AFL Round 2: Brisbane too strong for the Blues

by Jeffrey Paterson

After waking up at 8:00am, going to work at 9:30am until 4:00pm and footy training where I did dismally due to shin splints, I finally get home at 7:40pm. Enough time to shower and eat tea before the big match.

Carlton v Brisbane, Henderson up against his old team Brisbane and of course Fev will face off against Carlton.

At the beginning of the coverage there’s a piece on Fev and his antics that seen Carlton boot him out of their club, will this decision come back to haunt them?

The ball goes up, and Carlton find O’hailpin who has a snap and puts through the first goal of the game, Jono Brown hits back straight after with a nice goal from 55 out. Henderson bobs up and slots through a goal, the Blues are dominating early but can’t put it on the scoreboard, Fev gets his first goal of the game and against his old club. Fev kicks his second moments after his first, this time it was a set shot which was set up perfectly by Jono Brown. Young Banfield who stands out because of his orange hair has started well and kicks a nice goal. The Blues dominated early but the Lions made more of there chances then the blues which seen them take a nine point lead into the first break. B.L-4.3.27 / Carl-2.6.18.

The second term starts, Betts has an early chance but fails to convert, Brown kicks his second and the Lions look good, then Henderson stands up for the Blues and whacks home a goal for his new club. To end the quarter the Lions kick three unanswered goals, Fev kicks his third, then Staker snaps the ball through the middle and to end the second quarter the Lions skipper Jono Brown kicks his third. The Blues had chance but yet again failed to convert. B.L-8.3.51 / Carl-3.11.29.

The premiership quarter kicks off, and the Blues come out running and kicking straight for the first time in the match, Simpson kicks a goal, followed by O’hailpin, who was followed up by Mclean who bombed it through the middle from 50 out on the run, and then O’hailpin knocks through his third to see the Blues hit the lead. Clark gets a free and puts the Lions in the lead moments later, then straight after Clark’s goal Henderson puts the blues back in front. Murphy who is really having a go this quarter bangs home a goal, Jono Brown hits back for his team before Mitch Robinson puts an end to the quarter with a goal whilst he was being tackled. The Blues finally started kicking goals this quarter and it has paid dividends with them leading at the final break by seven points. B.L-10.7.67 / Carl-10.14.74.

The Final term start with a nice goal to Simon Black, then a nice long range goal from Bryce Gibbs, Jono Brown stands up again and levels the scores with a magnificent goal. Banfield is really showing something in this game as he kicks another for the Lions, Rischitelli boots through another goal for the Lions and Carlton are starting to get worried. Jono Brown bangs through his sixth and it’s all but over for the Blues now, O’hailpin kicks his fourth late which was followed by Jono Brown who kicks his seventh. The games over and what a game it was too, commentators thought the Blues would run over the top of the Lions but they were proven wrong.

Final scores-B.L-4.3.27-8.3.51-10.7.67-16.11.107, Carl-2.6.18-3.11.29-10.14.74-12.16.88.
My Bests-3.Brown, 2.Murphy, 1.Gibbs.

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I'm 15 and I live in a little town called Numurkah. I play footy for Katunga under 17s and i play forward and back. I support the mighty Richmond Tigers and my favourite player is Dustin Martin because he wears my number 36 ;).


  1. Nice piece Jeff :)
    gotta love J. Brown, hes so scarey, so dangerous but at the same time, he so pretty!! :)


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