Thank you so much for the pleasure I have been given this year with the witticisms, anecdotes, wisdom, knowledge, and sometimes rubbish.  Although I am in Qld, as an ex Vic I take great pleasure in the tales that come from the southern state about the greatest game of all.  It humbles me to know that we have such a plethora of talent hidden amongst us.  I believe that there is more than one Tim Winton, Bryce Courtenay, or even Marieke Hardy among the many that contribute.  To even add a comment is a worthwhile event.  Could not single out one contributor because that would not be fair to the rest.

So please, nobody give up their day jobs, but continue in the manner to which you are accustomed.

I salute each and everyone of you, and hope that I can see this magnitude of literary brilliance in the coming year.

Have a great 2014, bask in the pleasure you give others, and thoroughly enjoy your sporting life.




  1. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Very well put , Mick Go the Knackery

  2. Thanks S66. Very generous.
    Marieke Hardy?? I always aspired to be Frank Hardy (her grandfather). “Power Without Glory” just about sums up the role of Assistant Under Editor of the Almanac.
    Anyone remember the early 70’s “Would You Believe” on ABC TV? A show that was the model for the current BBC ‘Would I Lie to You?”
    What a cast – Jackie Weaver (wow); Len Evans (wine publicist without peer); Michael Baume (later Liberal Senator); Noeline Brown (wonderful comedian and writer); Cyril Pearl (author); and of course Frank Hardy reprising his role from a thousand front bars. I loved the mix of larrikin language and culture. It was AUSTRALIAN while most tv now is Far West Hollywood.

  3. Daryl Sharpen says

    Very kind and well put, Mick.
    Very well put Peter B; as always.
    Go the Knackery!

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