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Reading the article by Glen about supporter stereotypes, took me back,  and I wondered (positive actually) if other Almanackers have had a similar experience to which I am about to relate.

Very early 80’s.  Lived in Ballarat, just about to join the Army.  Lived next door to a widower with a seven year old daughter who happened to like Collingwood.  Her father and I supported St Kilda.   So we organised that the next time both teams played we would go and have a look.  As it happened it was at  Victoria Park.  So off we toddle. Having stayed at Abbotsford before I knew what the supporters in that area were like, so I  had on my St Kilda jumper with the emblem on the left hand breast, but wore a black jacket zipped up to cover it until the game was on.

We entered from the Johnston St end and as you walked in the Collingwood cheer squad was directly in front of us behind that ends goals.  How they knew, still don’t know, but as soon as we walked in the yelling started:  “scum, scum, scum,” and continued until we found a seat (no ticketing in those days).   Even then they continued until we had got to our seats.  Not so bad, the reserves was on and they forgot about us (or so we thought).  Deciding to have a drink and get something to eat, my mate was followed by the words “scum” all the way until he got back with the refreshments.  Well we can all live with this, all part of the game experience.  At half time the young seven year old needed to go to the toilet.  The abuse she and her father endured on the way to the toilets was something that I would later learn was more in line with soldiers on the piss.  And she liked Collingwood.  On return from toilet duty it was decided to go.  This was not on for a young girl. And yes you might say, why not do something? but if you are surrounded by a full (in both ways), cheer squad, you soon realise that discretion is the better part of valour.

So off we toddle again.  Out of the ground the same way we came in.  And of course, to make a great day, outside the gates are half a dozen bare chested muscly pissed idiots looking to have it on with any St Kilda supporter they saw.  And as we saw them coming, we also saw half a dozen police coming at the same time.  The idiots soon dispersed and so did we.  Never been that happy to see a policeman in all my life.

So thanks Eddie when you ask why some people do not like your club.  That’s why I don’t.

I know things have changed but memories stay with you.  I wish I knew what that young girl was doing know.  And if she still likes Collingwood.

I am sure there are worse stories out there, but this will always resonate with me.



  1. Back in the 70’s I lived in Melbourne and went with a friend who supported Hawthorn to a game at Victoria Park. We found some seats and were watching a reasonable game of football when my mate realized that he was under an yellow outfall from above, and no, it wasn’t beer.
    Incensed, he somehow climbed up some wire mesh fencing to the area above and threatened to throw the offender over the balustrade.It was only the intervention of two very large Pies supporters that prevented this happening.They then carted my mate off in a headlock to the gates (with me a long discreet way behind).It was explained to the gatekeeper that my mate was a bit full and needed some fresh air
    Not a great way to meet the Collingwood faithful.I guess you could say that a stereotype might be that they have weak bladders and knees.

  2. G’day Saint66, was it me who did the stereotyping article?


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