Almanac Soccer: Oh Woe is Barnsley!


After Barnsley finishing the 2020/21 full of running and just missing out on promotion to the Premier League I was hopeful that The Tykes would continue their strong showing for the new season.


But how wrong I was, things have gone pear shaped to put it mildly, they are second last with only 12 points to their name, just above Derby County who have 2 points. Each week when I check up on Barnsley the results continue to disappoint.


In October The Tykes lost to Milwall, Reading, Middlesbrough, Sheffield United and Bristol City. And things didn’t get much better in November, although they did start the month beating Derby County. However the following weeks they lost to Hull City, Fulham, and Swansea City. Their most recent game was against Peterborough United, which resulted in a draw, described by some as boring and lacking in spirit.


Between seasons, Barnsley lost their Manager Valerien Ismael , who turned the clubs fortunes around when he arrived early last season. A number of players who were on loan have headed to other clubs leaving the Tykes short on talent and skill. It’s quite difficult to feel positive about the club at the moment and I can feel the disappointment the blokes I had many a John Smith lager with in Barnsley all those years ago, back here in Australia.


I shall continue to follow the results with hope of some miracle happening.


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  1. Colin Ritchie says

    Hopefully, the Bombers will make up for your disappointment with Barnsley Rod.

  2. Rod, I sent a link to your article to my mate, Geoff Sleight. Geoff came to Australia in the 1960s and played for Prague in Sydney and for the Australian national team, not yet Socceroos, in our first attempt at World Cup qualification in 1965. We came up against North Korea and got slaughtered, but Geoff still considers himself half Australian. Later he was a scout for Howard Wilkinson at Leeds United. He has just written and published his autobiography and is sending me a copy. I’ll let you know more about this when it arrives. Don’t give up on Barnsley yet.

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