AFL Round 5 – Brisbane v Richmond: Wish We Had Jonathan Brown

Paddy Grindlay gives us an account of the Tiges victory in the style of a running report – in play. Nervous in the third, Paddy?

The Return of the Jumper

Paddy Grindlay announces that he has got his mojo back, and that the official period of Tiger mourning is over. Eat ’em alive, Paddy.

First Test – Day 2: Agar the Awesome

The Ashes is so important to young Paddy Grindlay that he writes with the CAPS on. He just has one request for Ashton Agar – can you open the batting?

AFL Round 13 – Western Bulldogs v Richmond: No jinxes for the Tigers

Don’t tip us, don’t talk finals, just let us be, says Tigers fan Paddy Grindlay.

AFL Round 12 – Richmond v Adelaide: The Return from the Wilderness

Paddy Grindlay finds it a little difficult to listen to the footy while playing kick-to-kick with his little brother.

AFL Round 10 – West Coast v Richmond: The Giant stomps the Eagles

Has the giant that is Richmond awoken for good? Or will he turn over for another extended nap before long? Paddy Grindlay hopes it’s the former.

AFL Round 8 – Richmond v Melbourne: Apollo Bay, Meat Pies and Brandon Ellis

An entertaining piece by emerging writer Paddy Grindlay on the breakout game of Richmond’s Brandon Ellis. He’s changing the number on his jumper now.

AFL Round 6 – Richmond v Geelong: Johnson Bloody Johnson

Paddy Grindlay lives in a family where the parents have seen it all before, whereas the kids live in Richmond-hope. On a chilly night in Kyneton they hope for the best.

AFL Round 5 – Fremantle v Richmond: No happiness in my tent

Paddy Grindlay tells himself there’s always next time – even though he wants to blame every single person associated with football for Richmond’s latest loss.

AFL Round 2 – St.Kilda v Richmond: No avocado, please

After two wins to start the season, Richmond supporters felt a strange emotion: Elation.

AFL Round 1 – Carlton v Richmond: Europhia, Nerves and Ty Vickery

Two quick goals to Betts and dad calls it: We’ve already lost. Luckily Paddy and his brother stick fast.