Round 18 – North Melbourne v Collingwood: Meh-ness under the roof

Was there much point to this game for the general footy fan? Friday night and who cares. Young Paddy Grindlay reports. [That ‘meh’ word is gaining currency – never saw it when the Almanac first started. – Ed]

Legendairy Farmers’ Day To Bring Fierce Rivals Together (on Aug 20)

Stanhope to play Girgarre to celebrate Legendairy Farmers’ Day.

Round 17 – Sydney v Hawthorn: Houdini Hawks Do It Again

Paddy Grindlay can’t quite believe his young eyes as the Hawks escape once more.

Round 14 – Richmond v Brisbane: Happy Days

Rather than head to the G with his father and brother, Paddy Grindlay stays home with mum to cook eclairs and listen to the Tigers win on the radio

Round 11 – North Melbourne v Richmond: Seventy points, three stretchers and plenty of questions

After a dismal Tiger performance in Hobart, Paddy Grindlay can see it coming. You know what it is.


Watching the Hawthorn v Sydney clash on a winter’s Friday, there is only one word for 15 year-old Paddy Grindlay: Buddy.

Round 5 – Melbourne v Richmond: Being with footy

Paddy Grindlay, in navigating a way through the fog of a desultory start to Richmond’s 2016 season, has found wisdom playing, training and umpiring around Woodend: “The brilliance of footy will save us all.”

Almanac Cricket: The BBL and Test Cricket

The voice of youth as Paddy Grindlay reflects upon the lessons to be drawn from the summer of cricket thus far and argues for more day/night tests please, Cricket Australia


Paddy Grindlay gets to play with a Richmond legend, Trout (from Woodend). [Batting against Paddy is no picnic either-Ed]

Australia v New Zealand – Gabba Test, Day 1: Davey Warner and Dodgy WiFi

Paddy Grindlay battles to follow Day 1; his best-laid plans are frequently thwarted. Am mp3 player is no match for Melbourne rain.

Reflections On Another Wasted Year

Dr Cruel is maintaining the faith. Sarah Black’s tried but can’t hate the Tigers (not even a little), while Paddy Grindlay just sees another wasted year…

Season Wrap: Carlton

With the smell of mothballs in the air at Princes Park, Paddy Grindlay runs the rule over a season to forget for Carlton.

Round 18 – Hawthorn v Richmond: Back in Yellow and Black

Young Paddy Grindlay (aged 14) gives a lively account of the very exciting Friday night match. [Great energy in your writing Paddy – JTH]

Round 17 – Richmond v Fremantle: The hardest defeat to take

A tough loss for the Tiger army to take. Paddy Grindlay watches the battle-hardened Dockers capitalise on opportunity when it presented itself in the dying seconds of Saturday’s clash.

Round 15 – Richmond v Carlton: Richmond + Florence = Happiness

Our teenaged Italian correspondent, Paddy Grindlay, fires up the free WiFi in Firenze to follow the Tigers from 16,134 km away. Gets to use some new words and all!

Round 14: Richmond v GWS: Medieval Slog

Tigers supporter Paddy Grindlay sees his Tigers win against the Giants in a game that he described was a medieval slog.

Round 13 – Sydney v Richmond: I Didn’t See It

Tiger Paddy Grindlay is furious. He didn’t see, hear or follow a second of the game in Sydney. He was stuck in a farmhouse in France on a family holiday. [He seems to have picked up the story pretty well – Ed]

Round 12 – Richmond v West Coast: Footy in Paris

Paddy Grindlay finds that the “Paris Option” (did he learn it from Hird?) helps him recover more quickly from his Tigers loss to the Eagles.

Round 10 – Fremantle v Richmond: Fyfe Great, Tigers Greater.

Paddy Grindlay pretty well nails this. And why wouldn’t he: his Tiges were superb.

Suns v Giants: Who’s had the better start to their AFL life?

Paddy Grindlay asks the question: who has had the better start in the AFL, GWS or Gold Coast?