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Very rarely I post.  But sick of the crap given to Hird and Essendon.  And before you start I support St Kilda.  Not much going on there at the moment.  Many contributors on this site have such wonderful things to say about the state of our game, about the state of most happenings in the world. So, although it is everyone’s right to have an opinion, it is also the right to have a reply to those opinions.  Just a couple of questions to start the ball rolling:

a).  Is there any proof that the above have done anything wrong?

b).  When you make a contribution to any site, are you giving your opinion with the full knowledge, that what you are saying is correct?

c.)   Are you sitting back and listening to others and going with the flow because it is too hard to bother about.

d.)  If it was your coach going through this would you have the same opinion?

e.)  If suggestions were made that your Brownlow Medalist should lose it, if your side was going to lose their premiership points, would you be happy? If  it was in the media?

f).  If you are found to be wrong in your opinion will you apologise for your attitude to be able to say what you think?

As an ex soldier (lifetime) who   saw a lot of things that should  or will never be repeated,   until I am given the report of what is supposed to be happening, I am not qualified to give an answer to what has happened or not.  And I don’t believe anyone else is either.  We all have an opinion and that is our way and our right, but not to be an ignorant, arrogant person about it.  I, like a lot of people are sick to death of it.  Conclude it or forget it. It is becoming a waste of our interest.

Many more words I could say about this, but as an ordinary football supporter  I am neither qualified or (to put it bluntly) interested. When the AFL people get their act together it mighty be different.



  1. Neil Forscutt says

    Melbourne “Storm” vacated two (2) premierships plus fines for overpaying their people.

    Drugs are dangerous to the body and in my opinion more serious than money.

    Anyway Essendon should do penance, if only for what Terry Deniher done in the 1990 GF.

  2. daniel flesch says

    ok , Mick , i’ll bite…a) they have admitted they took banned substances and Ziggy Thingy’s report is pretty critical of the club and its processes…b) nobody has full knowledge they are correct , but i think it’s all right to express an opinion while acknowledging it could be wrong but might be right….c) i am listening to opinions from all quarters – on this website , the Age online and AFL website. ( Am a bit limited perhaps as live in rural NSW away from blanket coverage / comment in Vic.) d) Yes , as do a lot of disappointed Essendon members and supporters . e) Yes again , cheating is wrong whoever does it . (I am a long-time Hawk supporter both surprised and amused when DiPierdomenico got the Brownlow for Best and Fairest. Not quite as surreal as Kissinger getting the Nobel Peace Prize , but it was up there.) ..f) Yes again , though my opinion is based on what the EFC has admitted and the internal report the club itself commissioned. Not sure what you mean by “apologising … for saying what you think.” I THINK you’re allowed to do that , with the proviso you also admit it if found to be in error. And finally a g) of my own – i doubt the whole truth about this This Sorry Saga (TSS in Wrapspeak) will come out for a good while yet.

  3. Adelaide Football Club has lost Round 1&2 draft picks and father-son selections for two years; was fined $300,000; lost the service of their CEO Steven Trigg (who was also fined $50,000) for six months; lost their footy operations manager Phil Harper (ex-Eastlakes champion) for two months for the relatively minor crime of trying to maximise the value of a contract they were offering to one player… and this is after confessing to their crime of attempting to stretch the rules. And Tippett, himself, was struck out of the competition for half a season.
    Further, the Adelaide Football Club lost the services of one of their assistant coaches Dean Bailey for sixteen rounds in 2013 for Melbourne NOT TANKING in 2009. Got that? Bailey was NOT suspended from Melbourne and Melbourne was NOT tanking, but Bailey was suspended from Adelaide three years later.
    All parties accepted the outcome. Lawyers weren’t involved. That’s how it is.

    Now, let’s look at Essendon. Nearly everybody agrees that the vast majority of Essendon players were subject to a bizarre program of injected drugs during the 2012 season. If there is no problem, Mick, why did Essendon give Danks and Dean Robinson the early flick? If there is no problem, why did Demetriou invite James Hird to consider his future early in the piece. If there is no problem, no evidence of any wrongdoing, why has the entire football community been hamstrung by this problem for the entire season? If there is no problem, why did David Evans resign?

    Mick, Essendon is in deep strife on many levels. The very least of their problems is the indisputable charge that they failed to properly implement a drug-based program for their entire squad without properly informing all players of the exact nature of the drugs they asked them to take. Whether those drugs were illegal or legal, or legal once and then suddenly not legal, is almost beside the point. The players did not know what they were taking. Or why.

    Essendon has damaged the game by mismanagement alone. And it will pay heavily and, if you look at the Adelaide and Melbourne cases, no-one should object to the savagery of their punishment. I won’t. And, if my club behaved in this manner, I wouldn’t object then, either.

  4. In a perfect world, where everyone is honest and trustworthy, respectful and considered, you would be right Mick. We would let due process take its course knowing that the outcome would be the correct one.

    But as an ex-soldier, you would know as well as anyone that the world is not perfect, and that honesty and trustworthiness are often undermined by self-interest. Open inquiry therefore plays an important role.

    As an aside, we’re also a society that has reached a point where we are no longer preoccupied with simple survival. We have more time to navel gaze, adjudicate, proselytize. We have the freedom to voice opinions, and many people take the opportunity.

    Peoples’ lives used to be filled with life, but living in a country which now provides the safest and least challenging way to death ever known to man, it appears we now need to distract ourselves with social media, phone apps, reality TV, gossip magazines and drama lest our journey to the grave becomes a meaningless and empty one. Dramas such as the Essendon saga are, in the context of our lives, as important an issue as it gets.

    I’m not sure if that’s a good or pathetic thing.

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