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Much conjecture this week on the merits or not of the introduction of the send-off rule at the AFL level in reaction to the Jonas-Gaff incident.  First things first if it does come in I want it to be retrospective for Magro-Jesaulenko incident!  I am sure there are many more in footy folklore where retrospectivity would be worthy.  Fortunately, the game has changed for the better and these incidents are not as prevalent – the increase in exposure has ensured the court of public opinion weighs heavily on the perpetrators.


With the ability to have immediate video review there it is quite possible that judge and jury could assess whether an incident is Red Card worthy within minutes of an incident.  For even further theatre bring back Neil Busse to run the show!  It would all seem fair if the offender spends the remainder of the game on the sidelines but can be replaced as would occur with the victim.  But what if the tribunal were to find the perpetrator not guilty of an offence.


It should not be compared with the world game where the referee is judge, jury and executioner and on occasions leaving teams short on manpower only to have suspensions overturned after determination of an incorrect decision.  Perhaps it would be fairer if it was a forced substitution but the rule has been in place for a long time and it is an accepted risk for all.  Interestingly the VAFA have changed their send-off rule such that players can be replaced as it was felt the man short penalty was too harsh.


So what for the AFL – Gill has already poo-pooed the notion but I reckon it does merit some consideration.  One assumes it would only be for the most heinous of offences that would be directed straight to the tribunal.  I do not recall any recent referred cases that have delivered not guilty verdicts, so performing an immediate review and removal of the offender seems reasonable.  If they are found not guilty – they are replaced on the day so their team does not actually get a numerical disadvantage.


As contentious as it is – it would be of some appeal to those who wish to tighten the game further in these areas to maximise participation.  Why not trial it for the next 18 months where heinous acts are judged via immediate video but without any immediate actions – simply recorded and not publicised (a la Charlie).  At the end of the trial compare the decisions via video with those of the tribunal and see how many do not align.  If most turn out to be the same then there is not only a case but data supporting the Red Card introduction.


But if I go on too long it will be me getting the card.  Reasonable job last week nominating 8 winners – I did say the Pies would give some cheek but not quite that much.  Onto this week’s menu!


The Buddy Show ($1.46) vs Kayne not Able ($3.05)

Well he won’t be able to drive for a while and AFL is off the activity list too, but the rest of his teammates are flying with the Roos undefeated.  Despite their record, they are 6th pick with the satchel swingers.  Picking up a couple of quality scalps in the next few weeks, will change that and beginning with this Friday against the Swans at their SCG.  Both teams are well endowed up front, but vertically challenged down back.  However, the SCG is a ground where defenders can support each other pretty well.  I rate Goldstein highly as ruckman, but the hype about his game last week has been stupefying.  Up against a Suns reject who had been battling at VFL level surely he played exactly the game he should have.  KT will present a tougher challenge.  The midfield battle will be a beauty and if Wells is right he could swing it the Roos way, but I think Sydney will take this one in their house.


She’s not Apples ($9.40) vs Up Hill from Here ($1.11)

Brisbane’s endeavour last week was good for most of the game was good, but their skills delivered turnovers of the not so sweet variety resulting in so many of Melbourne’s goals.  They host the Hawks at the Gabba who have to deal with a bit more turmoil with the charges against Brad Hill – does this explain some of his lack of zest this year?  Zest or not the Hawks should get back on the winners list this week.


September Dreaming ($2.12) vs Vertical Challenges ($1.85)

The Dees and Power face off in the red centre in an important game for both clubs.  Melbourne are pretty much at full strength, whereas Port continue to lose players and in particular those with any height.  Gawn should rule the skies – which means Viney, Vince and co will dominate and the Dees will further enhance their prospects for playoff action.


3 Years In ($1.31) vs Starting Again ($3.80)

The Saints pulled the trigger 3 years ago letting Ben McEvoy go to Hawthorn and stocking up on draft picks, results are starting to come although some structural challenges exist.  This week they host Freo who’s coach has reluctantly conceded it is time to invest in development.  Not 100% sure Get Stuffed Lyon’s selections are matching the rhetoric, but at 0-8 he will be pragmatic and they are just about a lock for the Wooden Spoon this year – which means the Saints will get consecutive victories.


Red Sash ($6.60) vs Yellow Sash ($1.16)

Another compromise of the fixture devised by Sheedy, it does celebrate the great contribution to the game of indigenous players.  The celebration is right just not sure it needs to be these two teams all the time, but then again the Bombers need to play for a cause this year.  This week though they will be fodder for the rising Richmond who also will be looking toward September if their role continues.


Charddy Sippers ($2.08) vs Penrith ($1.89)

While the celebrations go on at the G – Adelaide Oval will host a most keenly anticipated fixture.  The Crows at home are formidable and they host GWS who are simply steam-rolling anything within their path.  Form against the Suns can’t really be considered, but beating the Bulldogs does matter.  Whilst the Crows can be very good, there are too many holes in the their game at the moment – on the other hand it is hard find any faults with the Giants which is why they are my selection this week.


Kreuzing In ($8.60) vs Fur Balls ($1.11)

The Roos brought the Blue run to a screeching halt, they face an equivalent challenge this week up against the Cats who will be smarting after coughing up against the Pies.  Carlton’s lack of genuine depth comes through with Kreuzer and Casboult in contention after only one week off and none of last week’s list omitted as yet.  The Cats lost but still have their eye on the prize resting Daniel Menzel – it should not matter as they have too much over Carlton at this stage.


Western ($1.02) vs Golden ($20.00)

The form of both teams should hold true in the clash of the coasts – such is the injury plight of the Suns that despite the loss and five changes no one has been omitted.  May’s return will be very welcome, but losing Day hurts at the other end.  West Coast to keep their home record flowing.


Kitty’s Littered ($3.05) vs Tamed Pups ($1.47)

So they want this for an opener to uncompromise the draw! What bollocks – if you want to uncompromise the draw then get rid of all the pre-configured games and do it properly!  Nevertheless, another critical game for both clubs – the Pies showed they are genuinely up and going against the Cats the dreams could really get moving with a win over the Dogs.  Footscray need to respond to the beating they took last week and whilst the Pies will be tough opponents it is exactly what they need – an easy beat would prove little.  Some important players back for the Dogs has me selecting them, but very conscious of the Pie resurgence which makes $3 fair value.


Friar Time

Some fantastic footy from Old Geelong was too good for the Friars, they may be on their way to escaping the clutches of D1.  This week the Friars host Ivanhoe in a critical game for both clubs to keep away from the escape zone at the other end of the table.  The Under 19s head to Fitzroy (again) after putting up a good effort against the more mature and imposing Old Melburnians outfit.  VAFA have done the boys few favours in their “redistribution” of the competition.


Go Blues, Go Friars,

Cheers, Sal



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