Boxing: It’s tough when you wait so long for something that’s over so quickly

With footy season over, I do my best to substitute footy with other sports. With the big Green v Jones fight tonight, I think it might be worth checking it out.

I’ve never been a big boxing fan. My boxing knowledge spans only from Danny Green v Anthony Mundine to Rocky Balboa v Apollo Creed. But as this fight has been called “the biggest fight in Australian boxing history”, Dad, Dan and I head out to B. Kane’s house to watch the bout.

By the time we get to B. Kane’s house most of the undercard fights have finished. B Kane gives a quick rundown and it seems we haven’t missed much. We’re just in time for the undercard main event.


As we’ve never heard of either, we just want a decent bout. Then Wills comes out to John Williamson’s True Blue and it’s enough for us all to cheer for Hollywood.

The bout starts the same way they all seem to. Both skip around the ring in circles throwing little jabs. To our surprise the Surgeon starts throwing big punches left, right and centre. Hollywood fires back and it’s clear this fight will not last the 12 rounds. Wills gets some good blows in and Hollywood is knocked down in the first round. He staggers up and spends the rest of the round keeping his distance.

Hollywood bounces back in the second and holds his own. The two keep up their all-out offence but neither seem to gain the upper hand. Hollywood comes off second best in a clash of heads and the Surgeon goes after it. At the second round we agree that points go to Wills.

A battered Bennett gets up for the third round, but only just. Wills gives him no time to rest and starts swinging again. The Surgeon gets Hollywood on the ropes and delivers multiple uppercuts before Bennett collapses on the ground.

We think that’s it but incredibly Hollywood gets back up and the ref allows the bout to continue. Hollywood seems to be using Wills as a support on which to lean rather trying to fight him. The Surgeon dishes out the final blows, forcing Bennett to the ground for a third time and the ref to call off the match.

Wills’ post-match interview is less than impressive; not one of us understand what he says. I’d say poor articulation is one of the many side effects of being a professional boxer.

Due to the short duration of the undercard bouts, Fox find themselves filling in way too much time.

The way the commentators are building it up, it seems the only way Green can win this is if he gets him into a corner and get in close where Jones can’t use his speed.

By the time Jones makes his entrance I know the commercials off by heart. Along with that we’ve seen countless interviews with NRL players, none of whom I know. In fact I have no idea who they are. If I were in the crowd I’d be getting pretty impatient.


After all the delays, Danny Green lets Down Under play through before he finally walks down the ramp. He’d better give us a good fight if he’s going to take this long.

Matt Campbell does a much better announcing job then he did at the Mundine-Green fight. This time he gives the boxers their correct nicknames.

As Round 1 begins the two circle each other trying to get in a few jabs. Jones seems to be the quicker of the two but neither land punches. Jones has an interesting stance, with only his right hand guarding while his left hangs down at his waist.

Then it happens.

Green backs Jones into a corner, gives Jones a good body shot with the left and then follows up with a straight right hand to the temple. Jones goes down and the crowd erupts. Nodoby can believe what they’re seeing.

Jones gets back up but before he can get off the ropes Green is back on him pounding away. All Jones can do is hold his guard and tries to grab onto Green. He finally succeeds and the two break.

Danny throws two last punches. Both land, and the ref stops the match. Just like that, Green has beaten one of the best boxers of his generation.

After the fight, Green does an interview. He thanks everybody for his victory except us and Travis Varcoe.

Jones’s interview goes for about thirty seconds. He has nothing to say and just wants to get out of the ring. His fight with Bernard Hopkins will be in doubt after this loss.

As for Green, I hope he goes after Mundine. With this win the match would be a massive event.

Although it was a historic event in Australian boxing history, I can’t help but be annoyed. It was an amazing win for Danny Green but it only went for one minute.

It looks like I’ll never swap AFL for boxing. At least at the footy you know it’s going to last for close to two hours.


  1. I hope Danny Green belts 50 different types of tish out of Mundine. Just hope he doesn’t have to waste so much as he did last time. There’s no question he’s a far superior fighter than “The Mouth” – I mean “The Man” Mundine.

    Nice report Michael

  2. Mundine is a wanker.

    Lets continue our talk on here Fab 5, i got called this morning by the Waaia coach and secretary asking if i wanted to do a write up of the senior game for the paper each week but i declined, instead im going to operate the Waaia website from now on.

  3. lol nice work Joshy :)
    status- eating 3rd slice of pizza

  4. Thanks Danni, i think we’re having muffin pizza’s for tea tonight lol.

    Adios, going for a hit of tennis

  5. Steve Healy says

    I’m having pizza for dinner as well. GOod work Josh.
    I went clothes shopping today: I bought 4 t-shirts, 3 pairs of shorts and a pair of jeans for $18

  6. lol steve.
    so how was the chat up last night?

  7. Steve Healy says


    Here’s a lesson to Josh: Why would you spend $169 on one item of clothing when you can get 8 for $18?

  8. yeah at the shopping center last night. lol

    what, you paid $18 for ALL OF THAT STUFF? i though u meant the jeans cost $18!
    now thats a bargin!
    i have nothing against it.
    if the willing to buy something for a small amount if the material is good.

  9. Steve Healy says

    Yep, I paid $18 for all of it.

    You can find great clothes in op-shops.

    gotta go for dinner

    And by the way I was at home last night unfortunately

  10. Yeah i sometimes go shopping at the opy too. There is a shop in Numurkah that is full of clothes all under $10, im yet to go there actually. At the moment, im wearing a jumper that cost me $140 lol

  11. Steve Healy says

    How much spare money do you have Josh?

    At the moment, I’m wearing a shirt that costed me $1.50

  12. I have $50 in my wallet at the moment, but Mum bought be the jacket earlier in the year for me

  13. Steve Healy says

    I haven’t got any items of clothing at the moment that cost more than $30, Melbourne jumper is an exception but I’m not sure how much it costed

  14. Steve Healy says

    I’ve got $50 as well at the moment, the money from the Almanac

  15. lol its funny cos i go to the shops with money and come back with an empty wallet and mum’s credit card has a bit of excersise as well LOL

  16. I would be surprised if the Melbourne jumper cost more than $15.

    I have $50 left over from the Almanac

  17. Steve Healy says

    Oh well, at least it’s better than the Roos clash jumper!

  18. lol
    come on no fighting, although i have to agree, i really dont like that clash jumper.

  19. Steve Healy says

    Exactly, come on Josh I thought you hated soccer and all of a sudden you’re wearing a substitute for an Argentina soccer guernsey

  20. IM wearing it now!! Under my jacket i mean

  21. sorry Joshy!! i really am.
    but then again..cant say the Melbourne jumper is any better, no offence steve

  22. Damian Watson says

    My Carlton jumper cost $95.

    The North clash jumper is bad but it’s certainly hasn’t been the worst.

  23. i was at the AFL store last week all jumpers are about $99
    i thought theyd be cheaper by now..but nope.

  24. I like the Carlton clash guernsey, but im looking forward to a change perhaps. Favourite clash jumper would be Adelaide’s

  25. Steve Healy says

    WHAT DID YOU SAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE MELBOURNE JUMPER IS BAD!!!!???

  26. …ummm noo..
    not ‘bad’
    more like ugly..

  27. Steve Healy says

    What can be uglier than black and white stripes?

  28. Damian Watson says

    I never liked the white clash guernsey we had, it should somehow stay navy blue, just like Collingwood’s should always be black and white.

  29. how about a blue bottom with a red upside down triangle?
    and for ur info, black and white is considered Couture!! THANKYOU VERY MUCH!

    I agree Damo

  30. Steve Healy says

    Worst clash guernsey ever was Melbourne’s silver one in 2008

  31. Steve Healy says

    Oh really, maybe behind prison bars but not on a footy field!

  32. But i liked Melbourne’s clash strip from last year, although their white jumper with the red and blue demon on it is way better

  33. nahh the Dees need MAJOR HELP for BOTH their jumpers!

    steve do you even know what Couture is?

  34. Steve Healy says

    our red clash jumper is our best out of the two

  35. Steve Healy says

    Yea, it means fashionable or something.

    Oh really, Danni? Would you like to suggest a few changes?

  36. well couture is like highfashion, designer made, black and white is know world wide as the trade mark colours of Coco Channel

    Sure, im thinking a navy blue from top to bottom and then the demon symbol (you know which one, the one thats on most of the flags) comming from the bottom angle which spreads form the bottom corner to the top in a full on red.

  37. Steve Healy says

    That’s pretty much Melbourne’s old clash jumper except opposite.

    And, no! The Dees home jumper is sacred and it will never be changed!

  38. It got changed this year, albeit only a little bit. Danni your version sounds like the Demons 1995 pre-season jumper.

    Who remembers Hawthorn’s old pre-season jumper from the 90’s? That was not delicious. I tell you what is though, is North Melbourne’s home jumper: best jumper in the league IMO and im not being biased

  39. Steve Healy says

    Hey Danni, why dont you like Collingwood’s clash jumper?

  40. Damian Watson says

    Yeah the old Red and Blue Demons jumper should always remain as well.

    Didn’t Melbourne use to have a Pre Season jumper in the 90’s that was exactly the way Danni described it?

  41. Damian Watson says

    Damn! Josh beat me to it, again!

    Are you talking about the chequered Hawthorn jumper?

  42. Steve Healy says

    yeah in 1996-97, but it just had the logo in the middle.

    If it’s the best jumper then why would you get the clash one?

  43. Steve Healy says

    Yeah the Dees jumper was changed in 2008 (the Melbourne logo was put under the yoke) and it’s being slighty changed again: the blue is slightly darker and the red as well I think

  44. Michael Allan says

    Hello Fab 5.

    Sorry I havn’t been on in a while I’ve been a bit busy.

    I think the teams with the best jumpers are North Melbourne, Richmond (no bias), Sydney, Port Adelaide, and Melbourne’s is pretty good.

  45. cos it makes the players look fat!
    thats why and i HATE WHITE SHORTS!!

    i dunno, i jst recon it would look good the way i said.

  46. Steve Healy says

    Port Adelaide shouldn’t have changed their jumper

  47. Steve Healy says

    But Danni, Collingwood wore that jumper as their home jumper from 1897-2000, I don’t think Collingwood should’ve made that change to mainly black instead of mainly white

  48. Yeah Josh, the North HOME jumper is nice i must admit, its that darn blue!

  49. Port look so much better with their new guernsey, i find it funny how the two teams in the 2004 Grand Final have changed their home guernsey’s which is rare in the AFL. Although the old prowling Lion may still be seen on the jumper after all this fiasco is finished.

    Yes that gold, brown and purple chequered jumper was awful, you can wear it in AFL Premiership 2007 on the PS2, i’ve never chosen it.

  50. Michael Allan says

    Nah I love it.

    lol my bedroom is baron compared to you guys. I don’t have a single poster or anything. Above my bed I’ve got a map of Middle Earth whitch is very strange considering I hate Lord Of The Rings. lol. I’ve always said I’m going to get rid of it but I never have.

    Nah I really like their new one. Although I don’t think their old one was as bad as people said.

  51. Yeah i know Steve nah i love more black even Medhurst said it in his first game
    “its very slimming!” :0
    HAHAHAH hes such a teddy

  52. Yeah the black on white looks far better, the white on black just looks too modern and its good to see the Pies in an old jumper like their clash strip.

  53. well i love the fact that our jumpers are like stuck to the players cos they are so tight! LOVEEEEE ITTTTT

  54. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, Collingwood should return back to white.

  55. Steve Healy says

    No, that’s stupid. Heath Shaw’s jumper doesn’t even cover his whole stomach

    LOL Not gonna happen fellas!
    i dont even wear white! like i WONT!
    i look like ive gained 3 kilos when i do.

  57. hahahahaha
    well Hughsey thinks its sexy okay!
    wouldnt mind if Nathan’s wasnt so covering.

  58. ohhh gosh you should see him in real life, in the black shorts!
    like seriously…

  59. Steve Healy says

    White doesn’t make you look fat, that’s rubbish

  60. Michael Allan says

    lol here’s something you don’t hear from me often.

    I’m agreeing with Danni on this one.

    The white on black looks much better. It looks great. Hell they can play away and wear it and make North wear their clash strip. It looks THAT good.

  61. UMMM yeah Steve it does..
    i would know

  62. awwwwwwwwww!! MIKEYYY!! YAY! :)
    HAHAHAHAH lol thats so funny Mikey and TRUE

  63. Steve Healy says

    no, it doesn’t. I would know

  64. Damian Watson says

    lol I’m still laughing at the fact that the doorman had to stretch Anthony Rocca’s jumper because it was too tight.

  65. HAHAHAHHA!! DAMO!! yeahh!!
    LMAOOOO hahahahhah!! :)
    ohh gosh! ahhahahah

    Steve ur Already skinny so u cant tell! Me on the other hand who is chubby looks even bigger when I wear white!
    The launch for example..i almost did buy that dress cos I wanted it the other way around.
    I wanted a white top part and then black on the bottom so I look slimmer.
    Didn’t work that way so I did look chubbier at the launch cos of

  66. *cos of the WHITE of the dress LOL

  67. Michael, North will never succumb to those Collingwood snobs again

  68. ….Joshy why are you complaining! you LIKE that jumper!!
    let us BOTH be happy!

  69. …WAIT..
    How the heck did they get it on the doorman?

  70. Oh and i disagree with the Herald Sun for once, why on earth did they have a picture of Travis Cloke on the back page of the paper when the article was about teams playing at Visy Park during the World Cup period??

  71. Steve Healy says

    Collingwood were much better when they wore white as there home jumper. Need proof?

    White- 14 premierships

    Black- 0 Premierships and 2 grand final losses

  72. Michael Allan says

    haha. It’s so much easier when you’ve got a sash and the only team you clash with is Essendon.

  73. Our clash jumper is ONLY for use against Geelong. Full STOP!

  74. Damian Watson says

    How about this Steve:

    White- 2 wooden spoons

    Black- 0 wooden spoons

  75. Steve Healy says

    Because the Herald Sun are dickheads who don’t know crap about footy and they are a newspaper run by dumb dickhead idiots. That’s why.

  76. oh shut it steve! :P

    wonder what the win/lose ratio is depending on the jumper and shorts worn?

    Cos Travis is hawt, HES A CLOKE DUH!! :)

  77. Steve Healy says

    It’s so much easier when you don’t clash with anyone.

    Oh yeah, apart from Essendon and Carlton, apparently

  78. steve!!


  79. Steve Healy says

    Michael, do you remember when Foley wore number 47 in the Dreamtime at the G game this year?

  80. Steve Healy says

    Oh by the way Damo, you’ve got a point. Maybe the Dees should return to royal blue, maybe we’ll be more successful then

  81. Damian Watson says

    Wasn’t that Foley’s old number?

  82. umm steve, its gonna need more than a jumper change to help the dees be more successful. lol

  83. Damian Watson says

    Sorry 41, my mistake.

    Yeah that’s right, I think they made the slight change to the Dees jumper when Colour TV came in.

  84. And surfing skills aren’t going to help them either! Only Danni and Damo will know what im talking about coz they are loyal to HS :P

  85. Nah Foley’s always worn 41.

    Yeah very funny Danni. Who’s won more premierships in the last 50 years?

  86. hahahahha! lol True that Josh!! True that!
    Miller was it?? cant remember.

  87. lol couldnt help myself!
    such a tease!

  88. No I know exactly what you’re talking about

  89. Michael Allan says

    Yeah, I remember that because Mum asked me who 47 was. I never found out what happened to his jumper whether it was ripped or something.

    Was it Lonergan who wore a number in the 80’s last year for Geelong in a game? I can’t remember exactly who the player was but I think it was Lonergan.

  90. Damian Watson says

    lol yeah I saw that, even the coach had an attempt in the surf.

  91. miller’s a stud,
    he belongs in black and white.
    im talking the white on black jumper!

  92. nah it was Harry Taylor, he wore it during the Melbourne V Geelong game in Round 19.

  93. Lol Jurrah wasnt going to well in the picture but i heard he actually did pretty good considering he hadnt been to the beach many times.

    I thought it was Gamble who wore number 80? Oh well, i get confused between Lonergan and Gamble anyway

  94. how old is miller???

  95. It was definitely Harry Taylor.

    Has anyone heard about Liam patrick, Liam Jurrah’s cousin? He got snared by the GOld Coast today

  96. 26

  97. 26???
    hey thats still good!!
    i can deal with that :) all i have to do is…..
    is he contracted??

  98. Damian Watson says

    Did he?

    I heard the Gold Coast are trying to pick up some mature age recruits like Luke Ablett and Daniel Harris from memory.

  99. Michael Allan says

    Well I’m off now folks.

    Cya later.

  100. Yeah.

    Wouldn’t it be amazing if there were 3 Ablett’s at the Gold Coast in 2011?

  101. Bye ranga.

    Daniel Harris is definately going to the Gold Coast. Me and Dad were talking about it today, i think he’ll be too old by the time the Coasters get up and running

  102. damn it.
    Miller would look awesome in our jumper!
    what about a swap?
    Miller for….let say

  103. Damian Watson says

    lol sorry about my stupid question, Did he? lol

    That would be amazing but I’d highly doubt it, the Cats won’t let go of him in a hurry and I’m sure he would like to keep the Geelong dynasty alive a little longer.

    I reckon Joel Selwood may be chance to make the move.

  104. Why do you like Miller all of a sudden?? Even though he had a crap season, he’s not going anywhere

  105. Damian Watson says

    What’s your opinion on the Gold Coast jumper Danni?

  106. i dunno, he looks kinda cute all rough and unshaven…
    you starting to look differently ast Heath Shaw aswell…

  107. Damo, its crap to be honest.
    like they couldnt come up with something better. probs why Josh Thomas ran away to Collingwood, he did want to be seen in thats bodgey jumper LOL

  108. I think the Gold Coast could have gotten a better jumper, but i hope they arent setting the trend for Western Sydney. The colours of GWS i think should be: Red, navy blue and green

  109. gotta go guys cya.

    I’m waking up early tomorrow

  110. i think a Turquoise would have been nice for Gold coast you knwo..with all the beaches and water lol

  111. adieu steve!

  112. Mmm bored. Tennis tomorrow

  113. I won tennis easy.

    My cat died this morning :(

    Hayden Ballantyne has been allocated the number 1 guernsey for Freo, while Morabito got given number 2. Dean Solomon made the stupidest move in number change history, going from number 6 to number 7 although he did play in that number while at Essendon.

  114. ……kitty????? :(
    nawww im so sorry Joshy!! :(

  115. Hmmm and i called her Benny Warren coz it was so small and white

  116. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, he must want his old number back.

    Sorry about your loss Josh, there are still plenty of fish in the sea.

    It’s my sisters birthday today

  117. steve, he lost his cat, not his girlfriend/fish!

    happy birthday steves sister.
    status- elvis on ipod

  118. Steve Healy says

    What was I meant to say?

    There’s still plenty of catfish in the sea?

  119. ….never mind.
    lol i had a driving lesson yesterday

    INSTRUCTOR- Danielle, relax!! RELAX!!
    ME:”AHHH I CANT!!”

  120. Steve Healy says

    Really, did you just begin learning?

  121. lol yeah, eventhough ive had my Ls for like MONTHS!!
    it was so funny, she was all relaxed and im all “OMGGGGGGG AHH!!” lol

  122. Haha thanks Steve, plenty of catfish lol

    Danni, even though i barely know you, i can tell your not a person who should be out on our roads.

  123. lmaooo Josh!!
    okay just cos im a terror now, i mean its only been one lesson, i will get better!…
    i hope! lmaoo

  124. I keep asking my Mum to let me drive home but we’re always in a rush so she cant

  125. lol gee its like second nature to you guys!
    shes like to me , okay nnow indicate and trun right.

  126. Steve Healy says

    I wouldn’t be allowed to drive under any circumstances

  127. LOL steve u should have seen me on the MAIN ROAD!! i was like hyperventalating!

  128. Steve Healy says


  129. Women dont belong in cars, they cant drive, cant read a map and talk so much you get distracted

  130. the best part from the whole lesson was when she said to me.
    “okay pull up into that drive way”
    so i did..on a realyy wonky angle mind you..
    “NOW put the gear into reverse.”

    It was bad enough driving straight and she wants me going backwards and there was a parker car behind me!!
    i should have my own tv show of me learining to drive the ratings would FLY.

  131. Imagine Danni trying to FLY!

  132. …lol better than driving!

  133. Steve Healy says

    good point about women in cars, josh.

    Did you crash into anything when reversing?

  134. lol thankgod no!
    only cos i listen to my instructor when she said ..’lift your foot on the break SLOWLY.’
    and because i did i could see which way the car was going and had control.

  135. Danni, tomorrow im going to sleep in till 12-ish to see what its like

  136. lol good for you Josh! :)
    its cute that you plan it, cos its just normal for me. i just wake up and its like
    i was woken by a phone call at 12:40.
    i could go to sleep right now if wanted.
    snuggle up with a good book and im set.
    i have to get up early tommoro, church.

  137. I could go to sleep right now too, im really tired coz i had to get up at 7:15

  138. i dont know how you do it!
    i use the holidays to charge lol
    cos on school days im up at like 6:40 so this my times to sleepppppppp! :)
    i was up till 2:30am last night.

  139. You werent on the Almanac till then! I woulda talked to ya lol

  140. lol yeah i left way before then cos we had people come over…arggg LOL
    then they left and i was like..i wanna read, so finished Eclipse and started on ‘Breaking Dawn.
    these books are so edictive!!
    and what would we have talked about at 2:30 in the morning josh??

  141. Lol nah i was out by 12:30

  142. We would have talked about football obviously

  143. Damian Watson says

    lol we got smashed at cricket this morning for 224 after 50 overs, but at least I took two catches.

    Bad luck about your cat Josh.

    Danni, you remind me of some of the women on this funny old Channel 7 show (forgot the name)where it took them 12 attempts to actually reach their P-plates. But you won’t have that problem.

  144. footy? :( mum refused to let me watch a replay of the Collingwoood geelong reply b/c she cant sit through it!
    i begged!! she wouldnt budge! :(

    lol Damo i hope not.
    i wanna be able to drive myself to the footy! :)

  145. Damo, last night Waaia played Katunga in cricket. Katunga made 6 in the first innings. Yes, 6. In the follow on they made 90 though.

  146. Damian Watson says

    Wow a grand total of 6. How long did it take Waaia to bowl them all out?

  147. Not sure, i didnt go to watch it. A friend was telling me today

  148. i dont know what you guys see in cricket.

    status- eating 6th chocolate covered teddy biscuit.

  149. Status – depressed. Just shaved all my movember growings and sideburns, it took me a month to grow it all! :(

  150. hahaa Joshy!!
    what movember? you looked shaven at the launch!

  151. Oh its grown since then! Lol i put aftershave on too and i walked out of the bathroom and Mum goes oh you smell like a man! lol

  152. lol damn you!
    mens aftershave and perfume always smells better than our girly ones!
    Signature for men by D.Beckhm like i was about to jump on the guys wearing it who was haind our sample, it smelled so hot!!
    im deff starting to like the rough unshaven look and its all b/c of Cameron Mooney!

  153. ohh and Manu Fidel ofcourse!!

  154. Dont you mean Brad Miller?

  155. well first it was Cam Mooney
    and then the other day..i was just like wow at theres a pattern

  156. Sorry to break it out to you Danni, but Nathan Brown was instrumental in Collingwood’s anzac day loss. Looking back at the reply (on One HD just then) he didn’t go for a mark in the contest at the kick in, and he followed it with a weak attempt to tackle Lovett-Murray.

    I remember in Grade 6, my primary school team got bowled out for 9

  157. status- trying to figure out what to wear for church!

  158. ..excuse me!
    Steve, its not Nathan’s fault!
    thats just mean.
    if anyone is to blame its Toovey standing there doing nothing, NOT EVEN CHASING!

  159. All Toovey did wrong in the game was give away a deliberate out of bounce inside defensive 50 in the third quarter. Leigh Brown is the main one to blame it on

  160. OH come on steve, everytime he goes near the ball its a disaster!!

  161. But Toovey kicked 2 goals for the year, one V the Bulldogs in Round 15, if Toovey hadn’t kicked that goal Collingwood would’ve lost! lol

  162. Oh come on like that matters!
    ill agree with you when he kicks a sealer for the Premiership okay!

  163. Ah, I see. Maybe you should get 34 on your jumper in prepararion

  164. Lol no way honey!
    when i do get around to it ill be looking fine in number 9

  165. Sorry, ill never hurt you again honeybird

  166. better not sweetiepie :P

  167. don’t call me Pie! lol or i’ll call you Dee

  168. Leave the poor possum alone

  169. about never hurting me again!
    theres nothing wrong with being a sweetiepie okay!!
    plus is that supposed to be a threat?
    trying to push threats are ur honeybird, not very nice!

  170. what’s wrong with honeybird?

  171. nothings wrong with honeybird, its just that its not nice to say to ur honeybird that you dont like the name sweetiepie!

  172. Use 2 are talkin gayy lol

  173. ohh shutup muffincake!

  174. use 2? Thats gay talk as well

    Essendon fans have voted to name one of the ends at the Dome the “Matthew Lloyd end” for home games next season

  175. hahhahaha…C.Brown will never kick straight at THAT end of the ground! LMAOOO

    OK then wat about

  176. Yeah, but Essendon’s home game against Hawthorn this year is at the G, so that won’t happen unfortunately this year.

    Darlingdee sounds fine

  177. okay so its

  178. ok…

    Josh, don’t do a Damo, a 1-comment stand

  179. Muffincake???

    I said use 2 coz i was typing with one hand

  180. whats wrong with muffincake?
    i thinks its CUTE! ;)

  181. oh I knew that was gonna happen

  182. Steve, facebook bro

  183. Josh, i’m on bro

  184. bro?
    Muzza Much?

  185. Shut up biatch. Haha :)

  186. Yeah sick I’ve gotta show you my new set of wheels

  187. We be rollin in them wheels later on Stevey H

  188. hahhahah
    its betch, betch! lol
    Darlingdee still needs to pract.
    its more like this honey,

    friday night bro, ill take you out in my ford 45 trubo and we can chill wif a kebab after i show you my fully sick burnouts habbibi!

  189. habbibi?

  190. Eww i hate kebabs, i really really do

  191. How can you hate kebabs!! I love kebabs, a lamb kebab with sweet chilli sauce

  192. yeah its lebo for like my love.
    lol for example Nathan Brown Habbibi

  193. Steve you forgot one word in comment 191…you know what it is

  194. Oh yeah, I forgot the world Jurrah

  195. No, Danni knows what it is. She better anyway

  196. DELICIOUS??

  197. Danni, whats you postal adress?

  198. YES!! Delicious answer Danni!

  199. ..Steve…ur kind scaring me

  200. Nah give it to us Danni

  201. Yeah, we’re thinking of sending christmas cards to the fab 5, well Josh is anyway

  202. Oh here’s a nickname for ya Danni: DeliciousDanni, or maybe DeliciousDamo if your a fan of alliteration.

  203. ohh thats cute,
    although you are better off just emailing me though cos im not going to be home for xmas.
    i might be leaving over to my grandparents house this week so no one will be home for mail.

    ummmm yeah…nahh its kinda creepy lol
    sounds like a stripper name or something.

  204. The mailman can read it for you then lol

    Might as well say it in advance. MERRY CHRISTMAS DANNI!!!!!

  205. lol nawwwwww thanks Joshy
    Merry christmas to you too!! :)
    i hope you get lots of stuff from Santa!!

  206. Oh Mum said she was gonna buy a Wii coz she was also interested in getting one so i think its a Wii, clothes and possibly a phone when all the prices are down for me this christmas

  207. Danni, you can get the card when you get home

  208. lol Josh you mean SANTA said, not mum!

    You know it was nicer this way, almost face to face lol. :)

  209. Fine Danni, i’ll just send it to the remaining Fab 5 members then

  210. Yeah, face to face lol

    I asked for a Dees jumper and the 2010 AFL prospectus

  211. lol yeah go ahead.
    i recon it was nice and i was able to reply! :)

    stopped doing chritsmas cards ages ago.
    save the trees!

  212. i wanted to take a photo woth santa and my cousin..but
    i didnt want to sit in an old weirdo’s lap so i was like, forget it!

  213. Im just gonna win the AFL Prosepctus again

    Dont you think it would be cool to get a card off one of bro’s for life, handwritten too?

  214. What about Christmas trees!

  215. Im just gonna win the AFL Prosepctus again

    Dont you think it would be cool to get a card off one of your bro’s for life, handwritten too?

  216. nah she hates our handwriting Josh.

  217. lol i seriously think its just a fuss!
    like its a card, better off just sending an email, saving a tree and postage!
    im planing to write you all a nice chrissy email.
    oh and that way you guys wouldnt have to worry about your terrible handwriting lol :P

  218. lmaoo Prettyranga’s was the WORST!

  219. My handwriting is good when i really focus on it, not too mentian my spalling and gramer,

  220. lol i yell at my brother b/c of his handwriting and then when i saw all you guys had almost the same i felt bad for yelling at him! lol

  221. Hey! We were standing up, the pen was purple and there were so many people it was hard to concentrate on writing, but i blame your PURPLE pen!

  222. mentian hahaha.

    Danni you can’t expect us to have you perfect, cursive girly handwriting

  223. hahahah yeah nice excuse!
    i was in the same room standing IN HEELS! and my writing came out perfect! lol
    still regret not bringing the pink one!

  224. with purple writing!

  225. steve i didnt say it have to be girly but i thought it would at least be joined crusive.

  226. If we used my pen, which i got for christmas last year, our handwriting would have been a lot nicer.

    i still remember when Mikey went to sign i think it was Damo’s book he reached over to use my purple pen again! AHAHHAHAHA

  228. It seemed like I signed thousands of books, in truth I signed about 7

  229. LOL i signed once for u guys and then i signed the copy that i gave to my uncle as a thankyou for driving me there lol.

  230. I signed 5.

    Status- laughing at Candy’s pic of Danni in year 7

  231. hahahah yeah thats a funny photo

  232. They all look really cold, all bunched in a tight group lol

  233. when that photo was taken Danni didn’t have a clue who Anthony or Brown were

  234. Well, a warm bed awaits me. Bye

  235. cya Josh

  236. Bad news Danni, Scott Pendlebury has had the crap bashed out of him apparantly

  237. Steve Healy says

    Yeah I heard, he’s gone to hospital, hopefully he’s alright

  238. WHAT!!
    ……im gonna cry

  239. Status – watching Nick Davis video of him kicking 4 goals in final quarter against Geelong

  240. Damian Watson says

    It was in the Herald Sun today, it happened at Lakes Entrance, not far away from the incident involving that Cook player last year.

    I remember that night when Davis kicked 4, the Sydney-Geelong match was supposed to be the dull and boring semi final while the Showdown the following day was supposed to be the “Match of The Century”, it was completely the opposite.

  241. Well to be truthful, the first 3 quarters were pretty dull and boring but the last quarter was a solid quarter of footy from the Swans

  242. Lakes Entrance? thats not supposed to be a shifty nightclub spot is it?

    lol…ahhh i have no idea what i saw in Nick Davis when i was younger..i really dont.

  243. Lakes Entrance is a place in Numurkah where all the snobby two story houses are

  244. Damian Watson says

    No actually Lakes Entrance is supposed to be a nice tourist spot in far-east Gippsland, I think Pendlebury came from this area as did Dale Thomas. I think Sale is a more of a trouble spot but I’m not too sure.

    Yeah but the Showdown wasn’t a prized pig either, the Crows absolutely smashed the Power in that match.

  245. Damian Watson says

    Are you calling me a snob Josh? lol

  246. Steve Healy says

    Dale Thomas is from Drouin, is that near lakes entrance?

  247. Damian Watson says

    It’s in the Gippsland area but much closer to the city. I think Pendlebury came from Sale.

  248. Haha prized pig, no im not Damo, just the people with 2 stories in Numurkah are snobs, in fact most of Numurkah are snobs.

    I liked that Showdown match, i like a good smashing in a game

  249. Steve Healy says

    Yeah who doesn’t love a good old clobbering? I don’t remember that showdown match all that well

  250. Damian Watson says

    No, it’s just the fact that some certain South Australians like my uncle claimed it would be the “Match of the Century” and it would be a nailbiter.

    By the way if Australia was chosen to host the World Cup the final would be held in Sydney because of that stupid glass roof they are going to build. Melbourne are the ones that deserve it.

  251. oh okay..well thats werid then.
    my poor PENDLES!! :(
    i said a small prayer and lit a candle so hopefully he will we alright..

    cnt believe this, who would attack someone as sweet and innocent as Pendles from behind, what a creep.

  252. Who would attack such an innocent man such as Nathan Jones’ father?

  253. Steve Healy says

    Are you really religious Danni?

    Josh’s got a point, Nathan Jones’ father was worse

  254. i agree on that aswell josh.
    its just really sad that people do these things.

    yeah steve id say im pretty religious.

  255. Steve Healy says

    I go to church most weeks, I’m not that religious but my parents are

  256. lol yeah i went to church today too.
    stopped going during exams cos i needed sunday morning to sleep in.
    but now i should be going every sunday.
    i like going to church, i feel spritually satisfied afterwards.

  257. Goin to Waaia, cya

  258. Steve Healy says

    hah thats cool, what church do u go to?

    cya Josh

  259. bye joshy!!

    well im Eastern Catholic which makes me Maronite, so i go to my Maronite Parish.
    i go to Our Lady of Lebanon Maronite Catholic Parish in Thornbury

  260. Steve Healy says

    oh ok, sounds interesting

  261. lol we celebrate stuff exactly the same as normal Catholics expect for the fact thar our mass is spoken in Arabic and Aramic, the same language as Jesus would have spoken, so thats cool. lol

  262. Just read the Herald Sun then, the picture of the Hawthorn team at Kokoda with the Australian flag reminds me of my trip to Uluru on school camp this year. In each photo, we had a couple of boys who bought an Australian flag and held it proudly in every single photo. Good times

  263. lol id be the worst person to go camping, like tent camping, with my heels and makeup lol

  264. One of my friends just got back from a 9 week program down near Gippsland i think, and she wasnt allowed to take makeup or heels or anything. And if a girl did take makeup, they were heavily portrayed as slurry’s.

    Status – writing up a new piece, it’s gonna be big

  265. ahhh lol!
    i wouldnt be able to do it!
    i HAVE to wear makeup, people shouldnt have to be victims to seeing me without makeup!!

    ohh a new piece? on what?
    i have NOTHING to write about which im sure is a good thing for JTH, Paul and Gigs! lol

  266. Oh and on camp i couldnt believe how the girls looked with no makeup.

    Its on the upcoming season

  267. hahah see! thats what i mean!
    they looked really tired didnt they??
    i wouldnt listen anyway, id wear makeup at camps i mean i wear it to school and thats not allowed.
    lol one of my teachers said to me
    “im not telling you not to wear any makeup cos i know thats not going to happen, but could you wear less as a compromise?”


  268. Lol my sister almost got kicked out of school coz she wore too much makeup and they didn’t like that she had multi-coloured hair and piercings but she stayed and finished year 12 and so far is the most succesful student from my family, just wait for me to finish though :)

  269. lol Hayley! :P
    well i did compromise though!
    cos the teacher was nice about it and not all yelling and telling me off, form that day i did wear less, i wore just enough to look alive LOL.
    Lol, well atleast ur not like me, two doctors and an accountant!! how will i meet that??

  270. An aspiring Sam Lane is way better than any doctor and accountant

  271. LOL, Yeah id like to think so to.
    but we all ahve to come to terms with the fact that the world of journalism is no playground, its fierce and very hard to get a solid job, unlike the doctor-accountant who will have no trouble at all.

  272. Hmm, we are pretty much journo’s already lol. Danni, just don’t become someone like Caro Wilson. I hate her

  273. yeah…more like little jurnos.
    i wont be happy until ive got a secure job alongside Ms.Lane or Mr. Ralphyyy! :)
    come on Josh, dont get all Sam Newman on me! PLEASE you know i CANT STAND him!
    i think shes okay, but i prefer S.Lane ofcourse. why do hate her?

  274. She’ll be Mrs. Dal Santo fairly soon i suspect lol

    She gets off on taking hits on clubs that are on their knees and she is so stubborn. Writing about North Melbourne’s inadequaices week in, week out is just rubbish and stale and i havent finished reading one article she has written. I dont even watch Footy Classified because of her, she turns the talk from footy to her being the subject of sexual harrassment from Sam Newman and other non relevent issues in football.

  275. okay..well thats easy.
    i dont think id bag North cos id be too busy bagging Riewoldt.
    and as for Sam Newman, well lets just say my examiners for my english year 12 oral exam will be audience to my ranting.
    lol so i dont think i will be too like her LOL.

  276. Good, not to mention she’s ugly haha in comparison to Sam Lane i mean

  277. lol thats harsh!
    lol can u imagine me on tv on a footy panel, with my hair and makeup all done in a pinky glittery singlet, lots of jewelry and my trademark white headband with a massive whote bow on it.
    taling about footy, now be honest, im dressed totally as myself…how seriously would you take what i say?

  278. Not very haha i reckon us Fab 5 members should start up a show like Before the Game

  279. ..great! lol
    hahahaha yes on ch ten, i love ch. Ten
    BUT i get to sit where Sam Lane sits! shes right next to teh guest! :)
    OHH and our first guest is Superman! :)

  280. Damo would be Mahy, trying to keep the talk about footy instead of joking around lol

  281. omg but can we PLEASE KEEP THE REAL HUGHSEY?
    PLEASEE!! hes soo FUNNYY!!
    lol you can all fight over being Mick Molloy cos whoever gets his seat is right next to me! LOL

  282. Nah we’ll have Mick as Toovey

  283. ..Josh its supposed to be a show about footy..
    not a wrestling match!!
    thats just asking for trouble that it.
    but seriously, i recon wed get really high ratings! who wouldnt want to watch a bunch of afl crazed teens argue, debate and interview footy stars on tv!
    Did you hear that channel ten???

  284. Michael Allan says

    Hey guys,

    lol, I was actually thinking that we would make a good group for a foty show thing.

    We all barrack for different teams and we have the token country boy in Josh, the token female in Danni and the token red head in me.

    Haha, Damo would he too serious.

    I’m sure the TV audience would love the love-hate relationship of me and Danni.

    We could have our own debate segment or something where Danni and I go head to heqad on a new topic every week.

  285. hahahah yeah!! :)
    and for that segment can we wear ths silky boxing robes???!! i bag the pink one!! :)

    lol Yeah the would, like one minute me and Mikey are killing eachother, verbally.. lol
    and the next im all “OHH DARLINGDEE” to Steve LMAOO

  286. ohh and josh can present the delicious moment of the week, the prize?
    A HOME DELIVERD PARMA to the winner!

  287. Lol delicious play of the week?

    Status – freaked out, my laptop is playing christmas tunes and i dont even have itunes or any other websites running.

  288. …okayyyyyy

    status- looking over business notes

  289. Michael Allan says

    Guys, don’t you think it would be better to be more of a sunday footy show than Before the Game. We’re footy anbaylsts not comedians.

  290. NO!
    lol gee didnt take me long to disagree :)
    i love before the game more! :)
    its the bestest!!

  291. Damian Watson says

    Too Serious? I’d take that as a

    We all have a variety of personalities.

    lol a streaker in that Borat mankini ran out onto the field at a soccer game I was watching today.

  292. …there are so many things wrong about that last part many things!

  293. Michael Allan says

    that doesn’t mean we’d be better suited to it. I feel it was similar to Sunday footy show Damo and Steve while Danni and I can be like Lou Richards and Billy Brownless having their fun. And Josh can be like Brayshaw, a bit in between.

  294. I need to get me one of them mankini’s.

    I remember Christi Malthouses old show on Channel 10 before the 3:30 Saturday afternoon match. Cant remember the name.

    The Sunday Footy Show would probably more suit us, but they are just as funny as Before the Game

  295. … come Josh gest to be the pretty guy and im an old dude!!
    like i said before, i think we would have much more fun in the easygoing atmosphere such as seen on BTG.

  296. Michael Allan says

    Agreed Damo. We all come from slightly different cultures, teams and backgrounds so it would come together nicely. We would get a very diverse fan base each of us would draw in differnt audiences. ie: Josh: country folk. Danni: Lebo’s and teen girls.

  297. I remember when Brayshaw wore the mankini lol thats how every club president should be, wait till Eddie tries it

  298. josh…
    im not gonna go there…so many things wrong

  299. Michael, im not an average “country bumpkin”. Im as normal as you guys are

  300. Michael Allan says

    I’m sorry Danni. I thought you would’ve like being compared to a Collingwood icon.

  301. if i remember correctly Brayshaws kid is a muffin.

  302. Well Eddie always tries to be better than North so he may go one step beyond a mankini..

  303. “country bumpkin= TAYLOR SWIFT

    normal dude= Josh

    yeah..maybe if i was a dude Mikey!

  304. Michael Allan says

    Josh, if your going to be on TV you’ve got to play to your background. You should wear a cowboy hat or something. Maybe a flanalet shirt.

  305. Damian Watson says

    Danni, I’m just saying it was funny because it was at a crucial stage of the game. I certainly don’t like to think about it.

  306. Michael Allan says

    I like Taylor Swift.

    Her brother Tom’s pretty good too.

  307. ROLF DAMO!!
    i didnt mean it that way..its just wrong in general!! lol

    omg Josh!! you would look soo CUTE in a cowboy hat!!:)

  308. …Mikey…yeah im not gonna go there either.
    lets just say
    Danni + ANTISWIFT
    Team JONAS all the way.

  309. Danni do you know who Tom Swift is? Lol

    Yeah i like wearing a good ol’ flanny, but no, no cowboy hat.

  310. Michael Allan says

    Haha. I like her.

    Cause when your Fifteen…. haha good song hey Josh. You country boy you.

    So it’s settled. Josh will wear a cowboy hat and other farmer clothes. Damo will come out waving an Italian flag. Danni will wear tradional lebo clothes.

    What can Steve have?

  311. the draftee?? lol

    i cant stand her!
    real hard core psyco betch.

    traditional lebo clothes?
    NO WAY im NOT wering a belly dancing outfit!

  312. Steve will wear socks with sandals

  313. Michael Allan says

    Josh’s catchphrase can be YEEHAW!!!

    Say that wheneever your excited.

    And coming up next, North Melbourne superstar Ben Warren. YEEHAW!!!

  314. And a shirt saying Jurrah 4 lyf!

  315. NO! My saying is Delicious!

    “Coming up, Sam Lane. Delicious.

  316. Michael Allan says

    Nah, Danni for the good of terlevision, you’ve gotta wear it.

    The audience can’t see his feet though Josh.

    Whenever Damo gets angry he starts shouting at us in Italian. haha

  317. …what!! u were telling me not to wear shortskits but now its fine to wear abelly dancing outfit on tv!!??

    lol Damo!!:)

    yeah steve can stick his feet up on the desk for show!

  318. Michael Allan says

    Haha fine then.Delicous.

    And when Damo’s angry and is shouting in Italian he stands up and starts waving the flag again. haha how random.

  319. Damian Watson says

    Stai Zitto!

  320. NAWWW DAMO!! :)

  321. Haha Damo would be like that italian guy off Family Guy when he is fighting with Peter in that italian deli lol

  322. Sto Bene

  323. Michael Allan says

    haha, I just got that translated. Good start Damo.

    Steve can be the philisophical one. He’ll give crazy analagies on football that will make no sense.

  324. Damian Watson says

    Ciao Danni, Bene Grazie, E tu? lol

    Are there any players of German origin in the AFL?

  325. my oufit for the show
    A white tutu a collingwood singlet thats says ‘JUST MARRIED TO JACK ANTHONY’, a white veil with pink tiara.

  326. ..OH that guy that play up forward for Port..whats his face..

  327. Michael Allan says

    Thast’s stupid Danni.

    How about you wear a burqa?

  328. Michael Allan says

    Hitler was German.

  329. Dont think so, i should since i won a competition in the Age for naming 5 players from overseas. Did you know Ian Perrie is from Zimbabwe?

  330. …please dont go there
    i spent a whole term learning Afghanistan and womens rights in History this year!
    i dont know how they can breathe..its just sad.

    ur weird, from a belly dancing outfit to a burqa?

  331. ohh dont forget, Steve has to lie on the floor suggestivly before the add-break!
    :) LMAOO

  332. Michael Allan says

    Geez Danni. It’s just marketing. I’m just trying to bring out yor heritage.

    But yeah, Taliban sucks.

  333. You mean Alipate Carlile Danni? He isnt german

  334. ..NO not Alipate.
    Mikey im not Afgan, im lebo
    and im Christain.
    burqas nothing to do with MY heritage

  335. Michael Allan says

    I*;d be surprised if that’s who she mean since Alipate is a defender.

  336. Justin Westhoff!
    he looks German!

  337. Michael Allan says

    lol, not really.

    Well Danni since you seem to be a Lebo expert how do you suppose you bring out your heritage in the show?

  338. ….i have no idea.
    i only Lebo thing i can do is belly dance,
    BUT not in the outfit!!
    cant suggest anything else cos i cant cook! lol

  339. Michael Allan says

    Well how about you just mention every show that your Lebo and speak with a strong Lebo accent. Then when Damos doing his Italian rant chip in with a few words in Lebo.

  340. Nah Danni wouldnt do a show, she’d be too busy studying.

    Where’s Stevey H at? He’s missing out on this argument

  341. out with his Darlingdee!!

    yeah ill just keep calling pretty players Habibi while they are on the show, that should do it.

  342. Possible name for the show?? The Delicious Crew? Lol :P

  343. i only have the bottom of the outfit.
    ive got this:

    but mines baby blue with silver coins.

  344. Footy with FabFIVE?

  345. Michael Allan says

    Fab5 Footy

  346. “Footy with Fab5”

    ~we make footy delicious~

  347. Michael Allan says

    And the closing line of the show and for now.

    Well I’m off now. Goodnight.

  348. Ohh and can thw ‘O’ is fOOty be like little footys?? :)

  349. yeah me to…
    i think i should study for once.

    Night all.
    Madame Deficite.

  350. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I’m off too, got footy training tomorrow.

  351. Footy training? Its december Damo

  352. Steve Healy says

    A footy show with us in it sounds like a great idea.

    Gee, I’m up so early.

    Maybe we could call our show: Fabulous footy with the Fab 5

  353. Damian Watson says

    Yeah we have one pre season training session before Christmas, I don’t know if we have enough numbers to make a team though.

    Sorry I can’t think of a name, but I agree a footy show is a great idea.

  354. I should run it by the members of Channel 9 when i do my work experience there next year lol.

    Jeez your lucky Damo, i’d give anything to be out on the track with the boys

  355. Damian Watson says

    How did you get Work Experience at Channel Nine, or Win as you call it in the country?

    It’s hard to get into a TV station.

  356. Yeah we call it Win lol

    Dad met a bloke who worked there not long ago and the guy asked if i was interested. I’ll be doing it next year hopefully.

  357. picture of Pendles on Herald Sun website, broke my heart.

  358. Danni did you get your VCE result thingy today? I heard pretty much everyone did

  359. yeah for Ras
    and please..for my sake..dont do there.

  360. Okey dokey

  361. thought taking a year 12 subject which i applied whole self to completly would be a step forward to my journo enter score, instead its more like 3 steps back.

    status- feeling completly useless

  362. Oh don’t be like that, at least you tried and now you have a bit of experience, not everyone succeeds at first go. Its not the end of the world.

  363. yeah and i tried and thats just it Joshy, i killed myself! i made so much notes, even for the practice exam , i met up with my teacher heaps of times, he went through my stuff, i did exams from 2007-2008 which where much easier than the one we did this year. i memorised sections form the Catheism of The Cathloic church, quotes and bible references that i used in my answers!
    i dont get it, what the hell didnt i do?
    i still screwed up in the end.
    i cant believe this.

  364. Well your only 17 Danni, you have one final year to make up for that result and im sure you’ll do great. Maybe you need to contact your teacher and find out where you did go wrong, and it’ll only take you a few days of studying hard and you’ll be ready to right those mistakes you made.

  365. Michael Allan says

    So Dannio what mark did you get?

  366. nah Josh we dont get the exam back, so i have no idea what the hell i did wrong.
    Mikey dont go there, i dont want to talk about it!

  367. Michael Allan says

    Oh cmon it musn’t hav been that bad.

  368. ..yes it is Mikey..its so embarrasing i cant stunned, id really thought i did okay.

  369. Michael Allan says

    Well how did Candi go then?

  370. I get my school report tomorrow, i know i’ll fail science but hopefully everything else is good

  371. i hav no idea Mikey.
    havent spoken to her since last day of school.
    didnt u add her on facebook or whateva?

  372. I did, as did Steve

  373. Michael Allan says

    I don’t do Facebook.

    Well I’m off now, cya later.

  374. i seriously fee like a bride thats been left at the altar or in shock.
    but then again u remember when i told u guys i had done it and that i didnt knwo what the hell i was going and just made up stuff to answer questions. well whoever the examiner was..didnt mark me nicely…

  375. You should do Facebook Michael, it’s much easier to talk to rather than MSN which constantly stuffs up.

    Danni, how come you havent spoken to Candy? Aren’t use two meant to be best buds?

  376. yeah we are, we just prefer face to face conversation, she has some sort of phobia, she hates using the phone. lol

  377. Oh i have the same problem, i hate calling my friends and anyone else really, it just makes me get freaked out.

  378. lol hahaha!!
    you and candy should go to phone therapy together! lol

  379. Yeah well you should have seen my face when Dad told me that JTH was waiting on the phone to talk to me

  380. ..hahah!
    yeahh well in that case i would have freaked out too.
    if its professional, i hate doing calls!
    like when i have to book apointments for driving and to get my hair cut and stuff i hate it.
    btw my driving instructor is called Hailey, diff spelling but yeah, im Hailey’s student lol

  381. Hmmm don’t take driving instructions from my sister Hayley, shocking driver she is hahaha

  382. lol dont be mean!
    im thinking of cutting my hair…but im scared..i dont normally come back feeling happy after cutting my hair.
    i always regret it.

  383. Hmm i need a haircut, then im gonna colour my hair all blonde i reckon

  384. yeah just like i told you too.
    not a whiteblonde, you dont wanna look like a bimbo lol
    die it Steve’s colour, thats a nice shade.

  385. Yeah im not go any Nick Riewoldt-style

  386. Hahahahahaha!! Well that cheered me up!
    Yeah don’t do that Josh.
    You know…last night I was thinking about it..and well
    If im finding it hard now…i don’t think I can survive a possible year without footy for Melbourne to have its 15 minutes of fame with the soccer

  387. Exactly! Thank god you found the right way Danni

  388. Damian Watson says

    Hey guys,

    Just got back from footy training, got a beap test score of 10.5.

    I get my results on Thursday, don’t feel too bad Danni there is still next year, Geoff Poulter is a veteran footy journalist and was crap at school but still managed to make it.

    Why do you guys take your hair seriously? to be honest I couldn’t care less, but that’s me talking.

  389. yerpp..Damo is no muzza.
    hair and cars are thier number one priority
    i love my hair..its me best and only asset!

  390. Damian Watson says

    Danni if we did win the bid for the Soccer World Cup the footy would only be cancelled for six-eight weeks max, if it is cancelled.

    I’m still spewing that Sydney got the final!

  391. Then why give the World Cup to Melbourne when the final will be in Sydney?? And why should we give up our sport that we play religiously each weekend?

    My hair is pretty important to me too

  392. 6-8 weeks…i on life support at the moment only cos of the Collingwood website, Herald Sun Website and here.

    satus- watchin one min vid of Pendels first AFL goal…

  393. Damian Watson says

    All Italians love cars! that’s something I take seriously. lol

  394. Damian Watson says

    Pendles is extremely lucky that the injuries weren’t serious!

    Apparently he hit his head hard on the pavement (like David Hookes), it had the potential to be fatal. Imagine how everyone would have reacted if the worst happened.

  395. …please Damo i was already crying when u guys told me.
    i get really upset when its someone like Pendles… :(
    he so beautiful.
    his poor gf, Alex, she was one of the first i thought off, she would have been going through hell.
    it hits hard when its someone that young and talented and a Vice Captain too.

  396. Who is in a worse shape? Danni or Pendlebury? He was training with the Pies today so he must be alright.

    I feel really out of place at school with my friends coz during recess and lunch they would be in the metal room making things and in the library reading car magazines while i would be reading the paper. I couldnt be interested in cars or metal work or stuff like that. Just sport stuff

  397. yeah…id say were about the same, im emotionally damaged and scotty is physically damaged..geee this sucks
    i hate feeling like this :(

    you look like a handyman, dont knock the metal thing yet, have a go first!

  398. Hmm i try but im just useless at it. I think im a writer, not a welder or a builder or a glazier or anything like that.

  399. lol thats cute, i understand im a writer too, execpt i dont spend my lunchtimes doing it. lol
    lunch is for chilling and offending Candy with blonde jokes. :)

  400. Damian Watson says

    Believe me Josh, the newspaper is my main priority, cars are just a small passion of mine.

    It’s intresting how the footballers are always targeted, these incidents are becoming common nowadays.

    Josh the World Cup is around the country not just Melbourne.

  401. lol we fight over the newspaper in my group..until i clarify myself saying:
    then they just give it to me. lol

  402. Oh i dont just read the paper during lunch, i go out and hang as well but when we are in the library, i go looking for the paper while the mates go looking for car mags.

    Fair enough Damo, i to have passions other than AFL. I like stuff about the human anatomy and im really interested in space and the universe.

  403. Oh and a quirky stat i read in the Herald Sun just before, a women cricketer has lost 30 straight coin tosses dating back to 2008. The odds of that are higher than winning the lotto!

  404. Damian Watson says

    Space is intresting. I’m into History as well, especially Australian history.

    But Footy will always be Number 1!!!

  405. Yeah i got 40/40 in an Australian history test earlier this year

  406. Damian Watson says

    When I was captain of the cricket team I had a 100% record of winning the toss, the only trouble is I captained one game.

    Where did you see that?

  407. Its in the confidential page i think its called.

  408. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I found it, it’ll be intresting to see what happens in the Pre Season Draft tomorrow, I wonder where Cameron Cloke will go.

  409. What time is it? You just reminded me it was on tomorrow. We all know where each player is going really, except for the Rookie Draft, i hope the Roos get Majak Daw

  410. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I think Daw is likely to go to Arden St.

    Anyway I’m off now, going to see that Zombieland movie tomorrow.

  411. Cya mate

  412. Oh and some news before the draft tomorrow, Robert Shirley has withdrew his bid so he has retired and Port is almost certain to throw a lifeline to former Lion Scott Harding.

  413. Rookie draft is almost finished. Roos got Daw and Matthew Scott, any relation to Brad Scott i wonder? Some surprising moves were the Bombers ignoring Mitch Thorp and the Hawks picking up Wayde Skipper. The Gold Coast, IMO, made some bad choices with their 5 picks. They could have gone for more experience.

  414. Steve Healy says

    wow,5 irishmen picked up in the rookie draft.

    GO Joel McDonald!!!!!! But why did the Dees have to retain Newton!???

  415. Steve Healy says

    I wonder if Daniel Harris or Danny Stanley will do anything for the Gold Coast?

  416. Steve you better learn the difference between James McDonald and Joel MACDONALD.

    Harris should be a good battering ram for a couple of seasons before he retires, but Luke Ablett and Michael Newton could have helped the Coasters

  417. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, yeah that was a mistake lol. Yeah I think Newton should’ve been picked up by em.

    Why would West Coast pick up JON? lol.

    Another interesting move- Alex Silvagni was picked up by Freo, he had a great season for Casey

  418. Another interesting move- Majak Daw to North Melbourne!! Stuff Jurrah, its DAWW!!

  419. Steve Healy says

    Yeah right, Daw won’t be as good as Naitanui in his first season. Melbourne V Richmond battles now mean even more: Grimes V Grimes and Morton V Morton

  420. Not to mention it’ll be another battle for the wooden spoon

  421. Steve Healy says


    Breaking news- Scully has been given number 31, Trengrove has been given number 9

  422. Really? I thought for sure Scully would get 5, and Trengove to inherit Adem Yze’s number 13

  423. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, I thought one of them would get 5 at least. Trengrove better do nmber 9 proud for Neitz, Scully better do the same for Barrassi and Wheatley.

    I could imagine Joel MacDonald in 5

  424. And Jordan Gysberts number 1

  425. Steve Healy says

    Wow, the Dees already have 17,517 members

  426. Steve Healy says

    Yep, Luke Tapscott will get 13, Jack Fitzpatrick 48 and Max Gawn 45

  427. Steve Healy says

    by the way, gotta go, I’ve gotta get something to eat and then pick up my younger brother and sisters from primary school

  428. Tapscott has already been given 38

  429. ..thats not much steve.
    hope it builds up for you.
    we have 30,012 members.

    status- jst got back frm driving lesson

  430. Status – just finished reading Alpha and putting the christmas tree up

  431. lol u shoulda seen this time.
    i did a bit of heavy traffic on a main road and i was dyingggg..not in a good way.
    i cant do it!! i freak out when there are lots of cars around me!!!

  432. Driving shouldnt be that hard for me, but i will get nervous if i ever go to Melbourne.

  433. lol i already hate it!
    everyone tells me to relax, I CANT RELAX!! When im the one in control of the wheel!!
    lol and dad recons ill only need one or two more lessons before he takes over, YEAH RIGHT!

  434. I just saw the news on 10, i finally know how to pronounce Majak Daw. Scully and Trengove have indeed been given their numbers, and David Neitz sounded like he was about to cry during his speech. And the AFL is looking to introduce a rule next NAB Cup where the boundary umpire can give free-kicks for holding

  435. HA!
    Well in that case

    FOR-0 AGAINST-47389472398472398473

    Any new excuse for umpires to not give us the ball, that why the Jack Anthony match winner was literally a MIRACLE!!

  436. Danni, in the herald sun today they had an article about how lucky Collingwood were to win that Semi Final because ADELAIDE actually gave away a huge amount of free kicks. Totally typical of a Collingwood supporter to bag the umpires even when they would have lost if Ben Rutten hadn’t been penalised for holding Anthony.

    FOR-0 AGAINST-47389472398472398473…is that an actual number you typed out Danni?? lol

  437. why yess it is i went thrugh many mathematical processes to get thet exact number, you know me and my maths brain.

    im sorry, i just think that we are more penalised than we are awarded.

  438. Hahahahaha

    Danni, everyone thinks that, even when the free kick count is 15-5 in your favour or something like that.

    Status – laughing my head off at the fact the Green Day concert in Melbourne got cancelled

  439. …what
    it is?
    my uncle went to the one last night.

  440. Billie Joe Armstrong is sick with food poisening

  441. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I heard about that, they’re now performing tomorrow night.

    Intresting developments today, Cameron Cloke went to the Power as expected, I was expecting the Blues to pick up Panos but the Bulldogs snapped him up.

  442. i was hoping we would take Cameron back..
    damn it
    anyone see my comment on the Herald Sun website under the Cameron thingo?

  443. Was it the Blues who got Joe Dare?

    Did anyone see my comment on the AFL website?

  444. Damian Watson says

    Yeah we got Dare at pick 31.

    I’m trying to find your comments.

  445. Damian Watson says

    Josh were you the one that asked about Cameron Cloke?

  446. Um i think so, i said something about Scott Harding too?

  447. Damian Watson says

    Yeah that’s the one.

  448. Yeah that’s me.

    I sent about four “Go Roos, MAJAK DAW!!!” comments but they never went through

  449. Steve Healy says

    Yeah I hate that, those comments never get through.

    GO DEES!!!!!!!!

    Josh, where did you see that Tapscott got 38, is it on Wikipedia?

  450. Yup

  451. K, I just saw it then. But the Dees said that all the other new players would be allocated numbers next year.. wierd.

  452. Its probably just false information

  453. Yeah, they it said Fevola was number 8 as well lol.

    status- pissed off, dad recorded over my Grand final tape, now I don’t have the last qtr

  454. Damian Watson says

    Yeah sometimes Wikipedia isn’t reliable.

    I know what you mean Steve, my Dad always tapes Hogans Heroes which deletes all my taped footy games early.

  455. Yeah same thing happens to me, except im the one that usually tapes over Grand Finals.

    Status – just got sent $2 credit. Whoopee!

  456. Damian Watson says

    Cya guys, I’m off now.

  457. Why would you tape over grand finals Josh? Are you crazy!

    I remember I used to have the 97 GF, my younger brother ripped it up over 5 years ago though

  458. cya Dams

  459. Bye italian stallion.

    I dunno, i taped over them with other footy matches so at least im only half crazy. I guess i just didnt look what was on the tape before i hit record. I have heaps of footy tapes at home but its all being replaced by the internet sadly

  460. I only have a few recorded footy matches, watching taped games is still better than watching on the net

  461. Although i did find myself watching youtube before, looking at highlights from various Sports Tonight shows where they showed highlights of the day’s AFL action

  462. wouldn’t you rather just watch highlights on the afl website?

  463. No, bigpond is really slow and not trustworthy

  464. k, anyway i’m off now, cya

  465. Gday Fab 5

    How are you all handling the heat? Better than me i hope

  466. Damian Watson says

    Hey Josh,

    I’m faring pretty well, the man who invented the air-conditioner should become a God!

    I’m guessing it’s around the 40 degree mark in Waaia.

  467. About 42-43 it is in Waaia. We bought heaps of icy-poles and stuff like that today though.

    At the moment, im trawling through old Roos books and newspapers, cutting out clippings to stick on my walls in my room.

  468. Steve Healy says



    I don’t have an air conditioner, ive just stayed inside so im fine.

    I spotted a mistake in the age today, they said that several experienced players weren’t picked up in the draft, such as Luke Ablett, Sam Power, Mitch Thorp, ADAM PATTISON and Shane Valenti

  469. Steve Healy says

    sorry bout the caps lock

  470. Hmmm trust the Age to have mistakes.

    My room looks good now but its weird, i have all these Roo posters and then there is a big picture of Paul Hasleby in a Freo jumper so it looks a tad odd

  471. Steve Healy says

    You’ve got the right idea at least, smothering your room in footy posters.

    Have you got a picture of Majak Daw on your wall?

  472. Yes i do from today’s Herald Sun, although its a picture of him in a Western Jets jumper with his little brother, i want a picture of him in a Roos jumper.

  473. Steve Healy says

    hahaha, there’s one of him in the age in a roos shirt and his carrying his son, too bad Josh

  474. Steve Healy says

    brother I mean, dunno why I said son

  475. Steve Healy says

    Tragedy for Port Adelaide, Rodan twisted his knee at training today and could be out for the season.

  476. Steve, cut it out and send it to me lol.

    That’s no good, but that’s what Port Adelaide get for being Port Adelaide.

  477. …i hate the HEAT!!!
    HATE IT!!!!!!
    I wish i was a penguin

  478. Would you be like the penguin off Happy Feet Danni?

  479. Steve Healy says

    If you want it that much, I will when I can be bothered. Is there a picture of Joel Macdonald in a melbourne jumper in the HS?

  480. No but there is an article about him. Actually it might have come with a picture..

  481. Steve Healy says


    Danni if you were a penguin you wouldn’t know what footy is

  482. lol so id make a cute penguin!!
    and its almost like im always wearing collingwood colours cos of the penguin fur.
    lol havent seen that movie Josh.
    i had to bite fist to stop myself frm squealing after watching a press conference of Josh Thomas.

  483. Steve Healy says

    Gotta go guys, I need to go to my Brother’s primary school graduation mass and dinner

  484. lol damn u steve, theres prob hawt older guys there!!
    oh well ive got this family thing on next saturday, bound to be atleast ONE goodlooking dude.

  485. I watched Happy Feet in science a couple of weeks ago. I got my school report today, got C’s in all my classes and got called a girl by my P.E teacher.

    Status – playing xbox360 with Mum :)

  486. Damian Watson says

    Gee that’s bad luck for the Power, David Rodan was one of their playmakers this year.

    The NAB Challenge fixture will be released tomorrow, will probably be in the same country venues.

    I haven’t really seen Happy Feet either, I don’t think I missed much.

  487. u got called a girl?
    as a joke right?

  488. Its funny but pretty gay.

    I think its a typo, it says something along the lines of:

    Joshua is able to evaluate her performances and tries to set himself highers goals which is pleasing.

  489. hahahha lol you know what prob happ?
    the teacher wrote that same comment for a girl possibly and forgot to change the ‘her’ part lol

  490. ohh and for Steve, when he gets back,
    thanks for Simon Buckley.
    finally saw his pic on C’wood website, delicious in Black and white! :)

  491. I saw him being interviewed before.

    Danni, of course thats what happens. The teachers have a pre-wrote sample and just add the names of the students where neccesery

  492. lol yeah i love him already!!

    yeah i recon they have a good pile for the students they like and then an evil pile for the students that talk back and argue.

  493. Its funny coz in my English report, it says how good i am and how good i am at writing at stuff, and i get a C, whereas in Science, the teacher bags me with every word he writes saying how terrible i am and i get a C as well

  494. the hell did you get a C for english.
    im sorry but that is bullshitE!!!
    when i first read ur reports, not knowing your age or what year level u were in i predicted form ur writing that u were in year 12, i kid you not.
    i swear on my love for the Collingwood football club thats what i thought.
    the boys of the fab five write really well, like way beyond thier ages, I WOULD KNOW!!

  495. Well we didnt have the best teacher in the world, a 20 y.o girl just wanting to leave the hole we call a school. And we never did any footy reports either so i didn’t get to show my talent to her, although i did two essays related to football. Mum reckons i should have gotten an A or a B.

  496. lol..hmm that sounds like a problem.
    younger teachers are sometimes better though.
    lol opposite to my mum i read to her my speech for English (year 11)on the Hitler Youth and asked her how it was, she said
    “its good but i wouldnt give you an A”
    in the end i got an A+

  497. Yeah younger teachers are good, but she had her mind on other things.

    Thanks for saying im a good writer too Danni, at least i know i’ll be able to keep up with you lol. Mum read your Collingwood v Carlton report in the book last night and said it was very good.

  498. really!!?
    naww yay!!!
    lol i seriously dont think anyone will take me seriously after reading that! lol

  499. I see what you mean, maybe a goal for next year is write a fully serious report? I know it sounds impossible but you know lol

  500. lol believe it or not..i did.
    i was pretty serious and then i got an email from JTH asking for more…’ME’ in it.
    he wanted more about the cute players and the husbands and the hairdos.
    so i was like..okay i can do that.

  501. Oh ok haha he emailed me and told me to stop writing so many reports lol

  502. …are you serious?

  503. Yeah but i didn’t listen, i’m naughty haha. He said that it will burn me out but when you love footy like i do, writing about it will never tire me.

  504. lol thats so cute! :)
    everytime i went to do homework this year i would end up writing a piece for the site!
    i couldnt help it!! and then i was so annoyed that writing about other things doesnt come that easy!
    i found out that i did pretty well on the GAT, thats the 3 hour general knowledge test.

    communication 20/40 22/40

    Maths/science 14/35 21/35

    Humanities/arts 20/35 20/35

  505. that came out bodgey when i posted it
    the first ones after the subjects is what i go, the other is what the state majority got.

  506. Oh ok those results look pretty good. I was trying to find your name in the VCE top results pages in the HS today but it got too confusing for me, even though your score in Ras or whatever it is was low.

    Status – throwing tantrums at the laptop

  507. yeah exactly, it was so bloody low it didnt even get there! calm..i did everything i could besides jump offf a cliff for that exam…put it behind me..move on!

    Luke Ball and Darren Jolly to wear No.12 and No.18 respectively.
    Ben Sinclair will wear No.28, Josh Thomas will wear No.40 and ex-Demon Simon Buckley will wear No.41.
    Anthony Rocca’s No.23 will not be worn next year

  508. Hmm wonder why they didn’t give a player like Chris Dawes number 23, it even would have suited Jolly.

  509. YEAH… and number 40 looks wayy too big for my little Joshers!!!
    (josh Thomas)

  510. Thought i was your little Joshers?? :(

  511. nah your my muffincake Joshy!!

  512. Hmmm i’ll never fully understand what the hell a muffincake is, it sounds like a sweet.

  513. lol! hahahah
    its just a name for a cutie!
    you know muffin and well who doesnt like cake?
    its gonna be weird at the footy.
    cos i call fraser- Joshy
    and now theres a Joshers.

  514. Thats not your problem Danni, your real problem is calling Jack Anthony ‘cuddles and raindbows’

  515. Joshy
    Jack Anthony is Superman
    Nathan Brown is Cuddlesandrainbows

  516. My bad

  517. lol and how is that a’PROBLEM’?

  518. Well, maybe just the small fact that his nickname is cuddlesandrainbows!!

  519. ..Yeah..
    and is there something wrong about that?
    i dont get it.

  520. Alright, alright.

    Get many weird looks from people at the footy Danni?

  521. yes all the time.
    i think its a cute name for Nathan! cos he sooo cute and manly!! :)
    i dont get it..why do i get werid looks if i say stuff like “i love you Superman”
    but then the old dude behind me who yells, “MEDHURT GET A HAIRCUT YA POOF!” only get a reation from me?
    btw if i heard one more dude say that about Meddy ill wack em with my flag, I MEAN IT!!

  522. Steve Healy says

    No problem Danni, it was said to see Bucks go, but hopefully he will do well in black and white.

    Where’s Josh? Is she still on?

  523. yes he shall! :) very delicious!!
    she? Very funny.

  524. I think 2010 will be Medhurst’s last season actually.

    I don’t cheer at the footy. I just sit there and watch and clap if a goal is scored

  525. …what
    MY MEDDYTEDDY…..noooooo

  526. lol yeah ur like my cousin…he moves 5 seats away from my by quater time lol
    you knwo..cos he doesnt want to go deaf or get hurt when im jumpping up and down.

  527. Steve Healy says

    I go psycho at the footy

  528. Lol really? U seem too quiet though Steve.

  529. Steve, my middle finger is raised at that comment.

  530. If i went to the footy with you guys i would probably loosen up a bit but im known to be quiet and not very outgoing so i try and keep that character while at the footy

  531. Steve Healy says

    Sorry Josh, I had the chance.

    Yeah, I’m quiet usually, but at the footy I’m different.

  532. haha naww Joshyy!!
    im the opposite..i come back home with no voice and a very sore throat.

  533. Damian Watson says

    Why would it be Medhurst’s last season Josh?

    The only time I really react at the footy is if the match is a nailbiter and I openly shake.

  534. Steve Healy says

    If the Dees are winning ill be really loud, if they are getting thrashed I usually become more subdued

  535. Hahhaah u no I was just thinking..i wonder what I look like form dads point of view. Cos he sits next to me but he had his earphones in the whole time listening to the commentary and doesn’t hear anything I yell…LMAOO so id be going all crazy in mute to him LMAOOOO

    Hello Babyblue!!

  536. I cant stand listening to the radio through headphones at the footy.

    Yeah, even when the game is done and dusted, my legs shake really bad.

  537. Steve Healy says

    In any nailbiter- whether im at the footy or not, no matter who’s playing, I always shake like an idiot.

  538. And Medhurst is getting on in years, he didnt have the best year in 2009 and i think if he has a mediocre year in 2010, he’ll be either cut from the list or he’ll retire, but i’ve tipped him to win the goalkicking next year for the Magpies. But i think, even if his form is good, he’ll quit at seasons end.

  539. Oh and in a nailbiter, i bite my nails

  540. I always bite my nails no matter what, my nails are always short, I’ve never used nail scissors apart from when I was a baby and my mum used to cut them for me

  541. …Medders..nahh man now im getting all blubbery!

    I never bite my nails, NEVER.

  542. Really Danni? biting nails is an instinctive thing for me

  543. NAAWWWWWWWWWWW little steve!!
    Must have been a cute little blonde baby

  544. Damian Watson says

    Danni you are free to call me any type of dessert you want, but Babyblue?

    Have you guys seen anyone faint at the footy?

    I remember one game between Collingwood and Brisbane a few years back the Pies won by three points and Mick Malthouse was so relieved at the siren his headphones flew back and split open the nose of the assistant coach sitting behind him. lol

  545. yerp..never bite them.
    plus i like my nails long so i can paint them, they look pretty. :)

  546. I always do, i was just before. Mum tried putting some chilli stuff on my fingers to stop me biting my nails. It worked for a little bit

  547. Whats wrong with babyblue? Its like navyblue but cuter!!

  548. Hahahahahaha about Mick Malthouse

    I remember Peter Schwab i think it was? Fainted in Round 2 in 2003 against West Coast

  549. i love Mick..reminds me of myself sometimes.

  550. You love Mick, you love Laidley, who next? Neil Craig?

  551. Dean Bailey’s not bad is he Danni?

  552. Or Ross Lyon? You gotta love his walking motion

  553. …lol no thats diff
    i love Mick like a coach
    Laidley on the other hand, hes a spunk

  554. Steve…ewwwwwww NO!!
    hes like so OLD!!
    hahahah no i dont do sashaying men. lol

  555. Damian Watson says

    Really? I don’t remember that, I know that he had heart problems.

    I wonder if Danni would fancy Warwick Capper, that’s something I would laugh at. After all he is divorced.

  556. ..hey you know..Paul Roos, hes kinda CUTE

  557. Warwick Capper= EWWWWW NO WAY

  558. What do/did you think of Shane Woewodin Danni?

  559. ohhhh as soon as he was in Black and White i grew to love him, even though his time was brief, he was cute and looked so good in our jumper.
    i miss Woeyyyyyy :(

  560. ill never forget josh when i first said i liked Laidley!! HAHAHAH :)

  561. same.

  562. Still cant believe Woewodin won a brownlow..

    Actually Damo, i dont think he fainted, he did in fact suffer a minor heart attack and was rushed to hospital but was later given the all-clear. It was caused by the game, which the Hawks won by 2 points

  563. same about Woewodin not Laidley lol

  564. LOL!
    josh: “Danni! he has a family!!!”

  565. I said that??

    Jeez i dont remember. I just added Harry O on Facebook coz my mate said that he accepted him so i thought he might accept me, then if he does i can talk to him!

  566. I’m still waiting for Liam Jurrah to accept :(

  567. LOL KOOLS!
    have u guys heard him in press conferences?
    hes so bloody smart!!

  568. hahahhahah!!
    Steve!! ahahahhahahh!!
    it would be funny if he didnt know how to accept so he sits there just looking at Steve’s name lol

  569. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I wouldn’t be suprised if he ends up in the media soon.

    Speaking of Woewodin, have you guys seen the clip of Harry O’s first goal?

    as he was going for a High Five I think he ended up splitting Woewodin’s nose and he had to off for the blood rule lol.

  570. Don’t be racist, Danni, I’m sure they wouldve had computers in Yuendumu.

    His profile pic is of him, Wonaeamiri and Davey

  571. lol i wasnt being racist!
    im just saying it would be funny if he didnt. my mum doesnt even know how to turn a computer on!

  572. damo, how about?
    Bluebury???? ;)

  573. Damo i watched Pendle’s first goal, it was soo CUTE out of all people to put it down his throat, it was Nathan Buckley!
    What a magical moment :)

  574. Damian Watson says

    lol that’s fine after all it is a dessert.

    Yeah that was against Brisbane, I think Bucks booted six that night.

  575. Was that Blake Carracella’s last game?

  576. yay Bluebury :) lol thats so cute!!
    oh and then i have to confess i watched the Superman matchwinner 6 times…..
    i miss him so much

  577. Justin Koschitzke did that twice this season, hit someone in the face while going for a high 5.

  578. ..i hope Riewoldt is next

  579. Remember that game in 07, Collingwood V Brisbane at the G? the score was 7.14 56 to 22.17 149 and Brennan kicked 7


  581. Yeah i remember that, Cloke kicked a ripper.

    I have watched Justin Longmuirs goal after the siren on youtube about 70-odd times

  582. Damian Watson says

    Yeah Caracella is lucky he wasn’t crippled as a result of that injury.

  583. hahahahahha Eddie, ROFL AT the Prez and his reaction to Superman’s goal!
    ive never seen him so red!! LMAOO

  584. lmaoooo Meddyy!!
    hav u guys seen meddy when the free is paid! hes all

  585. I’ll watch the Jack Anthony video again…

  586. lol i just watched it twice. :)
    ohh man ive got goosebumps….

  587. Haha yeah Medhurst is a bit crazy during it.

    What are some other good footy videos to watch on Youtube? Modern ones might i add

  588. hah im watchin Jordan McMahon now

  589. Damian Watson says

    Poor old Andy Otten, probably thought he was the hero before the umpire paid the free.

    The videos with Hitler are funny, I like the ones that involve brawls as well such as the Line In the Sand Match.

  590. Watch Chris Tarrants goal after the siren against Adelaide, its a stunning video.

    Im out, cya

  591. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I’d better be off. Cya guys.

  592. I can’t believe Andy Otten is going to miss the year, he had such a good 2009.

    Ah, highlights of Melbourne V Freo last year cheered me up

  593. gotta go now

  594. Danni, Harry O added me on Facebook, i suggest you sign up with FB and add him and check his pictures out, they are pretty cool, and some are pretty funny too lol. And you can even talk to him about how the Magpie players are going, im going to try and talk to him next time he is online.

    It’s so stinkin hot, and raining too. Got some of my christmas presents today

  595. really thats great!
    nah im not really into that stuff, the last thing i need is another distraction. lol
    it cold here!v im in my winter Pjs, i love rain!!! :)

    kool, happy with the pressies so far?
    been on HS website today? love the pic of Jolly and Ball.

  596. Yeah i seen the pic of them in the paper.

    I didnt get any big presents, just some small stuff like bonds, socks and the Geelong 2009 Year Book. I have an inkling of a feeling that Dad is gonna try and buy me the Side by Side Collingwood book by Peter Ryan. It was $35 in Big W but $50 in Target. I have a $110 Target voucher that i need to spend tomorrow but i have no idea what to get.

  597. ….hmmm chocolate?????

  598. And it was 36 degrees by 9:30 this morning, then it got really stormy and windy but its stayed at the 32 mark all day.

  599. Oh Mum bought me a chocolate deoderent pack for my brother and me today

  600. Chocolate deodorant? As in the Lynx one??
    OMGGGGG Dayyyyyummmm
    Lol don’t be surprised if u get attacked by girls if u go out wearing it lol
    My fav Lynx is VICE, love it so much I use it!

  601. Yeah the Lynx one, Mum hates the stuff, she says Lynx Stnx.

    Im happy with the deodorant pack, it comes with shower gel, the deoderant, a pen with a nice little picture on it, and i think i saw a coffee mug in there. All that for $4.85!

  602. lol as long as it smells Hawt Josh LOL.

    ipod- Hot Mess- Cobra starship

  603. Oh hell yes, i love that song

  604. Im a bit depressed actually, my laptop had a bit of a malfunction last night and i had to delete all of my music and itunes so im music-less. I’ve still got them on my ipod though

  605. .lol how annoying!!

    lmaoo imma sing it to Nathan Brown
    well this part of the song lol:
    “well you’re a hot mess and im fallin for you
    and im like hot damn let me make you my my boo”

    hahahah love to see his reaction

  606. What does make you my boo mean? I like how it fits into the song nicely but its just confusing.

  607. …you know
    like my ‘boo’ is a term used for a lovey-dovey name to call ur gf or bf.

  608. Ohh…

  609. hahah lol
    next time u see a pretty girl just go up to her and be like
    “hey Boooooo!!”

    Ipod- Tick tock- Kesha

  610. I’ll probably scare her if i say Boooo

    I like that song too, but hate the lyrics.

  611. This thread is getting too long, im almost finished my latest piece so we’ll switch when that gets put up.

    Hahaha i just saw on Ch 10 news that the Roos took on their supporters in games of paintball today and returned home battered and bruised, paintball looks very painful. It cost $8000 for a game with the Roos.

  612. lol well u have to work on it then.

    “And now the dudes are lining up cause they hear we got swagger
    But we kick em to the curb unless they look like Mick Jagger”
    hahahah Mick Jagger…imma change it to mick Malthouse. lol

  613. That’s just silly

  614. $8000? for time with Swallow?
    lol if it were me id only be chasing him.
    SWALLOW: “umm Danni, you not supposed to be hugging me.”
    ME: “YEAH…okay.”
    SWALLOW: “Ummm can u let go now?”
    ME: “….nope…”


  615. Oh if i could play a game of painty with the Roos, i would so kill David Hale..

  616. HAHAHHAAHA imagine what i would do to Toovey!
    hhahahahhah if hes lucky Superman will walk by to distract me.
    ……..supermannnnnnnnn… :)

  617. Lets see if Superman can take 4 shots from a paintball gun

  618. duhhhh hes Superman, he cant take paint to the chest! :)
    mannnnnnnnnnnnn i love Jack Anthonyyyyy!!
    hes soooo Hawt!!

  619. Hawthorn has given out their numbers for 2010, Burgoyne will wear number 9, Gibson number 6, Hooper number 20, Morton number 19 and Skipper number 42

  620. hmmmm interesting, number nine is gonna be a burden on Burgoyne.

    status- looking for pics of Emmett Cullen

  621. Why? Crawford was a good player

    Fevola was given number 5 at Brisbane, while Staker had his numbers reversed (41 to 14), Buchanan got 33, Clarke got 15 and Raines received 29. Maguire also got 36, Austin changed to 8.

    Haha today i got accused of shoplifting lol it was funny.

  622. ..omg! what?
    lol how is that funny?

  623. Coz i didnt actually do anything! And it happened about 6 times lol.

    My brother gave me a wallet last night so i took it to Shepparton today with my gift cards in it and after we were finished in Big W me and Mum walked out but the alarms starting going off so everyone in the store looked at me and i emptied my pockets: phone, wallet, 50c, all mine mind you, so i tried walkin back out but the alarm went off again and we figured out it was the wallet so i just walked out while the alarm was sounding while everyone was saying “look he just stole something!” then every shop we went into, walking out caused the same problem so i copped many more looks and had to explain myself, but i figured i can throw my wallet in the air as i walk out and catch it and the buzzer wont go off. After that someone did something to my wallet and fixed the problem lol

  624. hahhaaah!!! lol happs to me sometimes cos a metal thing on a tag of something i bought at a diff store. but they dont even stop me. it goes off and im like..”sorry its a tag from another store”
    they just nod and wave me out lol

  625. Lol but i so could have stolen something and gotten away with it today coz yeah they didnt care really coz i wasnt carrying a bag or anything.

    Where’s the other guys?

  626. hmmm im thinking

    Bluebury- is out
    PrettyRangga- at a Rangga convention
    DarlingDee- at a shopping center talking to gals, DUH lol

  627. And where would i be if i wasn’t talking to you right now?

  628. I think:

    Damo: Watching the cricket or out with friends
    Michael: Being the quietest member of the Fab 5
    Steve: Watching the cricket

  629. That last comment makes it seem like Steve has no friends haha

  630. mmm id say
    Josh- out with North boy clubbing.

    cricket..still dont get how thats fun to watch..really dont.

  631. Yeah? Well just earlier two of the cricketers had a scuffle that threatened to get a bit out of hand, a bit of push and shove it was. You expect that in footy, but cricket?

  632. righttt im sure they looked very scary in thier cricket helmet protection gear…lol

  633. Then whats so good about Netball? Mum says its a fierce sport..

  634. well i dont think its that fierce except when the umpire throws the ball up between a player from each team and who ever catches it first wins the ball.
    ive been in a few and won , a few might i add. you have to be very fast. as soon as that ball drops you gotta grab it or coach wont be happy lol. before its thrown up at about about chest height you can hands at your side, straigt one foot forward one back facing your opponent who does that same. if u just watch that it looks fierce, like a faceoff. lol also the fact that Netball relies on skill, speed and balance more than strength so emotionally its fierce. gee i miss playing :(

  635. You should play again. A girl at my school broke her arm playing netball, i mean how is that possible?

  636. yeah maybe after i finish school, cos i really miss it.
    she prob fell on it.

  637. She is a ranga too, like Michael. But a emo, goth ranga

  638. lol okayy
    you know, i think i could have made a career out of playing netball. i just loved it so much and making the team does mean there is potential, too bad.
    i could have been a famous netballer by 20.
    ..damn it

  639. Steve Healy says

    how are we folks?

  640. Steve Healy says

    why did you quit netball if you loved it so much?

  641. Steve Healy says

    Harry O added me as well!

  642. i didnt quit. i wanted to continue playing away from school after year 6 but my parents didnt have time to pick me up for training and drop me off for game meetings and all that. so i really want to get back to it as soon as i finish school, good way to keep me fit aswell.
    lol poor Harry gonna have to put up with questions like
    ‘dont u just love Jurrah? i love Jurrah..could u tell him that when if you play on him?”


  643. Michael Allan says

    Hey guys,

    soz I haven’t been on for a while. I’ll try to get onto the site more often.

  644. hmmm let me finished then?

  645. Michael Allan says

    lol no, Chris Gayle went out. I don’t even watch the cricket that much.

  646. ..rite chris Gayle..okay then.

    status- looking at hw and feeling bad for being on here instead of doing it.

  647. Michael Allan says

    What’s wrong with Chris Gayle?

  648. dude..i dont even know who he is!

  649. He has long hair (N)

  650. Michael Allan says

    geez, you obviously don’t pay ANY attention to the cricket then.

  651. well i only look long enough to figure out it cricket, then i groan, complain and very quickly change the channel

  652. Michael Allan says

    haha, fair enough. Well Chris Gayle plays for West Indies and made 161 in Adelaide and today he made 102 off 72 balls. Pretty impressive.

  653. Danni, your not an auzzie if you have no interest in cricket at all

  654. lol maybe my lebo background explains it then! lol
    i cant watch id rather stare at a wall or something.
    you cant even see if the dudes are hot cos of the head gear and the cricket clothes are all loose!

  655. Michael Allan says

    Danni, I thought the best part about playing cricket was that I was playing sport and not wearing shorts.

  656. haha, nope.
    i mean what a shame it would be if Nathan Browns’ gorgeous legs were not on display in those amazing black shorts!

    status- looking over notes.

  657. Status – loving the Hamish McIntosh picture i stuck on the top of my laptop

  658. Damo i need your help

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