statistic that can’t get out of my head about being behind at quarter time and losing. But then the lightbulb goes on- whoever loses won’t lose on the one day in September that really matters. The Cats aren’t kicking and I really wish they would. The Pies get out to a 30- odd point lead, and the Cats are finished… or are they. Chappy snaps a goal to revive Geelong and, on the siren, Joel Corey gets a 50 and goals, to put the Cats a point up at the big break. Damn it, I say. I know I’ll sound like a hypocrite for saying that, but like I said, the loser takes all… except the four points.

The third stanza begins, and Collingwood tie the scores, before Geelong get the jump, and are out to 12 points. Damndamndamndamndamndamndamndamndamndamndamn! For the first time in two years, I’m willing the Cats to failure. Shannon Byrnes gets it in the goal-square and goals to give the Cats an almost insurmountable (ok, joking) lead. Noooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! But what’s this. The umpire is saying its touched. Ok, crazy man. Two umpires in prime position and it’s TOUCHED! That was a certain goal. Oh well, live and let die. The pies by 13 at 3-quarter time. Yayyyy!

At the end of the day, Collingwood and it’s supporters are happy. 22 points. Enjoy the jubilance while it lasts, Collingwood, because it won’t last long into September.

GEELONG-  3.1- 9.4- 11.8- 12.13

COLLINGWOOD- 4.5- 8.9- 12.15- 14.23

Goals- GEELONG- Stokes 3, S. Johnson 2, Ablett, Byrnes, Chapman, Corey, Podsiadly, Selwood, Varcoe. COLLINGWOOD- Beams 3, Cloke, Wellingham 2, Didak, Johnson, Jolly, L Brown, Macaffer, Swan, Thomas.

Best- GEELONG- Ablett, Selwood, Chapman, Milburn, Enright, Mackie. COLLINGWOOD- Swan, Didak, Pendlebury, O’ Brien, Wellingham, Thomas

My votes- 3- Swan (C), 2- Ablett (G), 1- Wellingham (C)

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