Geelong season summary

SEASON HIGHLIGHTS-  The 11-goal 3rd quarter against Port in rd 4 was history making, and very amusing. The rd 20 game against the Bulldogs was good, as Daniel Menzel debuted (He’ll be my next fave player when he starts playing the games he should be playing), and we beat them after they looked like having the game in control with 6 minutes left in the 1st qtr.

SEASON LOWLIGHTS- The losses to Adelaide and Carlton, plus the Matt Stevic free that wasn’t even there, and the prelim against Collingwood. Plus The Gaz-Gold Coast talk.

IMPROVER- Travis Varcoe- A big year for the little forward. Highlight: 5 goal game against Essendon at Etihad.

IMPRESSING (DEBUTANT) GAMES- Taylor Hunt should’ve gotten Rising Star for his 24-disposal game against North in Rd 14. Daniel Menzel had a good game against Carlton in Rd 21.

SLIDER- Mark Blake is seemingly getting worse by the season. His inability to go forward, unlike most ruckmen, is a very bad thing, and to think he’s the future of Geelong’s ruck department is scary. He needs a big year next year.

DEPRESSING (SENIOR) GAMES- Gary Ablett’s 19 disposals against Adelaide in Rd 16 was way below his normal dominance.

LOVE MOMENT- The 101-point thrashing against the Bulldogs.

HATE MOMENT- The Matt Stevic free.

SHORT TERM REQUIREMENTS- Cam Ling looked old and slow and needs to be replaced. We need an experienced ruckman/ tall forward to replace Brad Ottens/ Cam Mooney and a tall backman to replace Scarlo when they retire, which might be soon.

LONG TERM REQUIREMENTS- Joel Selwood should be groomed for the captaincy, and Marcus Drum needs experience.

EXPECTATIONS FOR 2011- A top four finish, a 5th prelim in a row, and hopefully a 3rd premiership in 5 years.

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  1. Stephen Cooke says

    Looking forward to season 2011, I would like to see Dean Laidley get the coaching role. We need a new gameplan and he is a great tactician. If he can get the players to “buy in” to the plan, we could go all the way again. I hope they throw the job open for all to apply.

    Failing getting Laidley, maybe see if Tom Hafey wants the job

  2. Sam Marcolin says

    I like the idea

  3. eliza williams says

    i love that idea as well sam

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