AFL Grand Final: What a day! I feel privileged to have been there

The MCG carpark is always buzzing on Grand Final day. People are kicking the footy, barbecues are cooking sausages and radio booths have been set up all around the ground. It’s good to be back after being overseas this time last year.

I head over to the Triple M booth. They start throwing out freebies and I, not paying attention, get hit in the face by a poncho. I’m quite lucky; it could’ve been a lot worse.

They tell the audience to line up in a queue if you want to be involved in the quiz. I get in line but the winner is given a few spots ahead of me. I didn’t know many of the answers anyway.

As I leave the Triple M crew at one of their commercial breaks I spot a familiar face. Number 20 from the Eastland queue for Grand Final tickets walks past me towards the Triple M commentary team. It looks like he got tickets after all.

I head into the ground and meet up with Dad, Bron, B. Kane and N. Westgarth at our seats. We’re just above the umpires’ race. Dad points to where he sat for last year’s Grand Final, reminiscing on past glory.

The retiring players come around in their cars. I’m disappointed that Joel Bowden isn’t there and instead I’m stuck with Kane Johnson.

The pre-match entertainment is played near us. Jimmy Barnes sums up both team’s for today with Ain’t No Second Prize. For Geelong it will be the difference between being a good team and a great team. For St Kilda it’s about winning their second premiership ever.

Mark Ricciuto descends from a light tower to deliver the premiership cup. I quite like it and Bron tells me that it’s ten times better than last year’s entrance.

By now every seat around me is taken. It’s a bit of a mixture. There are some Geelong and St Kilda fans (probably bought tickets from scalpers) along with footy lovers of every team. B. Kane is sitting next to Dad and for now is looking reasonably calm.

The weather holds off for the opening bounce and the game gets underway.

Clarke is caught from behind early and Rooke converts. Mooney follows up with a strong mark and kicks the Cats’ second.

St Kilda’s first scoring shot comes from Kosi. I think he”ll kick it but instead he sprays it out on the full. Moments later Schneider runs in and misses from 20 metres out. The Saint fans behind me are not happy.

Saints start to wake up. Hayes and Dal Santo begin working well in the midfield and Goddard kicks St Kilda’s first. Hayes kicks the second, eliminating thoughts that a 2007 repeat was on the cards.

Selwood breaks away and kicks a fantastic goal but just before quarter-time Schneider responds. This game could go either way and is setting up for a great Grand Final.

At quarter-time I try to go to the toilet but the line is enormous. I don’t want to miss out on the match so I decide to wait until half-time.

Scarlett is unlucky to be pinged holding the ball and Dempster kicks the goal. Now the Cats need to answer back. Saints have momentum but can’t convert as McQualter and Milne (twice) can’t finish it off. Gram and Schneider again miss gettable goals. It seems to be a repeat of last year, but this year the Cats are the ones kicking straight!

But then the momentum switches again. Dawson kicks across goals only to be smothered by Hawkins. Hawkins kicks the ball … and he’s hit the post!

Dad and I can’t believe how he’s done it. We’re on the perfect angle for the kick and the ball has clearly clipped the side of the post and changed course.

Remarkably the goal umpire hasn’t spotted it and awards a goal. The replay shows the St Kilda cheer squad screaming at the umpire and pointing at the post. They will be furious if St Kilda lose by less than a goal.

Geelong increase their lead with Chapman kicking a lovely snap. Saints will want to get one back before half-time.

The Saints do and it comes from the most improved player of the year, Clinton Jones. With momentum the Saints rush it down into the goalsquare. A scramble of players go for the ball. Out of all of it comes Kosi, who gets a foot on it.

All of a sudden the scores are back level! I’m not sure why but Schneider is given a free kick in the goalsquare. He doesn’t miss this one and St Kilda go in at half-time with a one goal lead. I still have no idea who will win.

With the half-time siren sounding it signals the event that I always look forward to in the AFL: the Grand Final sprint. Not because I like athletics or I have an interest in who is the fastest AFL player. I like it because it is the only thing Richmond dominate.

I see that this year our representative is Alex Rance. I would’ve preferred Tambling or Nahas but it’s not a bad choice. They show replays of the heats. Naitanui does his hamstring while he’s in the lead. I’m guessing that’s the last time he takes part in the event.

As the race begins Mike Pyke falls over and Rance doesn’t do much better. My spirits have been crushed but I soon forget as the second half begins.

The third term is a struggle. Both teams find it hard to get clean disposals in the rain and with great defensive pressure. The first goal comes from Mooney after taking a strong mark in the goalsquare.

St Kilda respond with Gram bombing the ball down to Riewoldt, who takes a good mark on Taylor.

I’m out of my seat as Chapman wheels around his body and kicks a terrific goal. I’m out of my seat again as Montagna tries to outdo him with a snap of his own. I still can’t decide who I want to win.

Scores are level at three-quarter time. I’m nervous and I’m shaking. Yet I have nothing to be nervous about.

Chapman with an excellent kick finds Hawkins. The young boy has his biggest kick in his career … and slots it. First goal to the Cats!

The game is so intense now. Any score will do but neither team can do it. B. Kane’s whipping boy, Varcoe, dribbles the ball along the ground before kicking it out on the full. B. Kane stands up and unleashes. It’s all too much for him now.

Selwood has a chance to put the Cats in front but misses. Scores are level. Could I be witnessing a drawn Grand Final?

With the scores level the MCG ground attendants come out and a man out in front with a radio calls out “four minutes left”.

Steve Johnson goes to Abblett in the middle of the ground but Dawson gets a fist on it and the ball goes to ground. Out of nowhere comes Scarlett, who beautifully toe pokes the ball back to Ablett. Everybody is out of their seats to see what will happen next. Ablett thumps the ball deep into attack where a pack jumps over the ball. The ball comes out to Chappy, who kicks the goal. Geelong have hit the front!

Minutes tick by with St Kilda still yet to kick a goal. The ball makes its way back into Geelong’s forward 50. After much scrambling and diving Max Rooke gets a toe poke and the ball goes through for a behind. That’s got to be it.

The Saints get the ball back into attack and Geelong boldly rush the ball,  making it a goal in it. Enright kicks the ball out for St Kilda’s last chance. A pack goes up and Taylor comes down with the footy.

That’s it. I think of all the Saints fans. Still starved of a flag from 1966. How this must hurt.

The siren sounds with Rooke taking a mark inside 50. The man who kicked the first goal kicks the last and the celebrations begin.

Some St Kilda fans are storming out of the ground while others are sticking around for the presentation. The big screen shows a close up of Goddard sitting on the ground. Strapping around his nose in tears. The poor bloke played so well until he went off.

Riewoldt makes a good speech and Chapman is awarded the Norm Smith. The players receive their medals to the roar of the crowd. B. Kane turns his back to Varcoe as he receives his.

On the train home, I am surrounded by sad St Kilda fans. They have their heads buried in their hands and don’t say a word from Richmond station to whenever they get off. I loved the day and feel privileged to have been part of an amazing Grand Final.

I can see that some people don’t feel the same way.

St Kilda 3.2 7.7 9.11 9.14 (68)
Geelong 3.0 7.1 9.4 12.8 (80)

St Kilda Gram, Hayes, Goddard, Montagna, Jones
Geelong Chapman, Corey, Abblett, Bartel, Milburn, Taylor

St Kilda Schnieder 2, Goddard, Jones, Montagna, Riewoldt, Hayes, Dempster, Koschitzke,
Geelong Chapman 3, Mooney 2, Hawkins 2, Rooke 2, Selwood, Abblett, Byrnes,


  1. Fresh start people.

    Roos have taken a promising Demons player, Russell Rober…ahh got ya! Simon Buckley is training with the Roos, as is Matthew Laidlaw.

  2. Damian Watson says

    It looks like Matty McGuire is training with the Blues as well.

    Why do all my predictions turn out to be wrong?

  3. Have you read our last conversation we had yesterday on Steve’s Geelong B&F report Damo?

    The Crows’ home guernsey looks very old fashioned now

  4. Damian Watson says

    Yes I did and I’m going to spell this out to you all one more time:

    I’M NOT A MUZZA!!!

    I don’t mind the Crows new away guernsey, intresting how half the jumper is White.

    Is there any news on those sponsorship changes for Hawthorn, I thought they weren’t going to play games in Tassie next year.

  5. Nope not that i heard of.

    Damo you gotta explain what you look like, it’d make it easier so i can stop picturing you in a suit!

    Other news is that a lot of Geelong oldies are gonna start pre-season training next year so they may be underdone. Did you read the Draft special in the Herald Sun today? I liked it, and also i wanna buy that Tadhg Kennelly book

  6. Damian Watson says

    Oh I don’t know, I guess I have a bit of an Italian tan, hazel eyes, heaps of acne LOL and about 170cm tall, I like suits but I won’t be wearing them to the launch.

    Yeah I had a quick look at the Draft special.

    I’ve seen a Tadgh Kennelly documentary before on Fox Footy which was interesting so I’ll try to get my hands on the book as well.

    Oh and Shane Watson former Collingwood player is joining North Melbourne.

  7. Oh i thought you meant the Cricketer Shane Watson then lol

  8. Michael Allan says

    Hey guys, I’ll be picking the book up tonight from Daff’s house so I’ll feel priveledged to be the first to see a pic of Damo lol.

    He sounds like a handsome fellow, especially the acne bit.

  9. Have fun their Michael, tell him i say gday.

    Im lucky enough to not be struck by acne

  10. hey guys jst in for a bit before i get stuck into the books tonight.
    im hoping to get study till atleast 11:00 from now.
    im hoping to go over english, Ras3/4 and history. if im lucky ill get something else done too.
    today we wrapped presents that we bought for these little kids and ofcorse candy cant wrap! hers looked like shed made some sort of THICK barrier outside the box and then u get me with my perfect professional, i should work at myer in gift wrapping, job! LMAOOO We laughed so much at candys dogey wrapping job! im like
    “well at my wedding u wont have to put a card cos ill know what you bought me from the bodgey wrapping!”
    :) have fun without me guys! dont forget to miss me!!


  11. Michael Allan says

    I’ve never had it either,

    I’m close to 180 cm so their might be a bit of a height difference. I better be the tallest. As I’m the oldest male it’s my duty to be the tallest.

  12. Ahaha im 180 as well Michael, who knows you might grow a centimeter before the launch.

  13. Damian Watson says

    I though Channel 7’s appointment of Tom Harley was a suprise as well, I would’ve though that he’d stay at Channel 10.

    By the way here is the AFL Classic matches guide from Nov 15 onwards if anyone is intrested:

  14. Actually Michael i think im the tallest since im bang-on 180cm coz i measured myself at the doctors a few weeks ago and you said you were close to 180.

  15. Michael Allan says

    Well I’m not coompletely sure, we’ll see at the launch.

  16. Damian Watson says

    Don’t tell me I’m going to be the short ass! I wonder how tall Steve is.

    You guys are probably much bigger weight wise as well, I can’t even reach 50kg!

    Anybody can push me around.

  17. Steve Healy says

    Hey guys,

    Nah I’m close to 180, I’ve grown heaps in the past few months, so me, Josh, Michael will all be towering over you.

    I’m only 57.6kg according to my unreliable scales. Although I’m still really skinny I must’ve put on around 6kgs this year.

  18. Michael Allan says

    I’m all skin and bone. I weigh about 60. Good to know we’re all in the same bracket.

    Except for poor little Damo.

  19. Damian Watson says

    Great, now I’m the most vulnerable and smallest bloke writing in this book.

    Am I the youngest as well or is someone else in the picture, I know I am the youngest out of the much heralded Fab 5.

  20. Haha well as for me! Im around 80kg, all muscle! :)

  21. Michael Allan says

    Haha, Josh the macho country man.

    I look forward to seeing your muscles on top of muscles.

  22. Haha lol nah your first reaction to me would be oh look at that fat kid haha but that’s just my Dad’s side of the family rubbing off on me. Im pretty quick playing Footy and Tennis so im not like an overweight kid

  23. Michael Allan says

    I’m off now. When I return I’ll be able to comment on Damo’s acne covered face and tiny body.

    Haha, Danno wouldn’t like us laying into her lovechild like this.

  24. Cya, watch out for Paul’s house, it’s on an uphill street so its sorta weird lol

  25. Damian Watson says

    Josh forgive me for prying but I searched your name on Google and it came up with your school newspaper, I think the name was called Tri Hard Weekly or along those lines lol.

    Anyway I liked reading your articles but I didn’t see your name in the latest one.

    I wrote in our school newspaper as well, ours was called the Paper Clip but we weren’t allowed to write about AFL lol.

  26. Haha its alright Damo, go to my school website (just search Numurkah Secondary College) and click on Newsletters and the latest one and my articles from this week will be in their. If you search the earliest one theres a school pic of me that looks shocking lol

  27. Damian Watson says

    lol yeah I saw the picture.

    I read your artice on Central Australia, when we drove up the drive to Adelaide was as quick as a flash, probably because I have driven there on so many occasions (something I’m not proud of).

    Did you stay underground at Coober peedy? or camp outside.

  28. Steve Healy says

    Josh 80kg is bodering on fat lol nah just kidding.

    ahhh gotta go for dinner

  29. Yeah i been to Adelaide a few times before, i’ve flown their once.

    We stayed underground at Coober Pedy.

  30. Danni in for another quickie.
    jst wrote up one english essay.
    must admit i struggled a bit cos im overthinking it!

    Dont bag my Damo!!
    dont worry Damo i can 10000% garantee you that im the shorty of the group even in heels you will all tower over me!
    oh well im sure my huge nose will distract from my lack of height or vice-versa!!


  31. Michael Allan says

    I’ve returned with Almanac in hand.

    I didn’t know it was customary to write about aspirations in the bio. I think I’m the only one who didn’t say I wanted to be a journo or broadcaster. lol.

    Danni and Josh, I expected better than a facebook pic.

  32. lol what!!?
    that my only good pic! i think!!
    what does mine say??

  33. Lol that was my only good pic!!

    What does Damo look like?

    Is the book good?? Bigger than last years?

  34. Michael Allan says

    It says your a seventeen year old Collingwood drama queen who idolizes Sam Lane. She dedicates the book to her familey and school teacher Mr Andrew Starkie. She enjoys getting into fights with fellow almanacker Michael Allan.

  35. …i dont remember putting that last bit in there!! lol

    omg does my nose look big in the pic??
    ill bet it does!! OH GOD!! i tried to find a pic where my nose wasnt front on!!

  36. Michael Allan says

    You can’t see Damo’s face because he’s covered with acne. lol

    Nah he actually doesn’t have a single blemish on his face. He’s got short brown (It think) hair. Lol it’s hard to defihne him, he looks pretty neutral.

  37. Take a picture of it and send thru email! You should do that actually, of the whole book.

  38. Michael Allan says

    Haha, I’ll let you decide on that one. But you can see your nose clearly since you’ve got the girls side pose going on.

  39. Michael Allan says

    lol I could get introuble for copyright laws for that.

    WHen are you guys getting your copies.

  40. At the launch.
    that email Paul sent was so confusing!!
    im like..i get what if what?????

  41. Michael Allan says

    lol yeah I was confused too. I got six books. I think Steve gets nine cause he did two.

  42. AND that ‘girl side pose’ IS ALL I HAVE!!
    my nose looks better on the side than straight on!

  43. Nah i did two, Steve did one. Im getting 4 books and $100

  44. Michael Allan says

    Well goodo then.

    I can’t say I’ve experimented with different camera angles to find which best suits my nose.

    If you were wondering I went with the “profile” shot.

  45. Michael Allan says

    Oh yeah Josh, I just found your North Melbourne Brisbane game, I didn’t see that one.

    Steve has two aswell though. He’s got Melbourne Adelaide and Melbourne Collingwood.

  46. Is it bigger than last years Almanac? Anything new in it compared to last years?

  47. Ohh right, that’s weird Steve was telling me last night that he only did one, either that or i didnt read what he said properly lol

  48. Michael Allan says

    Comparing the two now the 2009 one is alittle bit bigger. The Almanackers bio’s go for 15 pages. I’m the third Damo is fifth last. It was hard finding Danni and Steve cause they were more in the middle. They’ve got five reports of the grand final after last year’s four.

    I think that’s the only reason this year’s is bigger.

  49. dont you love what i wrote in my piece about fev? ey Mikey??
    dont say it though, i want it to be a surprise for the rest of the guys.

  50. Michael Allan says

    lol your article was….different Danni. lol

    I feel privledged to be the first of the Fab 5 to have had a look at the book….and to have seen Damo.

  51. I was just talking to Zoccoli Broccoli, i cant believe her heels are 14cm!

  52. LMAOO YERP!! it was so funny when we were getting food and she had to go down a step and she almost lost her balance!! LMAO

  53. Well i’ve already read Round 10 so i was the first to look at that Round but your the first to havee the actual book, well done Michael

  54. Lol, oh and i thought you were just being crazy about your nose but jeez it is a tad large eyy :)

  55. Michael Allan says

    Yes it is a tremendous feat. I think that makes me leader of the fab 5.

    *Cue the pizza analogy*

  56. Nah Steve’s hit the hay surprisingly

  57. see!! yeah its huge!!!
    but i look at Federer as my role model, we can have big noses together!! :)

  58. Michael Allan says

    Yeah, it’s pretty mammoth. You can’t see where the nose ends cause the camera can’t fit it all in. lol

  59. yeah yeah I KNOW!! its MASSIVE!!!
    Hopefully nathan and superman can look past the girl with the massive NOSE!!

  60. Speaking of Federer, i have tennis tomorrow and i dunno what to wear. North Melbourne guernsey or Waaia guernsey??

  61. Michael Allan says

    Lol either would look good Josh.

    I might rock up tomorrow in my Richmond jumper, Collins or Newman?

  62. omg!! u should buy Federer clothes!!
    dont you just love his symbol??!! :)
    im dying to buy a Federer cap!

  63. Michael Allan says

    tomorrow is basketball btw.

  64. gee you guys are active!
    my legs are still sore from the Aths Carni!!
    my tomorrow- studying!

  65. Michael Allan says

    well I’m off now, bye.

  66. Haha lol comment 65 made me laugh :)

  67. CYA mikey!

    lol knew it would Joshy, knew it would!
    if ur still talking to candy ask her about Calippos!!

  68. Nah she left ages agoo lol

  69. Steve Healy says

    Are you serious Michael? I only did one for the book! Unless they put my Melbourne V Collingwood one in for the book without telling me!

  70. Steve Healy says

    Hah, guys I’ve got a funny story from last night.

    I went to bed at 8:45, in order to get up at 3:15 to watch the Carlton V Essendon Semi. And jeez did I fail. I didn’t get to sleep until at least midnight, and my alarm clock didn’t go off at 3:15 and I got up at 8:30! At least I got to watch the NBA

    I’m gonna try again tomorrow, they’ve got 3 games on so I think I’ll wake up at 6 to watch the third one (I dunno what game it is)

  71. Michael Allan says

    I hate to break it to you Steve but you’ve only got one in the book.

    The Queens Birthday one was written by Steve FAHEY. lol.

    IA bit of a shame to me because I thought it was really good lol.

    Sorry if I got your hopes up.

  72. Steve Healy says

    I thought you might’ve made that mistake. Did you realise that it was written from a Collingwood perspective?

  73. Michael Allan says

    lol looking back on it now it says “Pies supporters like me” lol.

    Nice work Mikey.

    The only thing I picked up when I read it was the first time was that he said he left the MCC area to sit in the Olympic stand where you normally sit. I didn’t think you were an MCC member but I didn’t really think about it.

  74. Lol now that makes sense.

    I just returned from town after playing tennis. I opted to wear my North guernsey and it worked out for me, winning 2 games and losing 1 in controversial circumstances. Playing Tennis in 36 degree heat is so good!

  75. Michael Allan says

    Nice work.

    I won easily in basketball today. Although it’s pretty easy when the opposition only has 4 players and 1 is fouled off by half time lol.

    I got my first points of the season.

  76. Nice job Michael.

    I was facing a tough task in my singles match, i was down 4-5, 30-40 and i need one more point to make it deuce otherwise i lost the whole match and i ran to the net and went to smash the ball down. I did that, but i just nicked the net with my racket, which is not allowed so i lost the point and the game.

  77. Michael Allan says

    Damn it that’s annoying.

    You don’t have to explain the rules of tennis to me. I’m not that stupid. lol

  78. Well everyone was asking me why i lost the point so they are the stupid ones lol

  79. Steve Healy says

    I might be starting basketball this friday, I haven’t played since year 7.

    So I take it that your not the best player Michael?

  80. Damian Watson says

    Hey guys,

    Our cricket team lost by 100 runs again lol. I made 12 before being bowled on the off stump. It was sweltering out on the ground, not as bad as Black Saturday though.

  81. Luckily for me Tennis takes a break around the time Black Saturday was here.

  82. Damian Watson says

    Damn right, I couldn’t breathe while I was batting on that fateful day back in February.

    By the way it’s 7/11 Day today if anyone is interested.

  83. Steve Healy says

    Yeah it is too I don’t think I can make it to 7 eleven today though

  84. This morning i told Mum to drive me to Melbourne coz it was 7/11 day, and she gave me a foul look lol

  85. hey active dudes! lol
    ive been very active too, jst finished some media hw and
    about to start history study!
    ill check in with you fellas later!


  86. attention peoples!!!

    Dustin Martin!!!!
    LOOKS like he will be a Tiger at Pick 3 i think it was.
    the richmond membership jst went up by 83728947834789!!

  87. Lol i read that article today as well Danni

  88. Lol i read that article today as well Danni

    I cant wait for the draft, Ben Cunnington in a Roos guernsey will look very delecious

  89. Herald sun always have the bestlooking pics!!
    im already on the Dustin bandwagon!! :)
    what a CUTIEEEEEEEEEE!!!
    Ben Cunnington??? mmm is he cute?

  90. Check yesterdays paper they had a picture of him lol

  91. Speaking of the greatest paper in the world, the Dees have welcomed a discarded key-forward into their training. And Steve’s not gonna find out who it is because he’s of “The Age”

  92. hmm nah josh, hes not much of a stunner like HAWT D.Martin!
    lol im like so into him cos he kinda looks like JOE!
    his hair style is the same cept Joes is darker and Joe isnt as built.

  93. lol steve!
    yep wonder what he would do if the great HS put out an article about a pizza theory!

  94. Haha, i might have asked this before but is Joe coming to the launch?

    If you want a clue of who the player is, he shares the last name with an Aussie swimming legend

  95. well i couldnt bring him even if i wanted too.
    you see, my family is pretty strict and if they knew
    id be so dead and grounded for the rest of my life!!!!
    so my fam doesnt know which means i cant bring him wif me.

  96. They dont know Joe exists??

  97. Nope.
    like i said they are really strict about me having a relationship
    while im still in highschool.
    which is why i dont get to see him much.
    we live on phone and txt.
    its like a long distance relationship i guess.

  98. Fair enough, but what you wrote about him in one of your articles on here, what if your parents saw that? Plus these comments? lol

  99. well thats why were going to shutup about that subject starting…now LOL

  100. Steve Healy says

    Jeez Danni you better hope your parents aren’t reading this

  101. so steve brings it up again.

  102. I just got told by my folks that im getting a haircut before the launch. Lol how funny of them, i love it when they JOKE around..

  103. lmao well joshy i think you should get one uless u want me to mistake you for Daisy Thomas lol
    im cutting my fringe for the launch.

  104. Hmm then i’ll have…Lance Franklin hair! :(

  105. nah dont do that, maybe try a hawkins or a Mackie.

  106. Well when i apply my hair crap i sorta look like Justin Westhoff haha not Robbo anymore

  107. Steve Healy says

    lol Danni, I had a free slurpee today!

  108. lol thats cute steve.
    Westhoff eyy? i dont know why i find that guy appealing!
    he has okay hair maybe if it was jst a bit shorter…
    im jst gonna do my hair the way i did it in those party pics u saw, jst straight and free.

  109. Steve, you said you werent gonna be able to go to a 7/11 today, so you lied to me. Once again, this friendship is over!

  110. naaaaaaaawww JOSHYYYYYY!!!
    :( im still ur buddy rite?

  111. Speaking of the Hoff, did you know he has ANOTHER brother in the draft this year? So there will be a Justin, Matthew and Nick Westhoff next year! They breed like Selwoods

  112. lol well Tania and James Hird have produced an Essendon future midfield!!
    plus theres still time, cos theyr still young!

  113. If you can get this question right then yes your my buddy:

    What colour is my roof?
    (a), Green
    (b), Blue
    (c), Black
    (d), Red
    (e), White

  114. Steve Healy says

    I wonder if he’ll go to Port as well?

    Sorry, I got hit in the head with a baseball bat and carried into a sack into 7/11.

    Don’t put that hair crap in it’s crap

  115. And i hear they are working on the backline tonight ;)

  116. Steve Healy says

    Liam and Danielle Jurrah are working on a Melbourne forward line!

  117. ROFL JOSH,
    cheeky boy Joshyy!!

    …ummm White and blue cos u painted it to look like the North Gersey?? :)

    .steve what hair crap??

  118. well steve i can agree with your statement.
    because im Danielle Eid, Danielle Jurrah whoever she may be is welcome
    to produce a forward line with who ever she wants, it got NOTHING to do with ME.

  119. Wrong! Your not my buddy Danni, im sorry! Its over! :(

  120. WHAT :(


  121. Does this site have a crying smiley??

  122. :'(

  123. Steve Healy says

    Josh, what were you on in comment 88? lol

    Ok, I’ll be more specific. This Danni goes for Collingwood, takes pictures in bathrooms during parties with a girl wearing 14cm heels, and says OMG and Nawwww in every sentence.

  124. Has anyone else noticed the tiny smiley face at the very bottom of this site?

  125. its red isnt it? a red ceiling?

    too late steve! mwhahahah!!!

  126. lmaoo omg i was jst looking at it! :)

  127. OMG would that be Danni?? Naww me and my mate were in the bathroom today taking pictures coz he was wearing 14cm heels

  128. hmmm id like to see u guys hack out a whole night and dancing in heels!!

  129. Oh and comment 88 was about the Dustin Martin article in the Herald Sun today, im guessing Danni read it today and thats why she’s going mental over him

  130. yes your guessing right josh, cos he looks like a certain spunky someone….

  131. Steve Healy says

    Sorry Josh20 I was actually refferring to your name.

    Why don’t you just take your shoes off when you dance?

  132. what! NO WAY!!
    It looks cheap!!
    i dont wanna look like a disgraced drunk who looks like ive losy my shoes which i would have paid about a 100 bucks for!

  133. Steve Healy says

    Thats why you spend $100 on better things, like admission to footy games!

  134. omggg u have no idea how hot my heels would look with my demin short-shorts and c’wood gersey!!
    only problem is walking form the car to the MCG and all those bloody stairs!!

  135. Oh i was gonna change my name to Josh20 coz that’s what i do when i write my name on anything, but the comment wouldnt post so i changed back but the comment must’ve gotten thru

  136. Steve Healy says

    Yes that would look hot if it was a Melbourne jumper!

    just take your shoes off to make your bare feet absorb the stories of the hallowed ground

  137. wow steve,,
    that was very poetic! :)
    i love it!!

    and yes…i would look hot in a Melb jumper.

  138. Would you look hot in a Freo jumper?? NO!

  139. lol fair comment Josh LOL, About the freo thing

  140. Steve Healy says

    I’m a poetic sort of guy.

    Yes, you would look hot in a Melbourne jumper!!!

  141. Dayumm, you’d like alright in the new Adelaide clash jumper though lol

  142. just take your shoes off to make your bare feet absorb the stories of the hallowed ground
    – Steve Healy

    serioulsy THATS AMAZINGLY beatiful…..

    yeah id prob turn a few red n blue heads if i wore one..LOL

  143. Dayyyyyyumm girl!!

    I think id look pretty swell in a North jumper too..

  144. Lol i said that to my teacher a few weeks ago :)

    Haha okay Danni i’ll let you wear my North jumper on the Launch night


    lol itl look like a dress on me!!

  146. Who said a female teacher?? Lol haha nah she was a female, but she’s like 20 so im allowed to say it!

  147. Steve Healy says

    I don’t like the Adelaide jumper as much as their last away one, I really think they should’ve kept their current one.

  148. lmaoo well duh it was a female, imagine saying DAYYYYUMM GIRL to a male teacher! LOL
    What did she say??

  149. i think the white part of the new clash jumper should be yellow.

  150. Well she didnt hear me luckily lol

    The former Crows clash was horrible, im talking about the Red one with Blue and Yellow hoops

  151. Steve Healy says

    Is she hot?

  152. Ohh gross Danni! Have you got no fashion idea at all???

  153. I’ll tell you on Bookface

  154. lmaaoo, i feel bad for male student teachers who come to my all girls school!
    if they are young and pretty, you can count on girls paying extra attention in class.

  155. too much white JOSH!! they look FAT

  156. Steve Healy says

    Yes I hated that one too Josh, that was terrible but I really liked their one this year, the colours look great

  157. Lol where’s Michael? I bet he’s right into 2009 Footy Almanac at the moment, i reckon he’d be up to…page three!

    I just asked an Italian friend on Bookface if guys are classified as Muzza’s and she said only the ones who think they are top shit are Muzza’s

  158. Im so not getting over that line steve, lock it away in a pretty glass box and use it for next season.

  159. no thats not true!!!
    they have to dress the part its not all about attitude.

  160. Yeah that one was alright, but in 2008 they used it as an away jumper while the awful Red was the clash. So they hit two birds with one stone by having this white one as an away and clash.

    Danni, have you seen the pic of Bernie Vince wearing it? He’s probably the player most girls would be going after so if you think he looks fat then i’ll believe you about the jumper

  161. yes thats the pic i saw and automatically went- omg he looks fat for a footy player!!
    then i waas like..yup its the WHITE

  162. Nahh i reckon it made him look slim!

  163. LOL im gonna look like im going to Oaks day with what im wearing at the launch!

  164. Steve Healy says

    Hahaha Michael would be struggling to read the title.

    Josh, first I thought that you were calling it bookface to avoid avertising on this website.

    Facebook- connect with your friends:


    The best place to get your footy news


  167. Steve Healy says

    Best place to see try hard advertising!


    The best place to view a country kid, a fashionable Magpie, a Jurrah obsessed boy, a small acne covered Blue and a tall Ranga talking about something that has nothing to do with footy!

  169. I Cant wait to get my fringe trimmed!!

  170. nawww Leave my Damo alone..

    steve dont even think about it pizza boy

  171. I cant wait to get my “haircut”. Ha ha ha ha…

  172. Steve Healy says
  173. ohh i think well be putting our media vid on u-tube WHEN were done.


  175. Steve Healy says

    Danni, the fab 5 are like 5 equal slices of Pizza, we’re all equal.

  176. Lol imagine Steve as a pizza delivery man-person

    Steve: Here’s your pizza
    Bob: Um, why is there 5 flavours? I only wanted bolagnaise
    Steve: Now look, why have just one flavour when you can spread it out equally, there are no favourites
    Bob: I, wanted, BOLAGNAISE!!

  177. Damian Watson says

    Danni you remind me of Chris Crocker!

  178. Steve Healy says

    Dustin Martin isn’t even good looking, I thought you’d find his face ugly

  179. OMG STEVE!!
    How many time do i ahve to say i love u all but Damo jst gets that 1% more!

  180. steve…Dustin looks like joe.

  181. Steve Healy says

    Ah Damo comes in with a BANG!

  182. lmaoo Damo lmaooo!!
    yeah here i go…

    “LEAVE DAMO ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  183. Steve Healy says

    Well, I know that I don’t have a favourite!

    I might listen to some music now- one of the 8,000 songs my sister put on itunes.

  184. WHAT!
    Steve i though i was your favourite, you know cos i look so hot in a melb jumper and all.

  185. I got 451 songs on itunes :)

    A friend on bookface was downloading 449 songs! 449!

  186. Steve Healy says

    You’re all my favourite somethings:

    Josh: Favourite guy with a mis-pronunced surname and town.

    Danni: Favourite Collingwood nutella eater.

    Michael: Favourite person who accuses me of having two match reports when I only have one.

    Damo: Favourite italian, acnified guy who gives me the latest news on footy replays on 72

  187. lol i love music, makes me cry, laugh, dance, drift away into dreams far from reality..

  188. no steve this wont do!
    its cute being ur fav nutella eater and all but come on i thought i was ur favourite!!!
    im feeling very unloved steve!!!

  189. Dont ya love it how Damo drifts in with one big comment then leaves again without a word? So mysteriously..

  190. Steve Healy says

    very nice Danni.

    Music gives me the edge of self-companionship, while giving me enough realism to stay up.

  191. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, for Damo it’s about quality not quantity.

  192. You sound like a complete retard Steve!! :)

  193. lol thanks steve.

    lmaoo josh u sound like me and candy whne we talk about guys!!

  194. Comment number 10 seems to have come back and bitten me badly!

  195. Steve Healy says

    Shut up Josh at least my audience aren’t blind people.

    Danni is this better:

    The fab 5 are like 5 nutella jars, all equal except Danni ate a 1% of one

  196. Steve Healy says

    Just a few days ago, I popped a massive pimple that I had on my nose for about a week. Everyone at school was pointing in out and giving ridiculous advice on how to get rid of pimples.

  197. lol ur not the only one.
    all this stress has caused me to breakout!!
    luckily for me i can cover my face with foundation and bronzer.
    Steve doesnnt sound like a retard!! hes very sensitive and poetic…

  198. lmaoo..mmmmmmmmmmm nutella

  199. I woke up the other morning with two pimples on the outside of my mouth, ruining my perfect skin! Then today i found one above my monobrow! I get complimented when i walk in the chemist coz of my skin lol its embarrassing

  200. ill bring my tweezers and ill fix ur monobrow at the launch.

  201. Steve Healy says

    One abrove my monobrow lol that was hillarious

  202. NOOO!!!

  203. lol whyy?? it wont hurt. ill lie down on some carpet, put ur head on my lap and gently use the tweezers to pluck out the unwanted unibrow and the rest of the fab 5 can hold u down and stop u from screaming.

  204. ill open my own beauty salon and ull be my first customer

  205. Steve Healy says

    Hahaha, I think his got a thing for his mono brow.

    That’s good Danni, now I know I won’t be the only one lying down! lol

  206. Haha maybe me and the rest of the guys should get to work on YOUR eyebrows :P

  207. ha no way, ive already booked my appointment at the same place i get waxing and haircuts done!

  208. Steve Healy says

    I need some work on my eyebrows- some work on growing some lol

  209. steve dont u want me to shape ur eyebrows for u?
    like i said ill jst lie u down head on my lap and gently pluck away, ull need less of a job than joshy though!

  210. Haha, i dunno why but darker girls always have thick eyebrows.

    I might get my hair coloured before the launch, might get it done at the Motel we’re staying at for the night

  211. yeah thats cos darker girls have european background.
    nahh bring the dye to the launch and i do it for u after i finish ur eyebrows!!

  212. Steve Healy says

    Josh, how often do you colour your hair? jeez

  213. ive still gotta put straps on my dress and send it to the dry-cleaner for ironing.

  214. Steve Healy says

    I’m gonna get ready for the launch 5 mins before I leave.

  215. Lol wouldnt it be funny if the people of the Almanac were growing Mo’s for Movember, so we would see people like Gigs and Daff with mo’s, not to mention Danni!

  216. Everytime i get it cut, which is 4 times a year. Im gonna get dressed at school lol

  217. lmaoo well if i did have one id do a Jaxon Baram!! lmaoo

    I have to race home from exams fix my hair, do my makeup and get dressed!!
    i finish at 3:20 so ill get home at like 4:00 which only gives me a few hours!!
    ohh god my makeup is gonna look worse than at the party!!

  218. Is this a record breaking night on The longest one Danielle Eid has stayed up to talk to the fellow members of the Fab 5?

  219. yeah..i should be studying!!
    :( argggg!! i hate YEAR 11

  220. Steve Healy says

    ONLY a few hours? Come on!

    I’ve never dyed my hair and I never plan to

  221. LOL you guys jst wait..ur all in ur jeans and gerseys and u get me looking like im going to a wedding!!!

  222. Steve Healy says

    Yes, definitely. It’s usually just you and me at this time Josh

    I should probably be studying as well but this website is so fun!

  223. You should Steve, it makes you look very unique. I dyed my hair black in year 5 and everyone said i looked like Elvis

  224. Steve Healy says

    Do your parents encourage you to dye your hair? lol

    Josh: good night

    Josh’s Mum: You forgot to dye your hair

    Josh: Not again Mum!

    Josh’s Mum: And you also forgot to feed the animals

    Josh: I’ll dye the animals instead


  226. I should be in bed! lol

    Actually i wont be wearing just anything on the Launch night. Mum wants me to wear some nice pants and a nice collar, button up shirt and some nice shoes, but i’ll still have my North jumper over the top. Will that look dorky and not fashionable?

  227. Steve Healy says

    Another record for this night goes to Damo: Most influential 1-comment stand in the history of the site!

  228. LOL good ur mum knows what shes doing, yeah ull look much more mature.

  229. guys im gonna go.
    im tired and i need to study!! jsut for 20 mins more atleast!

    adieu! :P

  230. Steve Healy says

    I’m really not fussed about what I wear, I’ll still look alive.

    I won’t touch my hair. Have you even seen any pictures of me Danni?

  231. Hmmm i might go with a Muzza look and get some white pointy shoes, and cant forget the white aviators!!

  232. yeah on google, jst email me some recent ones!

    night fellas!!

  233. Lol bye Danni, nice having a chat with you

  234. Steve Healy says

    aviators are a no no

  235. Steve Healy says

    I will later Danni, have a nice night

  236. Lol that sounds about right, Mum is always pestering me about not feeding the animals.

    I might follow Danni’s lead and get to bed, see if i can get to sleep before it hits Sunday

    Night all

  237. Steve Healy says

    oh well.

    That leaves me.

    Surely someone has the knack to stay up this late

  238. Hi Michael…loved reading your GF article (s)..I also came over from SA just to experience what a GF was like. I’m a Crows supporter and because of their policy to just make the 8 each year, I doubt we will ever make a GF. But anyway I did have to pay $1200 to purchase a GF ticket (but at least-no line up!), so unless the Crows do make one- I doubt I will be coming over again in the near future.
    Your are lucky to have an AFL membership.
    I note that your a Tigers supporter…..just to make you envious I should let you I was there when the Tigers won their last Flag…1980 I think – when they killed the Pies!, and those were the days when the average footy supporter could purchase a cheap GF ticket without even lining up….the corporisation of AFL has resulted in many ‘grass root’ supporters missing out when it comes to the big and most important day!

  239. Jenny, the Crows, in my opinion, are on of the favourites to at least make the Grand Final next year.

  240. are *one of the favourites

  241. Michael Allan says

    Thanks Jenny.

    I’m appreciating AFL meembership more and more. This year in particular I realised how lucky I was to be attending paying face value while many members of the supporting teams went without.

    Yes, I’ve missed on the Richmond glory days. All I’ve only attended two Richmond finals. Apart from that I’ve witnessed countless floggings and that’s about it.

    I’m jealous of Adelaide. A Richmond final will feel like the last Saturday in September to me.

  242. Michael Allan says

    It’s hard to tell Josh.

    I rate Geelong St Kilda Bulldogs as the tope 3

    then Collingwood, Adelaide, Brisbane and Hawthorn

    It’s hard to tell what Essendon and Carlton will be like.

  243. Despite all my fake fixture predictions, i believe the premiership will be up for grabs for Adelaide, the Bulldogs, Hawks and the Saints next year. Geelong will fall, Essendon wont handle the pressure of a tough draw and the Blues will find it hard without Fevola. And Richmond will finish ninth..

  244. Michael Allan says

    My early predictions are

    St Kilda

    I agree with you on Carlton and Essendon.

    I’m not sure why Geelong would fall out of the top four coming off a premiership.

    I also predict after Bradd Scott’s “No Excuses” speech North Melbourne will draft duds, finish in the bottom 3, membership sales will hit an all time low and the call for North Melbourne to relocate will again rise from the AFL.
    Sorry Josh.

  245. Umm no, that won’t happen. We are drafting Ben Cunnington, a star in the making, and with the midfield full of class, the backline settled and an open forward line, plus a favourable draw, the Roos WILL make the top 8 next year.

  246. Michael Allan says

    Keep dreaming.

  247. josh i jst saw his pic again..on the best site from the best paper, and hes not a stunner.

  248. gezz ite bloody hot today!!
    im jst lazing around in pink boxers and a singlet!
    and TRYING to revise for my exams which are in 7 days!! OHH GOD

  249. Yeah 36 degrees, dont ya reckon Gary Rohan looks like Michael?? lol

  250. LOL OMG thats exactly what i thought! although i still havnt seen micheal.
    but i have to agree with u josh i think North will make the 8, if they play with the passion. in footy anything is possible.

  251. Michael Allan says

    Hilarious Josh.

  252. Hey thats a compliment Michael, Rohan is a freak

  253. this is random but the other day we were driving on the freeway and i look au at this massive billboard thingo for Eddie’s breakfast show and then i saw the OH-SO-HANDSOM Luke Darcyy!!!

  254. Michael Allan says

    Yeah hye looks pretty good but not all red heads look the same.

  255. No way Mikey!! thats so not a compliment from a girls perspective!!
    the only red head i find pretty good looking is Rupert Grint.

  256. Nah seriously when i first saw him i was like jeez he looks like Michael.

    Status- playing Lego Indiana Jones on Xbox 360

  257. joshy, there are so many wierd things about ur status….

  258. Why?? I can either be playing with my Wii or my Box

  259. lol lego indiana jones?

    i play games like Topspin ans Sims.

  260. I got Topspin 2, and im only playing LIJ coz i never played it before and im bored.

  261. Michael Allan says

    I’ve never played the lego games but they seem pretty poular. I like sports games. FIFA is the best.

  262. Michael, they’re crap!

    I only got 4 games, they are way too expensive to buy.

  263. ..hmm where mr.Jurrah?

  264. I was talking to him before on Bookface, i was annoying him :)

  265. imagine if i did end up marrying Jurrah, Wonder what steve would so besides never leaving my house!

  266. Haha imagine if Jurrah was the surprise guest speaker at the launch

  267. ROFL!! STEVE would pull his hair and start crying like a jonas fan!!!
    OR he would passout. then hed prob try to make him propose to me or something

    Roger vs. Djokovic in Basel final
    Sunday’s final at the Swiss Indoors in Basel will be disputed between the two top-seeds.



  268. Steve Healy says

    Yes, Jurrah will come to the launch. Even if he isn’t invited he’ll manage to get there.

  269. So will Warren and LeCras

  270. omg!! OMGG BASED ON THE ‘he will be there even if he wasnt invited’ and supermans history as a party crasher…SUPERMAN WILL BE AT THE LAUNCH!!!


  271. did u guys see the thing Tim Lane is gonna be at!!

  272. Steve Healy says

    Hahahaha are you gonna go to the Tassie book launch Danni?

    it would be good if Sam Lane came to our launch!!
    ofcourse one of u will have to stand a meter behind me at all times incase
    i pass out from being in awe. lol
    u should decide this now.

  274. you know even after that THIRD EMAIL, NO REPLY!!

  275. Steve Healy says

    The Age get so many emails that it’s hard to reply- unlike the Herald Sun who get a couple every month.

  276. oh come on steve!! I SENT 3!! BASICALLY STATING THE SAME THING!
    They should have emailed me to tell me to shutup!! but they didnt even do that!

    did u guys get an email from John.H? about tafe or something?

  277. i miss dean laidley… :(

    lmaoo trying to get a reaction for Josh

  278. ..

  279. Dear Danielle,

    It’s Sam Lane here, and i would like to say that we got your email, in fact we got all three of them. You could have been more original and not just send the same email three times, it really annoys us down at the Age. Now after consulting with the rest of my colleagues, we have decided to tell you to rack off and stop bothering us!!


    Sam Lane. xx

    Haha, yeah i got an email from JTH, didn’t really understand it though

  280. lol yay !! lmaoo i was serious about dean though, hes fine lookin for his age. :)

    gee A REPLY??? FROM SAM LANE..under the heading ‘Josh says’…
    should i be sus about this?? LOL

  281. No no she sent it to me to forward to you

  282. LOL ohhh okayy…
    well tell her to come to the launch!! LOL

    You know i would always get excited watching North’s press conferences!
    dean was so cute when he tried to answer stuff…

  283. Lol Mum used to always bag him coz he would take a deep breath and sorta suck in air with his teeth before he answered something

  284. lol NAWWWWWW!!! lmao :)
    he was so cute!
    serious loss to North! i mean he could have teamed up with Brad.Scott!
    Brad is very smart in press conferences, he leanrt that from Mick u know!!
    that way dean could be all cute and brad could say all the serious stuff!

  285. is gigs still the one posting pieces cos i sent in a piece today.
    lol at who ever has to edit it.

  286. What was the piece about? And i think Daff and John are putting pieces up now. But still send them to Gigs, that’s what he said to me

  287. oh the piece is about the God of the tennis world.
    (no not u joshy! lol)
    im talking about the great R.Federer.
    who ever reads it is gonna be like.
    ….yeah, this is danni’s work alight, her normal girly touch all over it!

    naww how annoying i dont have any frees 2mro!!
    but i have 2 on Tuesday. you know i think im going to do work in those frees.
    that way i wont feel guilty when i spend hours on the net.

  288. Fair enough, im gonna start writing a piece now, its been ages since i’ve written something

  289. Steve Healy says

    Stupid frees.

    What are you writing about Josh?

  290. lmaoo id say hes writing about his lovechild

  291. Lol you people will find out when it gets posted

  292. what? NO FAIR Joshy..i tol u what mine was about!!

    random quoute for the day-
    ‘look like the innocent flower but be the serpent under it’ -Macbeth

  293. Steve Healy says

    Good idea Danni, lol. I’m stuck for ideas in the writing department. I might finish my best and fairests though

  294. Warren is so cool!
    hes so fast and talented and pretty..i think even though danni disagrees.
    who cares, cos hes sooo COOL and awesome and hes my lovechild….

  295. lol macbeth is awesome steve, i recon u should rent it.
    i only saw like 2 mins of internet vid for my federer piece!\
    i couldnt find a live showing without having to put credit card details!!
    so mine a bit on the semi he played and the rest is danni talk.

  296. Lol yeah but it was your choice to tell me Danni, and i can tell im in a writing mood coz im nearing two pages already

  297. shezzzzzzz two pages on Warren!
    lol steve would prob have like 50 pages on Jurrah!
    LMAOOOO hahahha!

  298. Lol its not on Warren!

  299. Steve Healy says

    Why should I read Macbeth?

    Lol you’re too enthusiastic Josh, you’ve already planned the story for Brisbane V Carlton next year and now this!

  300. no dont read it! WATCH IT on dvd!!
    make sure its the latest version though.
    its really GOOD thats why!!!
    out of all the shakespeare stuff ive done Macbeth is my favourite and its not ROMATIC!!

  301. Steve Healy says

    Lol, true Danni, in my Melbourne best and fairest report I said I could talk about Jurrah for the length of the 2007,2008 and 2009 almanacs combined.

  302. lol imagine me typing up wedding vowes for my wedding to superman and nathan.b

  303. I finished!

  304. Steve Healy says

    Well done Josh. I’m trying to get some homework done at the moment.

    Josh, do you like the look of Majak Daw, the african guy who’s gonna be in the draft this year? Apparently the frontrunner to get him are the Roos.

  305. Who???

    Also im looking forward to the arrival of Mitch Taylor, Scott Taylor and another Taylor person that i can’t remember the name of lol they are all from Northern Territory, but aren’t related!

  306. Kevin Sheedy has been announced the coach of the new Western Sydney side. Big surprise that.

    Status – In science :)

  307. Damian Watson says

    Well their was always the rumour that floated around that Sheeds would make a comeback since the inception of the side was announced.

    I think it’s a great pick up for the Western Sydney market, similar to Ron Barassi with the Sydney Swans back in 1993.

  308. Like the Herald Sun said, its too bad we wont see Kevin Sheedy and Paul Roos oppose each other

  309. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I read that article.

    How was Science? lol.

    Other news today, Andrew Welsh and Nathan Lovett-Murray have recieved two year contract extensions, no suprises there I guess.

  310. Steve Healy says

    It seems like Maguire’s a definite Blue now.

    I didn’t read that article.

    For my school assignment that I handed in today (one where we had to write a letter to a newspaper). I did mine on their decision to ban cameras from the Brownlow after party.

  311. Why didnt you read that article today Steve?

    Science was alright, i spent most of the lesson on the computer printing out resume forms and playing with my shoelaces.

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