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Round 3: Sal’s preview

Greetings All,

A fanatical Tiger spoke to me this week indicating my thoughts on his club are swayed through my own allegiance and our mutual disrespect for each other’s clubs.  I will admit there is some joy in watching a despised enemy in trouble, but by the same token as Damien Hardwicke pointed out they were only 5 seconds away from having an undefeated record.  But the question still remains “Are they any good?”  I think they are any good, but they are not good enough and their list is at a stage that it will not get much better.

The cacophony of noise directed to Trent Cotchin is most unwarranted, he like all players have the odd off day but he should be the recipient of a Brownlow Medal.  The criticism of his leadership is utter bollocks – teams that have aspirations of victory in the last game of the season should have enough leaders and systems in place to manage through a diminishing 17 point advantage.  That is not function of the captain, but of every player understanding their role in such a situation and executing.  The comparison with Hodge is completely unfair – the Hawks probably have six other players who would captain at almost any other club.  How many do the Tigers have?

As Dimma said the Tigers are a good team, but for the reasons above they are not quite good enough.  Their challenge is not leaving it too late before they understand that or finish up looking like a club similar to the one I follow.  They are not the only club with such a dilemma.

Muddling success in last week’s prognostications, but a few results that might have some prognostications for the season in jeopardy!  What are we in store for this week?

Is there a ship in the harbour? ($1.16) v Rodney Dangerfield ($7.00)

No respect I tell ‘ya – that’s what the Dons got from Melbourne who got their just desserts.  They are not without a chance this week either facing Port Adelaide reeling off a showdown shellacking and growing injury list.  Adelaide Oval should help get Port over the line, but the Bombers have served notice that they won’t be the pushovers as predicted by most – I couldn’t back ‘em but they are at fair value.

Cellar Dwellers ($2.58) v Got ‘em by the Grundys ($1.60)

The Saints will try and climb off the floor with a home game at the G against the team that plays over 50% of their games at the venue!  The Pies though count the cost of another season ending injury with Jackson Ramsay suffering the scourge of an ACL.  For the Saints it will be good for the accountants, but the four points might be a bit too difficult – Pies to prevail.

Captain my Captain ($2.08) v Show Offs ($1.89)

This could not be a better game for the Tigers to prove themselves against an opponent they would class as being in their division.  Reckon they would much rather it be at their home rather than banished to the Loungeroom, frankly suspect Adelaide would like an extra game on the hallowed turf.  That forward line put on the show last week with the Showdown defying tradition and pretty much settled at the big interval.  Despite the cacophony the Tiger defence has been OK conceding only 170 points in two games – they will be put to the sword by the artillery of the Crows.  Richmond will be up for this, but suspect still without Maric and Delidio Adelaide will prevail.

East is East ($1.41) v West is Gold ($3.40)

The little Eastern Suburbs club is going OK with a couple 10 goal plus wins.  Sydney’s teamwork in both directions has been impressive.  Up against GWS where the AFL believes all the riches are – not so sure myself.  The team got back on track beating Geelong who were not quite ready for the Giants midfield and Mummy.  It should be a great contest with Sydney bragging rights possibly meaning something at the end of the season.  As impressive as the win against Geelong is, Sydney look to be going beautifully and at their fortress are my favoured selection.

May Day ($1.18) v  Bollywood ($6.00)

With May and Day as the book ends and the committed Lynch in the spine makes Gold Coast a pretty good prospect before we think about Ablett.  Suspect that is what Bolton has been thinking about rather than the acting furore.  Mind you there were a couple of Blues out there last week acting as footballers – fortunately for Andrejs he is injured this week.  Boekhorst’s fling may have been poor but there a few others have the adjudicators stooged.  The Blues will get one on the board but not this one.

Winged ($1.41) v Sunburnt ($3.35)

Expectations of a fired up Eagles did not match the will of the Hawks, whereas the Suns simply burnt the Dockers.  Probably the perfect game for both clubs as they rarely aren’t primed for a derby.  Suspect the Eagles will be better off overall though as Freo are still struggling up forward and reliant on Zac down back.  Harley Bennell would be really handy to add some polish to the Dockers, but alas not likely to play soon.  Eagles to win, but maybe this just might be the match that turns purple.

Derwent ($1.22) v  Yarra ($5.00)

The Demons get to travel to North’s second home at Bellerive, they have not quite developed the same stronghold as Hawthorn but they are getting there.  No matter where they play it would be tough for the Demons who were again disowned by the super coach last week.  Might have been interesting in Melbourne but the Hobart Kangas for mine.

The New Contenders ($2.00) v  Line ‘em Up ($1.92)

Find a loungeroom and a couch for 3:20 Sunday because this should be a beauty.  The Bulldogs line up as next contender for the Hawks who have been given a good test for the start of the season.  Playing in the Loungeroom will be a huge plus for Dogs, but Hawthorn go OK there also.  The inside contest between Libba and Mitchell will be engrossing as will the difference in styles.  A Bulldog victory will see a big reassessment, but I suspect the Hawks will take their winning streak to eight over the Dogs.

Domesticats ($1.08) v  Just Say Sorry ($12.50)

The Cats return to their own home and face Brisbane who are paying for something with another horror draw to start the season – two of last year’s top four already now Geelong at Geelong.  Someone better apologise before the 2017 fixture comes out!  They have been OK in both assignments so far and might be in this one too but they won’t win.

Sleepless cause of Atlanta and Dimitri Payet

It is Masters time and there are Aussie hopes everywhere – love the Jason Day story and would be a treat to see him win it, but the field is deep and predicted rain on day one could affect a few.  Adam Scott has been proving the doubters wrong with the short putter but there is no other course to test your mettle like Augusta National.  Marc Leishman has been through a few challenges but the course suits and love the live crosses to the ‘bool.  In the end though I reckon Jordan Spieth might just double up.

And heady times for the Hammers who take on the Arsenal as the EPL heads to its conclusion and leaves Foxtel. A tough game always against Arsenal, but in with a chance because “We’ve got Payet!”  But headier times for Leicester as they look like breaking the cycle of super clubs winning the championship.  As for Foxtel losing the EPL – that is for another rant!

Friar Time

The season opens with the Friars taking on last year’s finalist St Mary’s at the boutique Ferndale Park – first game finally lets all the teams know where they stand.  The Under 19’s head to last year’s Runner’s Up in Parkdale for what will be great yardstick for a pretty young list.

In closing despite my concerns for Richmond, I reckon there are plenty of Tigers pretty chuffed with the plight of my Blues!

Go Blues, Go Hammers, Go Friars

Cheers, Sal


  1. Hugsforchess says

    Great to see another Irons and Tigers fan making such sense. We have sufferers many decades of disappointment, but continue to maintain the faith. Go the Iron Tigers, on both sides of the world, punching above their weight and continuing to give us reasons to dream.

  2. bob.speechley says

    I’ll be out of my Loungeroom and at the Dome on Sunday to savour the replay of the 1961 Grand Final.

    The current Hawthorn line-up is formidable and no one understands that better than Bevo who has moulded a side of exciting ball magnets who play as a TEAM without fear or favour. I expect that Hawthorn will have to try and shut down the Bulldogs prime movers but I anticipate other movers will spring up in the wake. The experience of the Doggies backline with the injection of Adams should control the Hawks forward line.

    A test for both teams IMHO.

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