Great rivalry- Cats smash the Dogs

It’s Saturday morning and I head to Ripponlea station, but not for the footy special. I keep on going to Caulfield, to start tours of the school. In all, I end up with 4 and a half hours of community service and a very interesting bet with my Bulldogs supporting History teacher, the stakes of which are very high and very embarrassing for the loser. Whoever’s team loses has to sing the other teams song. At home on my own, I watch BTG and scowl at the mock premiership presentation to Harry O (or, as we call him in our family, cereal). The game begins, but not the real game (everyone knows that the Port v Eagles match, which ended up much closer than this one), and I’m biting my nails. The Dogs are 13 points up and the Cats are really struggling, when, with 5 and a half to go, Byrnes passes to Chappy, who snaps a ripper. But they’re still behind. Mooney marks and misses. He marks again. I belt out my new catchphrase, curses, because, and a shout-out to Gigs, if he misses, we’ll be 2.2, and any side that’s 2.2 at quarter time will lose. But he drills it, and when Wojo finds Stokesy 5 metres out, the Cats were a goal up at the mini break. There’s an injury to a very important, integral member of our squad, Bomber Thompson, which, to be honest, I don’t think will really hurt us. The Cats came out firing, with 2 early goals to Varcoe. Podsi kicks his 2nd and 3rd and Geelong’s 9th and 10th. When Menzel waits at the bottom of a pack, it proves to be a master move, because he runs onto a loose ball in the goalsquare and kicks his first goal. The dogs only score a point for the quarter. The Cats kicked 13 goals in a row, including 1o in the second term. Miss Wise, I hope you know the Geelong theme song. Brian Lake, who is having a shocker of a game, is switched to Full Forward to no effect, marking it then kicking it out on the full. Ablett kicked two rippers from clearances, and Johnson has three at the second mini break. The only questions remaining are how far the Cats, and how respectable the Dogs. The Dogs kick three for the quarter, and the Cats 8. The real highlight comes when Kelly runs it through the pocket, handballs over the top to Byrnes who kick his second goal from the square. It ends with a no contest really. 101 points, and I can’t wait for our next history lesson.

Geelong- 4.1/ 14.4/ 17.6/ 25.11 (161)

Western Bulldogs- 3.1/ 3.2/ 6.3/ 9.6 (60)

Goals- Geelong- S Johnson 5, Ablett, Podsiadly, Varcoe 3, Byrnes, Chapman, Mooney, Selwood 2, Menzel, Ottens, Stokes

Western Bulldogs- Giansiracusa 3, Hall, Jones 2, Gilbee, Griffen

Best- Geelong- Ablett, Enright, Selwood, Kelly, Bartel, S. Johnson

Western Bulldogs- Giansiracusa, Cross, Boyd, Murphy, Morris, Griffen

My votes-

3- Ablett (G)

2- Enright (G)

1- Selwood (G)

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  1. Nice work, Sam! :-)

    It was a fantastic game to watch, wasn’t it? We’re so very, VERY lucky to be Cats fans!

    If we can keep up this kind of form, there’ll be no stopping us (so fingers crossed things work out that way!)


  2. Nice work Sam, it was great to see such a ruthless, dominant display.

    So your a student? What year are you in?


  3. Sam, while your history teacher has to sing the Cats theme song, mine (because we study revolutions french and russian) tried and failed to get me to sing the Lions theme, as it is the marseillaise.
    i am however guitly to walk around during the class going-

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