Danga’s got the gout: welcoming new sponsor Kate Burke and Think Agri

Kate Burke loves all the good stuff. She is also a highly-credentialed and respected farming consultant.

South Africa v Australia – First Test, Durban: Thoughts and comments?

The First Test between South Africa and Australia started last night at Kingsmead, Durban. John Harms has a few thoughts. Check out the comments thread.

A response to Earl O’Neill’s fashion tips (from Tom Junod)

Earl O’Neill recently offered some fashion advice to Almanac readers – well, blokes really. He paid little attention to skivvies. This piece by Tom Junod, published in GQ, offers some counterbalance. [I am eternally grateful to Jimmy ‘Two Bob’ Weston for a number of things – and this is one of them. JTH]

Tassie footy in the context of community, people, life

This beautiful song and clip from David Bridie, set in Tasmania, is a reminder of footy and community. It’s timely.

AFLW: Tipping comp (the season starts this Friday Feb 2)

AFLW 2018 starts this Friday. Join our AFLW footy tipping comp.

Introducing Kasey Symons

Meet Kasey Symons, our new women’s footy editor who has just joined the Almanac team.

Presenting The Tigers’ Almanac 2017: Ninth no more

We bring you The Tigers’ Almanac 2017. Read all about it.

Almanac Historic Moment: Men’s and Women’s AFL seasons for the first time ever

Remember this historic year with the set of two books – the story of the first season of AFLW and the Tigers’ premiership.

Almanac (Local) Cricket: That’ll do it

Not only did Luke Reynolds play a vital role in Pomborneit’s win over Terang on Saturday, it was captured on video. [Brilliant – Ed]

The Tigers’ Almanac Launch

Fun launch of The Tigers’ Almanac at the North Fitzroy Arms on Wednesday night. Here’s a pic and a few words.

The Tigers’ Almanac 2017 is here!

The Tigers’ Almanac is here! And it looks sensational. It has JTH’s kids going, and for very good reason.

Launch of The Tigers’ Almanac 2017 – Dec 13 (All welcome)

The Tigers Almanac 2017 is being launched on Dec 13. All welcome. (Send this link to all Tigers). Books available on the night. (And now). This will be a party. I reckon it will be worth being there just for the singing of the song. And, of course to stock up on copies of the book.

Register of photographic images of ABC Cricket Book scorecards (and covers).

We know there must be handwritten scorecards out there. Take a photo of a scorecard from your old ABC Cricket Book and send it to us.

The Ashes – First Test: Give us your running commentary on proceedings at the Gabba

Add your thoughts via the comments section.

The Almanac XI v Adelaide Lutheran: Thrust your name before the selectors

The honour of the Almanac is at stake.

The Almanac Cup trifectas have been decided

Check out the Almanac trifecta. The proceeds will go to the charity of Rowdy Adam’s choice.

Memoir: Facing Michael Kasprowicz

John Harms has faced a Test bowler at a Test venue, and lived to tell the tale. Just. He was put into this situation because he paid insufficient respect to the top opening bowler.

Dinner with Yoshi (Oct 27) – all welcome.

Yoshi is in town. Join him for dinner on Oct 27 at the North Fitzroy Arms.

Almanac Milestone: 4,998,443 at 11.30am Thursday

The Almanac is approaching a milestone. Find out more here.

Almanac Classics (in a milestone week for the Almanac)

The Almanac is about to celebrate a major milestone. We’ve published many brilliant pieces over the years but, neglectfully, we have forgotten to categorise them as ‘Almanac Classics’. We need your help.

Nominate a piece which you think is a classic – and we’ll highlight it this week, and make it an Almanac Classic and feature it on the home page.