The Draft: A brief note for Yvette and other passionate Sainters

As I live in Qld and more than likely do not know the intimate details  as much as you do about the Saints (although have followed for over 50 years), do you not think that a couple of good or maybe up and coming defenders might have helped our cause. Have no problems with our picks though.




  1. Hi Mick,

    I am a new Saints fan and based in Japan, but think the Saints need powerful forwards and midfielders.

    Coach Alan Richardson’s game plan is defensive one, but we need to score goals. Then defense players won’t get tired.

    We got powerful young forwards and a midfielder. I hope they will fill the tasks what Stephen Milne and Lenny Hayes have done.

    Also good news is Hugh Goddard is a multi player in forward and defense.

    I hope I answered your question.

    Go the Saints!!


  2. Yvette Wroby says

    Hi Mick and Yoshi,

    I was quite chuffed at the draft picks, I thought they got a little of everything, a key forward, a key defender who can go forward, and quick small goal kicker who could play in the middle or forward like Milne, and then a small who could defend, attack and play in the middle. Plus two are great mates and it bodes well for team spirit and bringing some great excitement to the game.

    I love how the article is addressed to me, very funny and a lovely nod to the madness and passion of all of us.

    On top of all that, I like the thinking that the club seems to be doing, going back to the Junction Oval, having relationships with Seaford, Moorabbin and St.Kilda, getting really smart people involved at the organisational level of the Club, the 5 year plan they unveiled preseason. There’s some good new cultural developments, scrapping Mad Monday, expecting good behaviour and hard work and committment, employing women both in the organisation, as coaching and on the Board. I like that they are not going to cold, freezing temperatures for their preseason as Rina, who is knowledgable about Chinese medicine, says the cold may be adding to all the injuries this year and that the club should be training in warmer weather. New Zealand will be perfect, another good connection that the Club has made. With such a bad Etihad Stadium deal, the Saints can at least gain a little money from NZ. They are doing the hard work both on and off the field and I feel encouraged by it all. Let me know if you are ever in Melbourne for a game, you can sit with our mob.

    Be well Mick (saint 66) and Yoshi, I am going to enjoy watching how St.Kilda and it’s story and it’s great fans, all develop into the future.


  3. Hi Yvette,

    It’s great to see your thoughts on the Saints. I was not able to think the great bond between Paddy and Hugh would strengthen spirits and gain loyalty. Good move to the club.

    I am glad to hear we are on the way to create strong culture. And the great relations with suburbs. Indeed, I am happy to see rebuild and developing young players.

    I wish all the best and wellbeing to you :)


  4. Yvette Wroby says

    My mate Rina, my footy buddy and St.Kilda fan added this but couldn’t log into the site, so this comment is on behalf of Rina.

    “I really enjoy and marvel at how the footy almanac creates a community from like-minded spirits who can easily engage in constructive, helpful and fun conversations! Go almanackers! Go Saints!”

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