Why the Cats will win the flag

by Sam Marcolin

As a person who has enjoyed the spectacle that is Aussie Rules for only two seasons, I have only seen one Geelong premiership from one grand final.

I didn’t see the 119-point thrashing of Port, the shattering loss to the Hawks, and even though I was watching, I didn’t see Max Rooke’s second goal. I saw Paul Chapman snap the sealer, I saw Matty Scarlett’s toe-poke. I claim that Hawthorn cheated in ’08, but really, I don’t know.

What I do know is that the Cats will win the flag this year. Yes, there are Collingwood and the Bulldogs and the Saints and the Hawks. But we all know that the Cats are the best team in the league.

They possess greats, such as Ablett, Chapman, Corey, Enright, Stevie J, Scarlett, Bartel and Selwood. They’ve proven themselves as one of the greatest teams of all time. And there is another stat. An important one. One that could, ultimately, decide the premiership. Collingwood, good as they may be, have always choked in the finals.

The ‘collywobbles’ are supposedly buried, but they’ve come back. They dug themselves out, and they’re back. And also, every premier has lost to the other grand-finalist some time during the season. There are many other reasons, too many to list here. But, in summary, the Cats, the greatest team of all, will win the 2010 premiership, because They are Geelong, and Collingwood are Collywobbly.

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  1. New season, new team, new players with new strengths therefore i refuse to furthermore burden myself with the thought of the ‘Colliwobbles’ during finals!

    the END!

  2. Ah, the refreshing optimism that Spring brings to our youth…

    Or in the case of Collingwood supporters, the month before Spring.

  3. David Latham says

    If we’re talking history lessons, I think a closer parallel would be Brisbane 2004 and the Cats now.

    The cats have only won 1 game against the top 6 in 2010. They don’t have much depth and their best players are battered and bruised.

    I’ll quickly digress, having promised no to, and remind Cats supports of their 5 losing GFs – i.e. every single appearance in them – between 63 and 07.

    That’s a 44 hiatus, the Pies only had to wait 32 years and the Hafey teams were punching above their weight, as were 02/03 teams.

    The list today is entirely new. The 1990 team had ten times more ‘outside’ pressure than this young team faces.

  4. I love your optimism, Sam!

    The stat you refer to, though, applies only to the past eight grand finals. The eventual premiers lost to the runners-up in their previous meeting. However, this wasn’t the case in 2001 and before, and may not be the case now.

    But I agree – we have more stars than any other team. And, unlike teams of the past, our team of champions make a champion team, so there goes that theory (someone was bound to bring it up).

    And Dave, if we’re talking history lessons, let’s look a little more recently. How about 2009? Everyone had written off the Cats this stage last year, too. Too old, they said. Lost their skill, they said. No longer a threat – well, more fool them.

    The Cats were priming themselves for September, doing just enough to get themselves into a good position, then BAM!!!

    And your Magpies know full well about the September fury that is Geelong. I believe the final margin was 73 points?

    And if we need further reminding, prior to the first week of finals, Collingwood were actually the best placed to win the premiership. They had the hottest form (the loss to WB in Round 22 was deemed negligable), they had the least injuries, and they had the best game plan. Allegedly.

    One week, and look what happened. Injury after injury, the Colliwobbles came back too, just to rub salt in the wound.

    The point of me saying all this?

    1) Don’t get too far ahead of yourself. Enjoy each week, otherwise if Collingwood DON’T win, a wonderful year will feel like a horrible year (learnt from experience; 2008).
    2) Write off the Cats at your own peril. Unlike Brissy, we’re not that old. We’re still in our prime. We’re still TTTB.

  5. Why North Melbourne will win the Grand Final, 2010:

    -They’re just too damn good.

    Good article Sam.

  6. If only Premierships were won in August! Then there’d be no such thing as the Colliwobbles and the Cup would be engraved in advance.

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