Short and Sweet!

This is not a summary of last nights game. Nothing I could write could do it justice. No commiserations to the Cats, no praise for the Hawks. Just accolades to the Geelong and Hawthorn football clubs for proving once again why this has to be one of the greatest games in the world. If that game last night didn’t touch your heart and mind and give you the feeling that all is right with the world, hop back into bed, pull the doona over you and live a life of misery. One last word for the Cats, as my dad used to say ( I know he wasn’t the first ), you don’t have to be dead to be stiff.


  1. Impossible not to be enveloped by the drama last night.
    There was a lot of yelling and cheering at my house.
    Thankfully all my mates had gone or were sleeping when the police arrived…

  2. From my perspective, this was only shaded by the 2009 GF as a game where you just didn’t want either team to lose.

    One of those games where you had to be there to see how much it meant to the fans.

  3. Peter Schumacher says

    Rules rules!

  4. WE were there Stainless as the Catters are our team.
    Right behind the city end goals but fairly close to the ‘Gods’.
    Travvy Varcoe blew that last gasp chance but his confidence has been down since resuming from a lengthy injury lay-off. He was ordinary v Port a week earlier. However, blowing a 20-point lead @ the last change was unforgivable, considering we’d held Buddy–Roughie–Cyril to 1 snag between them.
    How did Burgoyne and teammates get so deep in attack near the city end goal square without a Geelong backmen within cooee ??

  5. Skip of Skipton says

    Chris Scott might have some very good attributes as a senior coach, but as an ‘in-game’ tactician he is obviously shit-house. SAM MITCHELL!!!!!!!!

    In a perverse way I’m happy the Cats lost. Let Hawthorn deal with the Big Purple Pressure Cooker. We’d have had no hope.

  6. Can anyone tell me the best way to get from Melbourne to Launceston for the Grand Final?

  7. Via Sydney and Geelong, Les.

  8. Andrew Starkie says

    Thank God for footy. One of the best sports? The best once the game starts.

  9. daryl Sharpen says

    Les: Consider boat. We all came here that way originally. However before you embark have a beau peep at ‘Dying Breed’. Anyway you might be out of luck, Aurora Stadium has a Marching Girl competition and a goat keeper’s convention this weekend.

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