Who Booed Goodes: a discussion?

Before I start, no I didn’t boo Adam Goodes.  Neither did I boo Lance Franklin ( happy now Jessinta?). But I believe there is an attitude that some people have that others don’t.  I am not brilliant with words but will try to explain.  I notice recently, after having been away, that a lot of comments on some articles on the Almanac site have been to agree with the writer, when about twelve months ago some would be arguing or disagreeing with what was said.  To that extent I offer, not my opinion, but some opinions that I have heard over the last six or so months, about why Goodes was booed. I do agree with some, others I do not.  I will not name names even though some will know who they are.  And this is not restricted to Almanackers, there are others out there  who just read the site.

1. The following were nominated as Australian of the Year 2014:  If you don’t know who they are, look them up, it may surprise:  John Caldwell, Shellie Morris, Adam Goodes, Zsuzsoka Kecskes, Li Cunxin, Bruce Robinson, Felicity-Ann Lewis.  The winner: Adam Goodes.

2. Comments I heard:  Have a look at the quality of people there and they give it to a bloody footballer; who the bloody hell votes on this?; give us a break; I can understand Waugh getting it, but Goodes, come on get real.  They are just a few.

3. Remember I said this not my opinion (although there will be those of you who say crap, that is your problem not mine). The next thing I heard was, look at this bloke, thinks he is the greatest thing since sliced bread, up on TV  spruiking about indigeneous people and how good he is, just another Mundine.  Also heard that he was doing well for his people.  Also heard that he was a great ambassador for Australia.  Also heard that he should play football and stay out of the public eye until he finishes.

People who read this site, make up your own mind.  Don’t agree or put me down because you disagree.  But I will now give you my opinion (like it or not).  Do I think Adam Goodes should be Australian of the Year?  No.  Do I respect his views on what his issues are?  Yes.  Would I boo him on the football field?  No(unless he knocked out Lenny Hayes).

So some opinions have been said and written, I can’t quote the Romans or the Greeks, but I believe we all should be able to be heard without the recriminations that sometimes happen.

As soon as someone says they are not racist, honestly what is the first thing you think?  They are.  That is something all Australians have to deal with.   To go with that, two things.  When playing under 16 football in Ballarat there was a big aboriginal (won’t mention his name, although Andrew Fithall will remember him), fell on top of me.  As he got up he said to me, how do you like it you white c**t. This bloke was one of the nicest blokes you could ever meet.  Ended up being a very good policeman.  Another time I was waiting for my son (deceased) outside the local video store, and when Leigh came out I was talking to Robert Muir (sure you all know him).  When we got in the car Leigh said “Dad, how do you know him?”  “Known him for years Leigh”.  He said, “He is mad, Dad.” “Not really mate, you just have to know him.”

Racist!  Yes I have done it myself and if there is anyone on this site who hasn’t either said something, or thought it, well good luck to you.

I am sorry I digressed a little bit at the end.  But I hope this may explain a little bit.  Right or wrong?  I don’t know.


Go Saints



  1. Dr Goatboat says

    you still dont put forward a cogent reason or explanation of why you think people booed him! Because he wasnt best choice for Australian of Year? People never booed Tubby Taylor another doyen and ornament of the airconditioning firmament

  2. Earl O'Neill says

    Don’t think I’ve ever booed a pllayer. I’m the type who mutters under his breath or to his mates.
    Never put much stock in ‘Australian Of The Year’, it’s a ceremonial where govts get to congraullate themselves. Adam has two Brownlows, two fllags, 344 games and counting.
    He’s a sharp, articulate fellow and I’ve little doubt he will move into the political arena, likely in the Noel Pearson manner. Better to stay outa the tent.

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