Missing the Granny

We lost to Dookie in the last game of the season and then again in the first week of the finals, but as I entered into the home rooms at Numurkah I could feel an upset coming and my Katunga 3rds boys making it into the big one. The prelim started the way everyone expected [Read more]

Worth the trip: Tiges too good in a thriller

In my mind there is nothing better than making the 2 and a half to 3 hour trip down to Melbourne just to go watch the footy, and it’s made better that Dad and I are going down in the Torana which is mine when I get my license so I just recently spent $1500 [Read more]

Saints continue their streak

Last week Richmond won their first game of the year by 47 points over the hapless Port Power but that was last week, this week my boys Richmond come up against the Saints who we haven’t been able to defeat since round 4 2003, to think I’ve lost 11 bets since that game to my [Read more]

Respite from the lounge room, but none from the Cats

Cats V Pies. By Jeffrey Paterson I get home from work, 10 past seven and my lounge room is a little to noisy for my liking so I head off to my room which is a lot quieter, I decide to listen to the footy on the radio and watch it at the same time [Read more]

AFL Round 2: Brisbane too strong for the Blues

by Jeffrey Paterson After waking up at 8:00am, going to work at 9:30am until 4:00pm and footy training where I did dismally due to shin splints, I finally get home at 7:40pm. Enough time to shower and eat tea before the big match. Carlton v Brisbane, Henderson up against his old team Brisbane and of course [Read more]

NAB Cup, Round 2: Top last quarter helps get ordinary rice taste out of my mouth

After getting woken up at 8.30am due to some enormous thunder I didn’t do much all day. I had my usual Strawberry Yoplait yoghurt first thing and had a read of the Herald Sun, filled out my papers for work experience then I did some odd chores around the house for mum. Today I got [Read more]

Footy: My range of injuries lead me to reflect on cursed stars

By Jeffrey Paterson Over the last few weeks of school holidays, I’ve been wondering if my fingers and hands will hold up this footy season. Ever since I’ve started playing footy I’ve had 4 broken fingers and I’ve dislocated 5 fingers at least 4 times each. Other than my hand injuries I’ve had a couple [Read more]

Footy: I’ve got my number

By Jeffrey Paterson Number 36 is not highly fought after at any club, really. Simon Goodwin, Dane Swan, Aaron Davey and Dustin Martin are the players that spring to mind when I think of the AFL players who don the number 36. Also it’s the number I don for my team the Katunga Swans, although [Read more]

OUT: Richo, Wallace and bad times. IN: D Martin, Hardwick and FINALS!

By Jeff Paterson. Well, I’ve been reading the newspaper (mostly the Herald sun) and reading what they’ve had to say on the internet – and something’s come to my attention. For the first time in quite a while Richmond, the team I’ve supported most of my life, isn’t getting talked up to do anything spectacular this [Read more]