Round 2: St Kilda vs Richmond – A Formal way to watch footy

I hate missing Richmond games. It’s bad enough not being at the ground, but to not even be able to watch the game on tv is just torture.

Sadly this is my situation tonight. The school’s year 12 formal is being unthoughtfully held on the same night as my beloved Tigers, I have no choice but to succumb to peer pressure and miss my Tigers for a week.

But I’m not going into tonight without a plan, my first order of business once at the venue; find as many people with iphones as possible. After 5 minutes I’ve found three reliable sources for updated scores, the most reliable source comes from a keen St Kilda supporter, Andrew. I get the feeling after one quarter I won’t want to hear any more updates from him.

To make matters worse,in the midst of all the photos, socialising and dancing I don’t get a chance to check on the scores. Mum is watching delayed on Seven and gives me the first update:

“Richmond down by 2 goals, Jack injured”

Riewoldt injured! No! What’s wrong with him? Is it bad! A million questions raced through my mind from Mum’s vague text. I tell anyone who will listen about Riewoldt, the result seems almost set in stone now. If I wasn’t already freaking out the next message from Mum really sends me in a state of shock.

“Riewoldt gone with concussion, subbed off”

Shit. I pass the message onto Andrew. He’s rapt with the news, there’s not much point getting updates now. The only pleasure I have is in the fact I chose not to go, main course is served and I try to take my mind of footy…

After a brief spell away from footy I go back to Andrew to see how bad the damage is. “Richmond up by five at half time” he miserably replies. I’m stunned. Turns out King , Martin and Cotchin are chipping in for Riewoldt’s absence, what an effort!

The score updates start coming from everwhere now. I can’t go anywhere without hearing an update.
“Richmond’s still up by nine.”
“Saints just got one back.”
“Richmond might actually win this”
The stress is building up, a win against St Kilda is unimaginable, I can’t remember a time where we actually beat them!

By the time the fourth quarter rolls by I’m glued to the Iphone. I sit next to Andrew as the awards are given out for best dressed. After all my comparisons to Adam Cooney I don’t fancy my chances and pay attention to the scoreboard instead. Andrew becomes frustrated with St Kilda’s increasing behinds.

The best couple get announced, the year level cheer them on while I’m on my feet as well – celebrating a Deledio goal. The teams go goal for goal. The rest of the year level get up to dance while Andrew and I stay firmly in our seats. As time ticks on more and more boys look over our shoulders, the anticipation is building.

Two quick St Kilda goals later and I’ve given up. As per usual we’ve obviously run out of legs and now the Saints will run away with it and win by 40 odd points. It was a good effort from the boys and without Jack I can’t really be dissapointed.

In defeat, I leave the crowd of boys and head to the dancefloor. I promise myself I’ll stay here with a group of people until the game’s over. 30 seconds into the first song and a loud cheer comes from the crowd of boys. I bolt. Pushing to the middle of pack I desperately look for the phone. Shaun Grigg has kicked a goal! I can’t leave my post now.

The next 6 minutes is a blur of yelling, pushing and score updating. As the scores draw level the time updates become equally important.

“How much time is left?”
“Will it go into extra time?”
“There’s no extra time in AFL dickhead!”

Finally Andrew’s phone stops updating. “Full time!” he yells out. “It’s a bloody draw!” I storm off to the other side of the room to compose myself. After a minute of reflection I go down to sit with Andrew, everyone else has already moved on.

We briefly go over the stats but they show us nothing. It won’t be until tomorrow when I sit down to watch the replay will I get a good understanding of what took place, but for now the night is still young. We can’t focus on the result any longer, after all this is my year 12 formal. There are other things in life besides football.


  1. Steve Healy says

    Nice comeback report, Mike.

    As for that dickhead who said “will it go into extra time”, he shouldve kept quiet.

  2. Agreed Steve, it’s almost as bad as that kid that said “Who’s number 14 for Geelong?” at that game we went to last year..

    Great report Mike, look forward to reading more from you in the coming weeks.

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