Barossa United Under 11 Girls v Metro United Black Sep 18 2022




Under 11 Barossa United v Metro United Black   Sep 18


We were all hoping the mighty Barossa United Under 11 girls would finish on a high note, to bring the curtain down on a wonderful season.

But we were up against a strong team in Metro United Black and we had no one on the bench. The coach of Metro offered us a couple of players but our girls were adamant: they wanted to do it on their own, and besides, they would play the entire match.

Our coaches, The Two Emmas and Matt, went conservative at the start, for good reason, putting Grace Zorich and Kacey Seidel back with the ever-reliable Evie Harms. Delilah played centre-half, and started brilliantly, pouncing on the clearances from the back and sending the ball forward to Emme Mowbray and Lily Catanzariti, both of whom got early shots away. Jemima Teague combines well with her teammates and was very effective in the mid-field too, and Phoebe Koch was really competitive in every contest. Phoebe is always handy over the ball and she’s improved her passing game this season. She also looked to go forward offering another option.

Amity had almost nothing to do at the back, such was the strength of the defence. Emme had numerous shots but couldn’t find the back of the net. Kacey gave us many opportunities with her powerful corners and, in one scrimmage, we looked certain to score – but didn’t. It was 0-0 at half-time.

After half-time Metro started to really pressure us. But the defenders stayed strong and showed excellent concentration and application. Jemima made some important tackles. She also worked well with Amity, and quite often we got the ball forward where Phoebe was looking dangerous. Lily also turned her opponent a few times, especially from Kacey’s goal kicks to space.

We were tiring but Delilah – what a fighter she is – kept battling away in the mid-field and towards the end of the second half, got clear, and took a long-range shot, which eluded the keeper. 1-0 Barossa. The girls found their last reserves of energy. Evie Harms was tireless in defence and Grace got back.

Metro, surprised to be down, attacked relentlessly forcing Kacey to make about six successive saves including one where she dived full length to her right to tip the ball away. The crowd went nuts.

With Metro pressing, our attackers had space. Phoebe got clear and her shot beat the keeper. The girls celebrated and the crowd cheered again.

It was a great victory. The Two Emmas and Matt were very proud of the girls, as we all are. And we are very grateful to them as well.


Final score: Metro United Black 0, Barossa United 2.



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