The Tigers’ Almanac Launch

Fun launch of The Tigers’ Almanac at the North Fitzroy Arms on Wednesday night. Here’s a pic and a few words.

The Tigers’ Almanac 2017 is here!

The Tigers’ Almanac is here! And it looks sensational. It has JTH’s kids going, and for very good reason.

Launch of The Tigers’ Almanac 2017 – Dec 13 (All welcome)

The Tigers Almanac 2017 is being launched on Dec 13. All welcome. (Send this link to all Tigers). Books available on the night. (And now). This will be a party. I reckon it will be worth being there just for the singing of the song. And, of course to stock up on copies of the book.

Register of photographic images of ABC Cricket Book scorecards (and covers).

We know there must be handwritten scorecards out there. Take a photo of a scorecard from your old ABC Cricket Book and send it to us.

The Ashes – First Test: Give us your running commentary on proceedings at the Gabba

Add your thoughts via the comments section.

The Almanac XI v Adelaide Lutheran: Thrust your name before the selectors

The honour of the Almanac is at stake.

The Almanac Cup trifectas have been decided

Check out the Almanac trifecta. The proceeds will go to the charity of Rowdy Adam’s choice.

Memoir: Facing Michael Kasprowicz

John Harms has faced a Test bowler at a Test venue, and lived to tell the tale. Just. He was put into this situation because he paid insufficient respect to the top opening bowler.

Dinner with Yoshi (Oct 27) – all welcome.

Yoshi is in town. Join him for dinner on Oct 27 at the North Fitzroy Arms.

Almanac Milestone: 4,998,443 at 11.30am Thursday

The Almanac is approaching a milestone. Find out more here.

Almanac Classics (in a milestone week for the Almanac)

The Almanac is about to celebrate a major milestone. We’ve published many brilliant pieces over the years but, neglectfully, we have forgotten to categorise them as ‘Almanac Classics’. We need your help.

Nominate a piece which you think is a classic – and we’ll highlight it this week, and make it an Almanac Classic and feature it on the home page.

Almanac Sports History: John Carlos and Mexico City 1968. (From Democracy Now)

Recently Democracy Now interviewed John Carlos (1968 Mexico City podium salute) and sports writer Dave Kirin.

Almanac Recommendation: Life Again with Gareth Andrews

John Harms pens a short thank you to Almanac supporter Gareth Andrews.

Almanac Oratory: Speakola and Tony Wilson

Tinsel Tony Wilson was a big hit at the Almanac lunch. He has a fantastic website which publishes speeches. Read more about it here and be moved by Tommy Hafey and Allan Jeans.

Introducing KB Hill: father, sportsman, writer.

John Harms met KB Hill at his 70th birthday, and this is KB Hill’s first piece for the Almanac.

Ipswich Rugby League: Goodna RLFC are premiers (again) and Ted and Tracey and TC and crew are still celebrating

Goodna are premiers which makes TC’s version of the Goodna song timely – and popular. Take it away TC.

Almanac Semi-Final Lunch: *Today* Friday (Sep 15) with Ray Card and Moose Henwood

Get ready for the Geelong-Swannies game with a very pleasant Friday arvo of fine food, wine and conversation at the North Fitzroy Arms.

The Footy Almanac Grand Final Eve Lunch 2017

Places at The Footy Almanac Grand Final Eve Lunch are now available. Bookings essential.

Almanac Footy Tipping Comp 2017 Results

Announcing the winners of the Footy Almanac Tipping Competition.

1931 Grand Final – Geelong v Richmond: Cats shine in hard times

John Harms’s account of the 1931 Grand Final – between Geelong and Richmond – was first published in Grand Finals Volume 1 1897-1938 (published by Slattery Media Group). It tells the tale of a memorable match where one of the smallest players ever to pull on footy boots, Mickey the Mouse Carney, was the star, all at the height of the Great Depression.