Sal’s Tips Round 22: The Great Rip Off

Sheez it really does feel like Round 22 – but on we go! I left a teaser last week for this week’s topic and that is the AFL plan to further rip off the fan by reducing the length of the game.  Seems like it is almost a done deal after listening to Vlad on [Read more]

Sal’s Tips: Round 21

Hello Again All, Again this week I found myself as a tormented soul.  After agreeing with Jeff Kennett last week, I found myself this week agreeing with Mick on the widening gap between top and bottom teams.  Fortunately order was restored with Kennett blowing out again with his patronising crap on Tasmania and more thought [Read more]

Sal’s Tips: Round 20

A touch tardy this week but time is the killer.  An abridged version without much commentary – except to say that as an AFL Coach Mick Malthouse makes a very ordinary mathematician! Did pick the lot last week – but not a tough challenge.  A return to some old names due to time constraints!